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12 Independent Contractor Jobs Sites for Extra Cash in 2023

Everyone dreams of a job they will enjoy that will allow them to have both creative and professional freedom. Seeking independent contractor jobs can be a solution to this problem. It gives you more o... > 7-things-to-consider-when-buying-health-insurance-as-a-freelancer

7 Things to Consider When Buying Health Insurance as a Freelancer

Navigating the U.S. Health Insurance system as a freelancer can be pretty overwhelming, especially the first time you do it. While many countries have healthcare covered by their central government (c... > how-to-write-an-invoice-for-freelance-work

How To Write an Invoice For Freelance Work That Gets You Paid

Experienced freelancers know how to write an invoice for freelance work, but those just starting out may not. An invoice for freelance work is essential to getting paid for your job. And there are man... > how-to-use-video-to-stand-out-from-the-crowd-and-attract-your-ideal-client

How to Use Video to Stand Out From the Crowd and Attract Your Ideal Client

If you’re a solopreneur, freelancer or anyone who uses social media as a business tool (which should be ALL of you!), you’ve probably noticed that video content is bigger than ever. In a world wit... > scope-creep-good-business-happens

Scope creep is great for your business—if you handle it like this

I remember receiving some bad news earlier in my career from a client that I was doing some identity work for. We’d finished the logo, moved on to the stationery, and were just about to wrap thi... > what-is-an-invoice

What Is An Invoice? Your All-in-One Resource for Learning to Get Paid

Whether you run a small business or you’re a freelancer, you’ll need to get paid at some point — this is when the invoice comes in. While many of us have heard of invoices, it’s totally a diff... > freelance-graphic-design-jobs

17 Awesome Freelance Graphic Design Jobs Sites to Find Clients Fast

Knowing where to find good freelance graphic design jobs is crucial. Luckily, these days you don’t have to search far and wide just to secure good leads to stay in business. Whether you want to supp... > merch-by-amazon

10 Steps to Start a ‘Merch By Amazon’ Business as a Designer

Are you fascinated at the idea of investing in a T-shirt business, but hesitant on knowing how to turn it into a profitable revenue? The answer to all of your concerns is Merch by Amazon. T-shirt desi... > retainer-agreement

Retainer Agreement for Freelancers: The Key to Obtaining Reliable Income

Retainer agreements help freelancers grow recurring revenue, have more job security, and get paid more regularly. So how can you make it work and secure reliable income? The answer: use a freelance re... > when-are-quarterly-taxes-due

When are Quarterly Taxes Due? + Answers to All Your Quarterly Tax Questions

With most freelancers, quarterly taxes are deeply misunderstood. While knowing answers to questions like “When are Quarterly Taxes Due?” may seem like a huge pain, the truth is quarterly t...