Considering working remotely? Read this list of pros and cons first

As technology expands quickly and the business world undergoes major changes, people become quickly interested in the online market. Why? Because it is simple to understand, and can bring amazing advantageous for its workers.

Remote work is the future of the job market – it is not only eco-friendly, but it also changes the way people think and act on the market. It is also an open door towards traveling, which can positively impact careers.

Of course, working remotely has its disadvantages as well. Face-to-face interaction is lost, the sense of community and engagement diminishes, and accountability can be difficult to maintain.

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Also, communication skills are hard to manage, and teamwork becomes problematic to accomplish.

We want to discuss the advantages of working remotely first, and then highlight its drawbacks. Here is a list!

The pros

1. Think green

Fuel consumption around the world is decreasing as more and more people start working remotely. Think about how much gas you consume while commuting – when you work from home, all of it is saved and used for better purposes.

By working remotely, you start thinking smart and green, and positively impact the environment.

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2. Be productive and efficient

At home, there are no distractions! No annoying coworkers who wish to chat with you, no loud hallway conversations that get your mind off work.

You can sit wherever you want, however you want. You can work less or more, it all depends on your financial needs. There is no boss to draw your attention on small details.

It’s mainly about you. You can work at your own pace, and increase your efficiency by getting rid of distractions. You are more productive and can focus 100% on what you love.

And when it all depends on you, goals are easier to accomplish and situations are simpler to manipulate.

3. Be flexible and stress less

Imagine traffic and the stress that comes with it – an endless center of negative energy that makes you want to scream out loud and give up on your day.

That, along with the pressure to arrive to work on time, can influence your daily mood in an unpleasant way.

On top of a less stressful environment, your hours will be more flexible, and your schedule can fluctuate in accordance with your plans! No need to stress about that anymore either!

4. Cut down on expenses

There is no need to spend money on gas anymore! As I’ve mentioned before, working remotely does not necessitate commuting, so you can save money spent on gas to invest in a personal goal.

For instance, if you like traveling, there is no better way to start saving towards your target! You will be able to work & travel in the same time, in any timezone, under almost any circumstances.

Working remotely while visiting new countries and tasting new foods sounds good, doesn’t it?

The cons of working remotely

1. Lacking communication

Working by yourself can be either extremely satisfying or hurtfully lonely. You must enjoy what you do if you decide to work from home, but be careful!

You mustn’t isolate yourself from the rest of the world. Unfortunately, I’ve seen many great freelancers who lost their people skills because of online work.

Lack of communication can have damaging effects on your mental health, so pay attention to it. Go out often and connect with people!

2. Teamwork

Remote work can make you forget how working in a team feels. You are alone most of the time, so being part of a bigger group can seem overwhelming.

This is not a disadvantage as long as you want to do this for the rest of your life. If you consider working in an office later, make sure you maintain these teamwork skills by playing sports or doing other engaging activities.

3. Financial Reliability

There are times when our irrational decisions put us in uncomfortable situations. Reliability is one of the criteria that has to be respected in order to make us feel safe.

When working in an office, you know that people are always there physically, and communication is easier to maintain. If your boss forgets to pay you, you can walk into his or her office and ask for the paycheck.

Online jobs make that harder to accomplish, so you must consider the probability of being financially unstable.

If you like communicating and socializing, working remotely can isolate you and get you out of your comfort zone in a negative way.

If, on the other hand, you socialize regardless of your work environment, then working from home might be made for you. It all depends on you. Good luck! 

Do you have other pros and cons? Let me know in the comments!


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