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100+ Best tools for freelancers who never want to have a boss again

Here’s a tough truth about freelancing: no one tells you how much of your time you’ll be spending on actually running your business. Lucky for you, there’s no shortage of tools for f... > how-i-routinely-pitch-and-win-5-figure-deals-as-a-freelancer

How I routinely pitch and win 5-figure deals as a freelancer

On your first day as a freelancer, you inherit a responsibility to be more than just a service provider. You’re now a business owner — a company of one. To succeed, you also need to become the acc... > how-to-write-an-invoice

How to write an invoice (and get paid) in 5 easy steps

If you provide any sort of service or product to a client or customer, then you need to properly learn how to write an invoice. Learning how to write an invoice can be incredibly simple, but there are... > how-i-reached-a-six-figure-income-in-my-first-year-of-freelancing

How I reached six-figures in my first year of freelancing

Freelancing is a great way to make a living. You get to spend your career working on interesting and rewarding projects, working flexible hours and having the freedom to live and work where you choose... > self-employment-tax-calculator

Self employment tax calculator to help you estimate what you might owe

Even though most people who are self employed really love it, there are some things that they also hate about it — most notably, self employment taxes. However, learning how to use a self employment... > client-onboarding

Client onboarding guide for building a strong relationship from the get-go

They said ‘yes’! Landing a new client is easily one of the most exciting moments in a freelancer’s workflow. So good, in fact, that you may be tempted to channel all your enthusiasm into getting... > self-employed-health-insurance

Self employed health insurance — do you need it? + exploring your options

Last year, I was facing a dilemma: If I kept my self employed health insurance from the marketplace, my monthly fee was going to almost double to $415/month from $230/month. My out-of-pocket expenses... > how-to-get-clients-to-pay-tactics-for-invoicing-success

How to get clients to pay: Tactics for invoicing success

One of my earliest clients was a fashion design company in Los Angeles who asked me to create a print ad for use in one of the larger industry trade magazines. Excited to be creating a design with suc... > set-expectations-get-go-client-welcome-packet

Set expectations from the get-go with a Client Welcome Packet

Ever notice how Amazon packages routinely come earlier than expected? They’ll tell you the package will arrive on or by the 27th, and when the package shows up on the 23rd, you are pleasantly su... > leverage-craigslist-freelance-career

How to leverage craigslist for your freelance career

Like many of you, I’ve always wanted to have a location agnostic career. Quite simply, to work from where my laptop is. My goal was to be a freelancer, but how do you start? I knew I had a skillset ...