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How AI Can Transform Your Freelance Career

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One of the biggest myths about artificial intelligence (AI) is that it’ll replace human beings in work. This is because AI has proven to complete tasks faster and more accurately than human beings. But this isn’t always true – AI can work hand in hand with human beings to ensure more productivity and efficiency.

For example, by automating a couple of tasks, employees can focus on areas that require human intervention, such as the customer journey. As a result, companies can reduce downtime and increase productivity.

An AI takeover?

Freelancing is one of the industries where there have been debates about AI taking over. This has come thanks to the development of different tools used for transcription, writing, editing, and many other freelancing jobs. Instead of taking away the jobs, AI has transformed freelancing careers in different ways – some of which we’ll take a look today.

While AI might complete more tasks efficiently, some common freelance areas such as marketing require a more human touch. As such, AI can aid freelancers instead of replacing them. As a freelancer, here are some ways that AI can transform your career:

Through effective communication with clients

Communication between a freelancer and a client can be a deal-breaker. Great communication means you’ll land the deal, whereas poor communication will make you lose on a potential client. A freelancer should tell the client why they’re doing what they’re doing and how it’ll help the client.

If you can create visuals and display data to your potential clients, it shows your clients that you understand the task. This is possible if you incorporate AI in your communication with clients. Also, AI through communication intelligence software will allow collecting, recording, analyzing, and interpreting conversations with clients. The recorded conversations will provide valuable information about your clients such as the industry in which they are working or the customer base they’re targeting.

Communication intelligence software will also educate you on what’s important to your customer, their pain points, and what they expect from you. It does this by breaking down numerous hours of conversations into simplified forms, and all with minor errors.

By scheduling your time properly

Freelancers can work on multiple projects delivered within specific deadlines. Missing these deadlines can sever relationships with clients. That’s a no-go. Therefore, organization is so crucial to ensure that all projects are completed on time. Some freelancers can be hired on hourly rates as well, so having a timer to ensure they complete the required tasks is totally recommended.

By using a scheduling software, you can organize your work according to priority or according to placement. This will help you start with tasks that need completion. That’s how AI can help prevent burnout among freelancers by avoiding cases of overworking. It will also ensure you only take work that you can handle within a specific time, depending on your schedule. Thus, you can improve delivery and maintain good client relationships.

Through marketing your services

Marketing is essential in freelancing as it will help you get more projects. Your marketing strategy should yield the best results while saving time and costs. It’s crucially important to use AI to automate most of your marketing functions. For example, you can automate the emailing system to send personalized emails at the right time to prospects and clients. This will help to achieve maximum engagements without spending too much time on your computer.

Additionally, you can use chatbots to assist in more customer-centric conversations. Such conversations include frequently asked questions or complaints. This will help eliminate many hours used in customer interactions and ensure that you provide customers with the best experience. AI also integrates with other digital marketing strategies, ensuring success in your marketing.

Helping with data collection

Data plays a significant role in every freelancer’s work. It gives you insights on different areas such as clients and the project they’re working on. Collecting data about your client, such as location and the industry, can help you offer a seamless experience. The data collected should be accurate to give you accurate information and results after analysis. For example, if you’re working as a freelance consultant, integrating AI in your job will save a lot of time on data collection.

With more precise data, you can help your customers optimize their services or content and improve their returns on investment. The outcome will lead to more satisfied customers and eventually turn them into returning clients.

Through personal branding

Personal branding is crucial to the success of any freelancer. You need to create a logo that will represent your brand. While you can outsource this job, the advancement of AI has made it possible to create professional logos.

AI can generate create clean and professional logos based on your needs. The process is straightforward, and you can use features such as the drag-and-drop method to give your logo the elements you desire. These software also allow you to tweak the results to suit your need.

Once you’re satisfied with the results, you can pay and use the logo to improve your branding. This is hassle-free and costs less than buying logos from third-party designers.

Helping ineffective content creation

Content creation is one of the most common freelancing projects available today. With websites looking for regular and authentic content, freelancers have found a place to thrive. While it’s normal to create content manually, using AI can take it a step further. You’ll not only be able to create bespoke content but also do it regularly.

AI will transform your content creation in the following ways:

Through natural language generation: AI can help create small data specific content and reports by translating complex data into human language for easier understanding. This is done through natural language generation, which achieves this in a short time. As a freelancer, you can use this to write product descriptions or generate customer satisfaction reports.

By getting fresh topics and keywords: Knowing what your customers or clients’ customers are interested in is vital for a freelancer. This will guide the content that you create in terms of topics and keywords. AI can help with keyword research through the different keyword-researching tools available that will speed up the process and help you generate customer-specific content.

The research tools will give you information such as organic competition, search demands, and search volumes. After finding the right keywords, AI will also help generate different blog ideas to help expand your topic. You can achieve all this with a few clicks on your machine.

By gathering user-generated content: User-generated content influences a customer’s decision-making when making a purchase more than some other marketing forms. So when creating content for your client, you need to gather brand-related content from users through social media or the client’s website.

Through technology such as visual recognition, AI will help gather data related to products and services. You can then use it to better understand what works for your customers or client’s audience and use it to grow an online presence.

By editing content: As a content creator, your content should be exceptional with minimal errors. Identifying such errors manually can be challenging, but AI makes this task simple. You can use several editing tools to flag common grammar and spelling mistakes. This will help you write compelling content that will sell. Consequently, you’ll have more satisfied clients who’ll come back.

Through productive meetings

It’s common for clients to request meetings with freelancers to discuss the project. Also, you can be part of an online team, and therefore, conducting online meetings is common. Some points discussed might be crucial to your project or other works in the future. So you should understand and stay up-to-date with any important points in your meeting.

You can integrate different AI tools with teleconferencing apps to take notes or record the meeting. So even if you miss the meeting, you can still catch up with what was discussed or get the summaries of the meeting.

By helping with administrative tasks

Being a freelancer means you have to spend time on your administrative and core tasks. For example, if you’re a freelance consultant, you’ll have to balance between core tasks (such as outreach and actual projects) and administrative tasks (such as billing, payroll, and record keeping). These tasks are crucial to your career, but the core tasks require more focus.

Using automation in your management and administrative tasks will save you a lot of time. Thus, you can focus on more rewarding areas that will benefit your freelancing career.

Final remarks

AI isn’t meant to replace human jobs. Instead, it can play a significant role to supplement day-to-day tasks, boosting a freelancer’s career. AI automates most of the processes such as administrative tasks, communication, and research, allowing you to focus on more productive work.

As a content creator, you can use AI to get suitable topics, correct mistakes, and deliver high-quality content. With all the benefits that AI has to offer, you’re likely to get more satisfied customers, and that’ll help you grow.

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