23 Gifts for Writers on Your Holiday List (2021 Gift Guide)

Gifts for writers on your holiday list can be a struggle to find. We writers are a rare breed, with specific interests and a rather low tolerance for nonsense. After all, writing is our trade.

So if you’re looking for the perfect gifts for writers this holiday season, we’ve got you covered with plenty of kitschy, useful, and novel (pun intended) gift ideas.

Here are our favorite 2021 gifts for writers:

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Unexpected Gifts for Writers

While plenty of gifts for writers can be more practical (see our “practical” section below), the best part of giving gifts is surprising the receiver. That’s why we’re leading our writers gift guide with a few less-than-expected gifts for writers who deserve to be delighted this holiday.

jane austen action figure perfect gifts for writers list
Jane Austen Action Figure on Amazon

Jane Austen Action Figure

No list of gifts for writers is complete without mentioning THE Jane Austen, so let’s just get it out of the way up front. (No, I DON’T promise not to bring her up again…) For the writer who has everything, this whimsical Miss Austen action figure is sure to bring “a glow of such happy expression,” to any writer’s face.

gifts for writers who are bookworms too
100 Essential Novels Scratch-off Chart

Ultimate Books List Scratch-Off Poster

One way many writers unblock their creativity is by getting lost in a good book. If you’re looking for gifts for writers who are also bookworms, then this absolutely brilliant scratch-off poster might be just what you need. As your loved one reads (or re-reads) every book on the list, they get to scratch off the gold film and reveal a creative image representing the book they just finished.

Manual Typewriter Gift IDea for WRiter
Modern Manual Typewriter

The Modern Manual Typewriter

If you need gifts for writers who are serious about their craft, nothing will excite them more than writing the old-fashioned way! This modern manual typewriter will help your lit enthusiast channel their inner Hemmingway or Louisa May Alcott. It’s a bit on the higher-price end of our list of gifts, but it’s sure to please.

gift ideas for writers book socks
Flying Books Socks on Amazon

Whimsical Book Socks

Just like Robert Louis Stephenson who said, “I kept always two books in my pocket, one to read, one to write in,” writers tend to also be avid readers. Celebrate this most worthwhile of hobbies with these awesome book socks on Amazon.


quill and ink gift idea for writer
Feather Quill Pen Set on Amazon

An Actual Quill & Ink Set

While most authors probably won’t go so far as to write an entire book with a quill and ink set like this , having an interesting writing tool could help inspire your writer with their next great idea. Chalk this one up to gifts for writers that the rest of the world just won’t understand (but writers will love!).

stephen king on writing gift idea
Stephen King’s On Writing

Stephen King’s Memoir to the Craft of Writing

Who better to learn from than one of the most recognized writers of our time? On Writing, by Stephen King is sure to spark some new techniques and thrill any author; making it one of the best gifts for writers of any experience level.

Under $10 Gifts for Writers

Finding the right gifts for writers doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. In fact, writing tools can sometimes be the most simple things around—many writers are content with a pen and paper. If you don’t have a huge budget for gifts for writers this holiday, try our list of gift ideas under $10.

Hardcover Ruled Notebook for Writers
Hardcover Ruled Notebook

Classic Hardcover Ruled Notebook

I don’t know any writer – or anyone else, really – who wouldn’t love a fancy new notebook. Nothing beats the smell of new paper and blank pages ready to take on new ideas. This simple journal from Amazon is plain enough to suit any type of writer and classy enough for them to love it.

250 Writing Prompts for Writers
250 Writing Prompts for Writers

250 Writing Prompts Book

Writers of all kinds experience the dreaded “writer’s block” from time to time. This simple journal contains a variety of prompts that will help kickstart creative juices. The best part? The prompts are non-specific, so they can help novelists, copywriters, content marketers, script writers…you name it, this book is for them.

Jane Austen Socks
Jane Austen Socks

Jane Austen Socks

See – I’m back with more Jane Austen! Really though, for only $8 you cannot go wrong with this perfect pair of Jane Austen socks.

NaNoWriMo YWP "Imagination Activated" Button Pack
NaNoWriMo “Imagination Activated” Button Pack

NaNoWriMo YWP “Imagination Activated” Button Pack

Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of NaNoWriMo – odds are, the writer on your gift list has. Many aspiring authors participate in National Novel Writing Month, where you attempt to write an entire book, start to finish, in the month of November. This intense goal has helped jump-start hundreds of thousands of creative projects all over the world. The NaNoWriMo shop has dozens of great gift items, but at only $5 (plus shipping), we love these “Imagination Activated” buttons.

george rr martin game of thrones gift idea for writers
George RR Martin Figurine

George RR Martin Figurine (Game of Thrones)

Do you know an author who’s really into fantasy fiction? This hilarious George RR Martin vinyl figure is the perfect addition to their collection!

Practical Gifts for Writers

While writing is one of the most satisfying careers or hobbies around, that doesn’t mean writing isn’t hard work. Which is why we couldn’t create this gift guide without adding a few highly practical gifts for writers too.

Fingerless Writing Gloves

Fingerless Writing/Typing Gloves

Whether they work from home or in an office, the writer you know is bound to need these fingerless writing gloves to keep their hands warm while they type up their next masterpiece. If JM Barie isn’t their muse, the Anne of Green Gables, Pride and Prejudice, or other versions might be just the thing!

How to Write Sci-Fi & Fantasy—Orson Scott Card

How to Write Science Fiction & Fantasy

If you know someone who’s ready to write the next Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, or Dune, this handy guide by Orson Scott Card (prolific Sci-fi writer) has some great ideas for beginning and seasoned authors alike.

Literature Mug

The Greatest Opening Lines Of Literature Mug

Of course, you didn’t think we could build a list of gifts for writers (aka coffee-lovers) and not include a mug did you? True literature aficionados will truly appreciate this mug sitting in their workspace. With famous first-lines staring you in the face as you start your morning, what wordsmith could help but be inspired?

john williams album
The Music of John Williams

John Williams’ Greatest Songs

John Williams may possibly be one of the best movie composers of all time—bringing us unforgettable music from films like Star Wars, E.T., Superman, Jaws, Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park, and many more.

Whether you’re in search of gifts for writers who specialize in movie scripts or exciting novels, what better to provide the ambience they need than the great John Williams himself? Get the greatest hits for only $15 on Amazon.

Gifts for Professional Writers

While plenty of people are shopping for gifts for hobbyist writers, maybe the person you’re buying gifts for this holiday is a real professional. If you know someone who spends most of their waking hours as a writer, then these pro-level gifts for writers ought to do the trick.

Natural Ergonomic Keyboard
Natural Ergonomic Keyboard

Natural Ergonomic Keyboard

Professional writers spend hours in front of their screens, typing endless notes, stories, articles, or blog posts. All of the keyboarding can take a toll on the wrists. A basic ergonomic keyboard from Amazon can help ease the pressure on your writer’s hands.

Folding Ergonomic Bluetooth Keyboard
Folding Ergonomic Bluetooth Keyboard

Folding Ergonomic Bluetooth Keyboard

If you’re searching for gifts for writers “on the go,” this inexpensive, foldable ergonomic Bluetooth keyboard can sync with a tablet or smart phone to make typing a breeze.

Rocketbook Reusable Notebook
Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebook

Rocketbook Reusable Notebook

Dedicated writers can go through a massive amount of paper, keeping track of ideas, doodling family trees, sketching out settings, taking notes in meetings, and sometimes even writing stories or articles by hand. Thanks to the technology of Smart Notebooks, they can do all that and still save the rainforest. The Roketbook Wave reusable notebook works just like its paper cousin, except it digitizes all of your notes. The notebook can then be completely cleared simply by popping it in the microwave.

Dual Brush Pen Art Markers
Dual Brush Pen Art Markers

Tombow Color Markers

More visually oriented writers may need a non-digital set of tools. Whether you’re practicing your calligraphy or illustrating your own children’s book, these Tombow markers come highly recommended from pros in the field.

Gifts for Writers under 18

Of course, no list of gifts for writers would be complete without including our young, aspiring writers in the mix. Below, you’ll find a few fun and age-appropriate gifts for writers under the age of 18 (and we won’t tell if you get one for someone over 18 too).

Black Comic Book
‘Draw your own Comic’ book

Black Comic Book (Draw your own comic)

I don’t know any kids these days that aren’t into graphic novels. Get their imagination really churning with their own blank comic book! This simple book has panels for kids to draw their own stories however they want.

Pencil Grip for Kids (Owl Design)
Pencil Grip for Kids (Owl Design)

Pencil Grip for Kids

The smallest creative kids may need a boost in their writing endeavors. These cheerful pencil grips will get them off to the right start, and help maintain those muscles by reinforcing a more comfortable grip.

Scholastic Student Thesaurus
Scholastic Student Thesaurus Book

Scholastic Student Thesaurus

Your budding author may need a bit of inspiration for words other than “awesome” to use in their stories. This kid-friendly thesaurus from Scholastic will be just the tool they need. Bonus points if you can teach them to say “thesaurus” three times fast.

Dr. Seuss Inspired Soft Flannel Blanket
Dr. Seuss Inspired Soft Flannel Blanket

Dr. Seuss Inspired Soft Flannel Blanket

Kids day-dreaming about writing their own stories need a comfy spot to think. Create a cozy corner with this sure-to-please soft flannel blanket featuring everyone’s favorite writer: Dr. Seuss.

If you’re still stuck – go back to the basics: favorite paper and pens can always be replenished, and every writer (whether they’re in marketing or science fiction) is constantly looking for their next great book to read. Whatever you land on, wrap the whole thing up with some amazing wrapping paper to really finish any great gift for a writer off perfectly.

Good luck and Happy Holidays!

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