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Price Anchoring

Price anchoring is a psychological phenomenon often used in the world of freelancing (and other fields) to influence how people perceive and make decisions about prices. It involves presenting a higher-priced option or reference point (the anchor) to make a subsequent, lower-priced option seem more reasonable and appealing.

In the context of freelancing, price anchoring operates by first introducing a high anchor—a premium or more expensive package—when showcasing your services or pricing choices to potential clients.

This high anchor then acts as a benchmark for clients.

Next, you present alternative options at lower price points. This contrast makes the lower-priced choices appear more appealing in relation to the initial high anchor, creating a perception of affordability.

Clients are then inclined to view the lower-priced options as favorable deals, a phenomenon that occurs even if they might have initially deemed those options costly without the presence of the high anchor.

For example, let’s say you’re a freelance graphic designer:

  • High Anchor: You start by offering a premium design package for $1000, highlighting all the features and benefits it includes.
  • Lower Options: Then, you present a standard package for $500 and a basic package for $250.

In this scenario, clients who might have initially felt that $500 was too much for the standard package might now see it as a reasonable compromise between the premium option and the basic option.

Price anchoring taps into the human tendency to compare and contrast options based on the first piece of information presented. By establishing a higher-priced anchor, you shape the way clients evaluate the subsequent pricing tiers. It’s important to note that price anchoring should be used ethically and transparently. The goal is to provide value to clients while also helping them make informed decisions.

Keep in mind that consumer behavior and psychological principles can vary, so what works in one situation might not work in another. Experimenting with different pricing strategies and observing client responses can help you understand what works best for your freelance business.


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