4 Tips to craft the perfect client pitch that works almost every time

Pitches are often the very first thing that creates an impression of your business or service.

If you can get the other person’s interest going at the start, rest assured 90% of your work is done.


But what makes a sales pitch good is a very tricky question.

Every business is different, every environment is different, every city is different, and more importantly, every person is different. What has worked wonders for others might not bring you the next promotion or a performance-based pay increase.

The murky world of advice where everyone you meet gives snippets of what a good pitch is might not satisfy you.

But don’t worry. We’ve got it covered.

Take a look at 4 tips that will help you craft an awesome pitch.

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1. Forget the old the approach

Nothing is a one way street.

“Pitch” in old school lingo meant that you just go into the face of a client and start blabbering a rote learned paragraph about the product.

Remember that time when you got bored by that lecture in class? Or how sleepy you were in that presentation your friend gave during last week’s meeting?

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One way speech trains are extremely boring. No one gets hooked when they are not involved.

2. Strike up a conversation

First of all, lose the thinking that you are approaching a person to sell something.

Instead, approach that person like you are there to have a friendly conversation.

Get the other person speaking and make him or her involved in the conversation. If
their eyes light up, then you are definitely in for something good.

Tell about your product and the purpose of your visit in a subtle manner and not in the face. Treat it as relationship building.

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You just don’t need to sell the product this time only; you need to develop that person into a loyal
consumer who keeps coming back for more. Create trust in the other person’s mind and make
your main motive to become a familiar face for that person.

3. Present the problems and the solutions

Don’t think that once you have told the other person about how good your product is or what
attributes it has that he will latch onto it and give you the payment straight away.

It isn’t that easy.

What people really need are solutions. Everyone has problems. The world is filled
with them; start capitalizing onto them with great effect.

You know what your product does right? And what problems it can solve?

Ask for those problems. Bring the problems into the convo and let the magic take place.

In no time the other person will take hold of the mantle and start asking questions about what else your product does.

Nothing better can happen.

4. Move bigger mountains

The depth and effectiveness of your pitch is tested by how well it works in wooing big clients.

Start off with the big ones and take the bull by its horns.

Testing is an essential part of your pitch. Its dissection is necessary if you are to move forward towards becoming a great seller.

Big companies have a lot to offer and once you get them on board, you are on course towards
something great.

Final Piece of Advice

One thing you have to keep in mind is everything has gone digital.

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You should also have a digitized sales pitch. Don’t overlook it, or you will ending up losing customers who come to see you.

The opportunities are aplenty, it’s now up to you to take what we have just discussed and move forward.

Otherwise, others will.

What advice do you have for creating the perfect pitch? Tell us in the comments.

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  1. Kathy Porter says:

    “You should also have a digitized sales pitch. Don’t overlook it, or you will ending up losing customers who come to see you.”

    What is this?

    1. Exactly? I also don’t quite understand, can you please elaborate?

    2. Hi Kathy,
      I think they mean that the digital presentation of product or service should be consist and logical as the spoken pitch as well. The digital pitch is what would be written on the about page or start page at fb, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
      But also here it is offer for help and problems solving not offensive selling language.
      This is my interpretation, it could be wrong as well.

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