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Does anyone know your design business exists?

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“All the talent in the world will not help you if no one knows you have it…”

What really makes a good designer?

Ask anyone this question and you will receive numerous answers.

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Sure, there are many factors that make you a great designer, but one rule remains the same: People have to know you’re great in order for it to count!

You have to get your name out there.

You have to have a following of individuals who notice your talent, and people have to let everyone know how talented you are.

Publicity plays a huge part in much of your success as a designer. Of course not all publicity is good publicity, but the positive aspects outweigh the negative stigma people have about being popular.

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Benefits of increased Publicity

  1. Increased Awareness of your Design Business
    Your company is mentioned on blogs, people comment about you in Forum chats, and Industry publications are whispering your name. More people know about you, and what you offer. The public is becoming aware of your company. You are now first in line when someone is looking for the services you offer.

  2. Your Expertise in the field increases
    The more you are quoted on a particular topic, the more you are looked upon as an expert on your field. When someone is considering their next design project, your name and company will be the first one that comes to mind. More people will respect and trust your judgment on the subject, which will boost your popularity.

  3. Your profits will increase with the increased Publicity
    The more your company’s name is brought up, the more people will inquire about you, and what product and services you offer. Over time, this will make you first choice when it comes to a design project.

Ways to increase awareness of your company

  1. Showcase your work on Social Media sites and Blogs
    People have to see your work in order to know your value. The more your work is seen, the more people will take notice.

  2. Connect with other designers in the field
    Introducing yourself to other designers will open the doors for many opportunities. More people will mention your name as notable. This will increase your credibility in the industry.

  3. Create and update your website and blog to remain current in the public’s eyes
    You have to remain fresh in order for your new found publicity to continue. Not only will this tip keep you current, but search engines will have recent material when someone searches you and your company.

  4. Become Personable
    Become the company that people relate to. Tell your side of the story. Give insight on what clients are looking for. Be honest when you are dealing with certain situations. This will show the public that you care.

  5. Stay ahead of competition
    Always stay up-to-date on current trends in the industry. Connect with different fields to have people outside of the design world talking about your work. The fact that you are taking additional steps to build your business will make more people want to hire you for their next project.

 How else do you tell the world about your design business? Let me know by leaving a comment on this post!

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About Sydrena Smith

Sydrena Smith is an Artist/Graphic Designer with a Bachelor in Economics from The University of Michigan. You can visit her portfolio at slscreativeconcepts.com or her personal blog at sydrenasmith.com.

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  1. Promoting your work via social and blogs is nice except most clients aren’t reading design blogs and aren’t in design social circles.

    Better to focus your efforts locally on small business groups, put on webinars, go to meeting, seminars, press the flesh where business owners are and designers aren’t.

    • I totally agree. We seem to want approval and acceptance from our peers that our design is good. However by doing this we tend to only cater to our fellow designers and forget about clients and the real one one one business world. Social media is good but all my clients are and were busy with their businesses and have no time to hang around and read social media posts or blogs.

      • Preston D Lee says:

        I agree with you guys, except that sometimes my biggest clients are fellow designers or other design firms looking to outsource. They DO hang out in social circles with designers and on design blogs. I can easily see both sides.

  2. Yes, so very true!

    In order to fully capture your audience, you have to go where your audience is, and competition isn’t.

    • Preston D Lee says:

      I think the key to your phrase is “and [where] competition isn’t.”

      Well-put, Sydrena!

  3. These are good tips if you want to build your authority in the community. It will take time, though before you see the benefits in terms of attracting clients and business owners. Tyler has a point. I’d suggest doing both, at least until your popularity kicks in and clients are waiting in line for you.

    • Preston D Lee says:

      Great addition, Grace. Thanks for sharing!

    • I agree, Grace! Unfortunately, with a slow economy, I hear A LOT of designers wanting solutions that happen overnight. Unless there’s some secret evading us, I don’t think that’s realistic. All of the solid marketing tips that I’ve gathered seem to focus on long-term rather than short-term investments.

      • Sheila,

        Great point! Even big brands can’t revolutionize the world overnight with a new product; it takes time for word-of-mouth and advertising to translate into clients.

        I look at marketing as an avalanche…you’ve got to keep getting little bits going and then soon you’ll get larger and larger pieces moving until the entire snow shelf is sliding. The more you can get good PR out on yourself and build a name, the better for your overall presence. But just like an avalanche, you can’t get the entire snow shelf to move right off the bat.

  4. I think as designers we have a lot to learn from the online marketing industry; particularly in the field of search engine optimization be it social networks or other areas.

  5. Web design and marketing are 2 different animals, simply getting you site on page one is no longer a guaranteed revenue stream

  6. I would like to highlight your point that social media is playing an increasingly popular role in increasing the awareness of a company. With each one of us using social media sites, it’s important to have a strong business presence on popular social sites.


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