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8 Best Home Office Chairs to Work From Home in 2024

best home office chair
Table of ContentsUpdated Apr 30, 2020

So you’re new to this work-from-home situation, and my guess is you might be using your dining table chair as your office chair. However, if I know any better, it’s certainly not the best home office chair — am I right?!

Wooden back, uncomfortable, and no wheels — it’s just not cutting it.

With the uncertainty of when you’ll be back into work, in the comfort of your regular office chair, you need to find a replacement, and fast (good thing for Amazon Prime).

Lucky for you, I’ve dug through the interwebs to find you the best home office chairs for you to compare and check out below. So dive in, take a look, and hope you find one for you!

The 8 Best home office chair options

1. OFM Essentials Collection Mesh Back Office Chair

best home office chair

This looks like your everyday, run-of-the-mill office chair because, well, it is — BUT it is an excellent choice for your new home office. Boasting 4.3 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon with over 700 reviews (I’m all about the ratings), it’s a chair that’s been tested and proven. With a mesh, ergonomic back design, handy arm supports, and an adjustable seat, it’s got the essentials you need.

Check out this home office chair on Amazon

BONUS: Do check out this budget friendly ergonomic Mesh Office Chair by Posturion.

2. Herman Miller Embody Ergonomic Home Office Chair

best home office chair

Herman Miller is a well-known brand in the office chair industry. They’re known to make some of the best home office chairs on the market — but you should definitely expect to pay the price for the level of comfort you’ll be receiving. This chair had input from over 20 physicians and PhDs to develop the most ergonomic, comfortable, and healthiest support you can find in an office chair. They say it’s like you’re floating while in this chair, yet incredibly balanced. I think it’s fair to call these the Dyson of vacuums.

View this chair on Amazon

3. SOHO Ribbed Management Office Chair

Super sleek and modern, this is one of the best home office chair options if you’re looking for an elevated look. It’s durable design consisting of an aluminum base and arms, the fabric is breathable and comfortable. With more than 10 color options (!) to choose from, this makes a great choice for matching anyone’s home decor.

Check out this home office chair on Amazon

4. MARKUS Office Chair from IKEA

best home office chair

IKEA is known for it’s wide array of home and office furniture, and their selection of home office chairs don’t disappoint. This high-back, mesh office chair with head cushion has the basic features, with a bonus: the wheels have a pressure-sensitive brake mechanism that keeps the chair in place when you stand up, but they release automatically when you sit down. How cool is that?!

View this chair on IKEA

5. Ergohuman High Back Swivel Chair with Headrest

best home office chair

The Ergohuman office chair looks complicated, but provides amazing comfort for lumbar support and features a 3-position tilt option. The design is made to keep you comfortable whether you’re sitting up or reclining, and comes in 6 colors to choose from. You can adjust various parts of the chair, including the headrest and back, to ensure it fits your exact needs. At a higher price point, this could be worth it if you’re looking to spend several hours a day sitting.

View the Ergohuman chair on Amazon

6. Steelcase Think Home Office Chair

best home office chair

Steelcase makes excellent products, offering one of the best home office chairs you can find. It’s deceiving in its simplicity, because it’s incredibly well-built, plus it includes a weight-activated mechanism that provides support based on your body weight. Additionally, the armrests are adjustable to go up and down, or forwards/backwards — making for a really cool customizable feature. Also, if you’re into sustainability, this chair is 98% recyclable.

View the Steelcase office chair on Amazon

7. Vari Active Seat – Adjustable Standing Desk Chair

best home office chair

Minimalists, rejoice! A simple, basic home office chair without the thrills and gadgets. It’s made to adjust between a sitting and standing desk height, so you can work on your posture and still take a rest. With a wide cushioned seat for comfort, and coming fully assembled (bonus), this is a great office chair for the easy-going type.

Check out the Vari chair on Amazon

8. Amazon Basics Mid Back Home Office Chair with Armrests

best home office chair

Much like the OFM home office chair at the top of our list, this AmazonBasics office chair is your go-to, budget-friendly option. With over 5,000 reviews on Amazon, it’s a clear choice for deciding on the best home office chair for you. At less than $100, it provides a curved mesh back, dual-casters, and fully-adjustable seat, you get all you need without breaking the wallet.

Check out this office chair on Amazon

9. High Back Ergonomic Office Chair with Headrest

Reduce body and back muscle strain with the help of this ergonomic chair fully with a headrest. The chair’s been tested to withstand up to 300 lbs, and comes equipped with 5-leg claw so that the base of the chair is as strong. It can be a great option for someone looking for a home-study office setup.

Check out this chair from Posturion

How to decide on the best home office chair for you

Whether this is a temporary situation, or a more permanent scenario — you’ll want to consider how much time you’ll be spending in the chair.

Do you have a bad back? Do you tend to slouch? Do you like having armrests? What is your budget?

Ask yourself all of those questions and really figure out what options are a requirement for you to help you decide on the best home office chair. No matter which you choose, we’re confident that the 8 options given above are all worthy of your consideration.

Best of luck with your office chair search and enjoy!

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