WordPress freelancer builds $1M business in 6 months

Adam Preiser was enjoying an early retirement in his 30’s. That was until he started experimenting with YouTube—showing non-developers how to rapidly build sophisticated websites with WordPress.

It all started with one video. A throwaway, almost, with a few affiliate links in the description. When he casually checked in on that video’s stats numerous days later, what he saw astounded him in terms of views and sales.

That turned into the master persuader churning out video after video after video. Five years later, WPCrafter is a 100,000+ subscription force on YouTube. Half of this episode is dedicated to helping you learn about Adam and what he did to grow that channel.

And in the second half — you’re also going to hear how his YouTube channel and his awareness of so many WordPress-related products led him to Sujay Pawar, founder of Brainstorm Force and the WordPress theme called Astra. They eventually joined forces to launch a funnel-making product for WordPress called Cartflows and it is verifiably on-pace for over a million in sales after launching just over 6 months ago in 2019.

But it almost didn’t happen. Launch day was a disaster. But you’ll hear how they recovered, and what’s in store for the future.

Without further adieu, here’s our interview with Adam Preiser.

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