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12 Must-Watch YouTube Channels for Freelancers in 2024

Best YouTube Channels for Freelancers
Table of ContentsUpdated Aug 18, 2022

Video content is a plenty these days, and following some of the best YouTube channels for freelancers is a great way to stay ahead of the competition as you grow your freelance business.

These freelance YouTube channels feature experts who share valuable tips and advice on everything from productivity to marketing.

So whether you’re just starting out as a freelancer or you’ve been working freelance for years, we’ve listed the 12 best youtube channels for freelancers in this blog post that can help you take your freelance business to the next level!

1. Millo for Freelancers

One of the best YouTube channels for freelancers is Millo for Freelancers.

Whether you’re just starting or need assistance with uplifting your freelancing game, Millo for Freelancers has covered you.

While Millo’s YouTube channel has a ton of podcast episodes explaining to you everything in detail from the very basics, Millo also publishes a great volume of articles about freelancing for those who feel like reading things makes them understand better instead of listening to the podcasts.

Millo for Freelancers has just three major goals, and they include helping you earn freedom, flexibility, and fulfillment. Want your hands on the best content produced by Millo? Visit Millo for Freelancers YouTube channel to make the most of your freelancing journey!

2. CharliMarieTV

Charli is a web and graphic designer with a freelance YouTube channel you’re definitely going to want to check out. She really covers all aspects of building websites, including setting up your files in Figma, wire-framing, and streaming live building websites on Webflow.

If you’re a fellow web designer that uses Figma, you know how much it takes to create a solid website foundation. So you’ll find her Figma videos super helpful and insightful to helping you look at web design through her perspective.

Additionally, she covers some topics in branding and graphic design like setting up color palettes, style guides, and more.

Mixed in with the impactful design content, Charli also publishes content about everyday freelance life we all live — like home office setup, productivity, “day in the life” style videos, scheduling, and tools she uses.

It’s easy to see that Charli puts out super genuine content that many freelancers can relate to. Check out her channel, CharliMarieTV, and start digesting!

3. Sell Your Service with Mike Killen

Got your skillset in place, but struggling with getting premium clients? Mike Killen has got your back. With over 12k subscribers, Mike is definitely running one of the best YouTube channels for freelancers.

Sell Your Service, Mike’s YouTube channel, is exactly what the name suggests – a content hub for those freelancers who want to learn the art of selling their services and landing premium clients.

We all know how difficult the sales part of freelancing is your skills are what you can learn and enhance over time but learning the art of selling your skills is the difficult part. You have to know the right tactics and strategies in order to land the righteous clients who’d value your work and pay you what you’re worth.

While Mike’s YouTube channel is filled with hundreds of useful videos and podcasts around the art of selling which you can access for absolutely free, his great work just do not stop here. Instead, Mike Kellen is also running a superb Sell Your Service Blog where he keeps posting all the superb strategies and tactics for making effective sales and landing premium clients.

So, whether you’re a podcast and video person or you enjoy reading content for better understanding – Sell Your Service by Mile Kellen has got you covered with top-notch content and assistance that can help you reach stars!

Want to access his great content now? Subscribe to Mike Kellen’s YouTube channel and get the best sales and revenue tactics delivered to your pocket every day!

4. John Morris

John Morris is a website developer turned online teacher who focuses on teaching freelancers the art of getting clients and upscaling their talent to earn massive revenues over time.

A US freelancer and a deep thinker, John Morris covers everything about freelancing, from starting tips about how to utilize statistics to establish your prices to how you can upscale your knowledge base and try upselling to the clients.

John’s channel is full of straightforward videos with no flashy gimmicks or promises of quick cures, but rather ideas to help you think differently about your freelance career.

It’s his practical, insightful advice that keeps us coming back to him. His videos are divided into parts to make it easier to locate what you’re searching for. If you use Upwork for freelancing, you should certainly check out John’s recommendations, such as how to get lowballing clients to increase their offers.

Keeping in view the technical background he’s coming from, his YouTube videos are much more direct and focused upon the actual tactics and strategies instead of just being motivational lectures about how you can conquer the world.

As one of the best YouTube channels for freelancers, his content is mainly focused on teaching freelancers how to bid clients on a different freelancing platform, how to uplift their portfolios by learning new skills every day, and, last but not least, how to best understand that freelancing requires patience.

The fact that he teaches the freelancers of today about patience is superb keeping in view the pace at which today’s world is moving seems something great.

The best part about his channel is – he’s not putting all the young freelancers into the race. Instead, he’s telling them to wait and work patiently, and boom – they’d eventually succeed!

If you also want to get the best out of his content, subscribe to John Morris’ YouTube Channel today and receive a daily punch of freelancing tactics and strategies!

5. Chris the Freelancer

Chris, the Freelancer, has created a life that most people can only dream of: traveling the world and working from anywhere. On his YouTube channel, the self-described “digital nomad” has recorded his life and activities and gives advice on how to operate productively from anywhere.

While Chris is professionally a developer, his ideation of becoming a location-independent freelancer brought him to becoming a digital nomad who’d travel to the most exotic places from around the globe and code. But guess what?

Covid-19 brought him to a realization that being a location-independent freelancer does not always mean traveling around the globe. It made him realize that he could stay inside his homeland and still be a location-independent freelancer by working remotely from either his home or any place of his choice.

Chris the Freelancer started his YouTube journey in 2018, where he showcased his digital nomad journey and now ranks amongst the best YouTube channels for freelancers with more than 80k subscribers.

His YouTube videos aren’t just about traveling or the perks of being a location-independent freelancer. Instead, his content is widely focused on teaching the great tricks and strategies of successful freelancing to the youth as well.

He talks about everything from the very basic stage where you’d be confused about picking up a skill set and setting up your profiles on freelancing platforms, to the advanced level tricks and tactics of getting great clients who’d value your effort and pay massive dollars.

If you want to follow in his footsteps, his channel is packed with insights and suggestions, including interviews with other globetrotting freelancers, master classes, and travel recommendations as well. So, what are you waiting for? Subscribe to Chris the Freelancer’s YouTube channel today and begin your journey of becoming a digital nomad!

6. Writing Revolt by Jorden Makelle

This YouTube channel for freelancers is aimed at freelance writers! Jorden Makelle puts out awesome YouTube content to help freelance writers charge what they’re worth, level up their skills, and really elevate your writing career.

You know that the freelance writing space is competitive, but Jorden helps to show you ways you can use your writing skills to create a successful writing career. She helps with tips on creating a portfolio, how to find your niche, and so much more.

Additionally, if you’re just starting out in your freelance writing career, she has a ton of content on how to get started and quickly start making $1,000 or more. So go check out her channel, subscribe, and start dominating your freelance writing!

7. Kenny Gunderman

If you’re done picking your niche and programming is what you’re planning to pursue freelancing with – Jenney Gunderman is one of the best YouTube channels for freelancers you’d ever come across. Kenny has literally covered everything you’d want to know about programming and coding in his videos.

Kenny is a software developer who demonstrates the fundamentals of coding as well as tidbits from his freelance programming expertise. His upbeat channel is filled with wit and love. Check out his videos on how to get into programming and 5 important pieces of advice for novice programmers if you’re just starting out as a programmer.

More experienced programmers will enjoy his content’s honesty and reliability and may gain something from his investigations of technologies like Flutter or his summation of all I’ve learned in 5 years of coding.

Whether you’re a beginner in this field and want to learn the very basics of coding, or you’re an experienced coder who wants to upscale for enhanced earning – this YouTube channel is the ultimate place for you to learn and advance.

The best part is – his videos are not just limited to programming. Instead, he also covers a variety of your concerns about pitching to clients and successfully closing deals.

So, do you want to become a part of this amazing learning experience and become a top-notch programmer who knows the art of pitching clients and earning first-hand revenue at the same time? You can subscribe to Kenney Gunderman’s YouTube channel and get started with learning the best coding, and freelancing tactics today!

8. Jason Whaling

YouTube Entrepreneur Jason Whaling is a business-savvy individual who has filled his YouTube channel with content that includes strategic insights, digital marketing tools, and his own personal experiences. Jason’s tools and courses are a treasure of guidance and knowledge if you’re trying to expand your business.

Whether you want to explore the basics of digital marketing or dive deep into the pool of incredible digital marketing tools – Jason Whaling has got you covered with exemplary content.

His content is always to-the-point, super informative, and up-to-date, and he comes along with a strong wit that can make learning a fun experience for you.

From as simple as keyword research tools to a complex tool such as Google Adwords, Jason explains everything about digital marketing in such plain language that you can become a digital professional by watching his videos even if you’re just a beginner.

Not just that – Jason’s videos also expand up to the great tips and tactics of content production and marketing. He won’t just tell you about the strategies of marketing your content, but also pick you up from the very basics and assist through awesome content production so you can stand out amongst competitors and make the most out of your freelancing journey.

Subscribe to Jason Whaling’s YouTube channel and check out the amazing content he shares!

9. Roberto Blake

Roberto Blake started as a humble graphic design freelancer, and grew to become an entrepreneur making over six-figures in income. With his journey, Roberto puts out a top-tier YouTube channel for freelancers to check out and really learn how to elevate their careers just like he did.

In what we consider one of his best compilation of videos, Roberto has put together a YouTube playlist on How To Become a Freelancer and Find Clients — and it’s full of powerful advice and tips. From how to start out freelancing, to where to find jobs and info on freelance taxes.

The content here is truly valuable, and we recommend you go check out this playlist and add it to your “must-watch” list this week.

10. Demi Bernice

Demi is a must-have if marketing is your forte. Her specialty is digital marketing, and her bright films immerse you in her world as she shares her best freelancing ideas, such as how to cope with clients that want to barter on your fees and what a funnel is. She also focuses on self-development, implying that her channel covers the entire freelancing experience.

So whether you’re a beginner in marketing or an advanced marketing professional who struggles at freelancing – Demi Bernice’s is one of the best YouTube channels for freelancers and has content for everyone.

She covers everything from the very basics of freelancing tactics to the advanced client-pitching and successful deal-closing tactics. Not only limited to that – Demi also talks about the latest marketing tactics and strategies, and that too in a manner even a beginner can truly understand.

Subscribe to her YouTube channel to get unlimited access to the information-rich content!

11. The Futur

Chris Do is like the godfather of freelance advice, and his YouTube channel, The Futur, is packed with SO much amazing content, you could easily spend hours taking it in.

The Futur channel covers so many topics, including branding, social media marketing, pricing your work, how to find clients, creativity, sales, and everything in between. However, if you’re into content that makes you really think and deep dive into your business and why you do what you do, there’s really great videos to help you do just that as well.

If there’s anyone to look up to and digest their advice and content, it should be from Chris Do at The Futur — so go check out their channel to dive into the impactful content you’re about to take in.

12. John Lemuel

John is a video editor and digital advertising professional from the Philippines. But the best thing about his channel is that it’s not just about him; his feed is full of in-depth interviews with other freelancers who tell us all about their freelancing adventures and share their success secrets.

In addition, John provides how-to tips on freelancing as a video editor and tactics for establishing a YouTube channel.

If you also want to join this freelancing journey and become a pro at video editing and digital advertising, you can subscribe to John’s YouTube channel and get access to all his content for absolutely free.


Freelancing can be a lonely business, but it doesn’t have to be. I’m confident that these are some of the best YouTube channels for freelancers that will help you learn from the pros and connect with other freelancers who are going through (or have gone through) the same struggles and successes that you are. For a deeper dive, review this list: 26 Best Books on Freelancing [2023 Reading List]

So what are you waiting for? Start watching and learning today!

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