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Your Guide to Creating a Stellar Freelance Writer Resume

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Whether you are a freelancer who is trying to attract new clients or you want to have your resume stand out on search pages, you will need to have the best freelance writer resume possible to highlight your work and skills.

With so many freelance writers out there competing for work, having a resume that stands out will be your key to success.

Here, you can learn some great tips that will help you create a superior freelance writer resume that can help you land more jobs and attract more clients.

We provide useful tips and ideas as well as examples so you can see how other freelancers are using their resume to enhance their careers. Everything you need to know about creating your freelance writer resume is covered right here!

freelance writer resume

5 Things Every Freelance Writer Resume Must Have

Freelance writing is not a typical job; however, you will find that many companies and clients will want to see a resume being submitted. To make sure you have the best chances of landing a job and standing out in the crowd, creating a top-notch resume for a freelance writer is essential.

To make sure you are not lost in the shuffle, you need to highlight your skills and experiences in your resume and make it one that will be remembered by potential clients. With a killer feelancer resume, you can get some great gigs and get paid as a freelancer!

To make sure you are creating the best resume that will make you stand out, here are five things that should always be included.

Here are the essential sections that should be included when creating your resume.

1. Experience

Make sure your listed experiences are related to the job you are seeking. You can even create a freelance writer resume with no experience, but most employers will be looking for writers that have covered a certain genre or niche. When you are writing about your experience, provide some inside information on what responsibilities you held.

2. Skills

To create a successful and appealing resume, you want to make sure it is skill-based. There should be a list of at least 10 skills, with half of these being relative to the job that you are seeking. The other skills should be unique to your past experiences.

Some great freelance writer skills on resumes include time management, self-motivation, and problem-solving. Skills are your key to success, and you can learn about some of the must-have skills here.

3. Accomplishments

The section on accomplishments should be where you provide clients with the chance to see that their needs can be met and that desired results will be provided. You can use statistics to highlight major accomplishments or you can mention how other clients have re-hired you for writing services.

4. Education

Only include any education that will be relevant to your freelance writing position. An education background is not as important to employers as your experience. Include any certifications in a particular niche or licenses that are held.

5. Links to Your Site or Portfolio

This is where you will shine and can showcase your skills. Include any link to a personal website or portfolio where your work is highlighted.

Your freelance writer resume sample work will provide a way for possible employers to view your style and see if you will be a good fit for the position.

One thing to note is the omission of the freelance writer’s resume objective. This section has very little use on current resumes, so it is perfectly fine to leave that section out.

How To Make Your Freelance Writer Resume Stand Out

A resume is not something to take lightly, and it should require some time and effort when writing a compelling one to appeal to employers. Since you will be competing with hundreds of other freelance writers, having a resume that stands out will be key.

You do not want to get lost in the shuffle. By using these easy tips, you can be sure you will make an impression and have a better chance of landing a job.

There are several ways to stand out when applying for any freelance writing job. Employers and clients will look for specific details on your work in the industry and your experience, but overall, many employers will pay more attention to those resumes that stand out.

Here are some useful tips to use that can help you make sure you are memorable and not just another number in a line of people applying for a job.

Tips to Create Stand Out Resumes

First, make sure to understand exactly what the client is looking for and tailor your experiences to meet those needs. Prioritize past experience that showcases your skills in a certain niche that the employer is looking for.

If you are wondering how to put a freelance writer on a resume, add a brief introduction or overview section to introduce yourself to the employer. As for the body, keep it short and concise.

Clients will be going through hundreds of applicants, so get right to the point and highlight your skills and experience and only include information that will help you stand out. Stay away from all fluff and redundancy.

Finally, visual appeal is highly effective. Make your resume professional by using a font style that is readable. Many freelance writer resume templates are great options as they are already designed to offer visual appeal while keeping a clean and neat appearance.

3 Freelance Writer Resume Examples

To help you get started with the creation of great resumes, we offer some useful samples and examples so you can see how others have designed their resume to stand out and highlight skills.

You can see a great freelance writer resume example right here. Of course, you will want to tweak things to make yours unique, but this sample has some great formatting and highlights everything essential.

If you are creating a beginner freelance writer resume, the example below is super! It is short and simple and provides basic information.

freelance writer resume

In the sample below, you will see an eye-catching layout that will make this resume stand out! It presents all the required information and provides a simple yet enjoyable presentation of skills and experiences.

freelance writer resume

In the example below, you can see how an experienced writer showcases his skills and achievements. The resume is well designed and provides only relevant information.

This resume focuses on highlighting the strengths and past responsibilities, which are two things that clients will look for in an experienced writer. By including a freelance writer job description for resume search purposes, this writer will be able to connect with those that need specific writing services.


freelance writer resume

Where To Submit Your Freelance Writer Resume To Get Writing Jobs

Now that you have learned how to create a freelance writer resume, you will want to find places to post it so you can connect with clients and employers seeking writing work.

You can find some great writing job sites that are often used by freelancers to find work and begin a writing career. There are also some other great writing sites where a resume can be posted and viewed by possible employers.


SolidGigs is a gig-finding service that saves you time by sending you only the best (the top 1% to be specific) freelance writing jobs on the web. This way, you get the email, read through the job listings, and just apply!

In addition to the super-valuable gig-list, you’ll find a library full of quality education and tools to help you land jobs. At just $2 to give it a try, it’s an easy, nothing-to-lose 30-day trial that you’ll definitely gain more than you paid for.


This is one of the most popular sites used by freelancers, where you can create an account and post your resume. Clients and webmasters can view profiles and resumes and send invitations for jobs. You can also use this service to search for jobs covering a specific writing niche.

With short and long-term writing assignments available, Upwork is a great place for any writer, whether you are a beginner or an experienced author.

With an Upwork account, you can connect with people all over the world. The service offers some great tools for account management, viewing payment history, communicating with clients, and more. It is easy to use, and overall, the fees are not too hefty.

Make sure you include your freelance writer resume in your profile so that potential employers can get all the information they need, which will make the hiring process go smoothly.


This is a great site for beginners and makes it easy to get started. You are required to fill out a registration form and to submit two short writer prompts that need approval.

You can gain different levels with this service, and as you increase in levels, you can earn more money for each writing assignment.

The jobs that are posted at iWriter are easy to find, and you can search for specific topics. Many people are looking for niche writing here, so you can find many opportunities where you can pick an assignment, read the details, note the keyword, and start writing today.

LinkedIn ProFinder

This is a super online platform that will connect employees with freelancers that have specific skills and experience. With this platform, you can be contacted by local employers who are seeking writing services, or you can search for employers or clients that are requesting a writer.

You can learn more about using this platform here and will discover why LinkedIn ProFinder is a great option for beginners and experienced writers. You will find the best possible matches here, and it is one of the best freelance resources for those from the United States.


An online job site that focuses on the talents of blog writers, BloggingPro is a great place to start. Many clients use this service when searching for talent.

Unfortunately, the site does not use any screening process for any jobs that are posted, so there may be some scams there. Again, this site is designed for bloggers, so if you are another type of freelance writer, you may not find this useful.

Aside from blogging, some other categories of freelance writing jobs include copywriting, journalism, content writing, technical writing, and proofreading & editing. This site does require you to submit an application, which will be reviewed within 24-48 hours.


This is a trusted site that has been used by many writers over the years. Here, you can set your writing rate, which will make the hiring process much easier.

You will also be able to highlight your skill sets and make sure that your profile will show up in searches. The site allows you to post a resume when you create a profile, allowing you to be more viewable and accessible to those looking to hire a writer.

Guru has some great features for members, including a search option where you can look for specific writing jobs. You can also use the Time Tracker software that will be quite useful if you are hired as an hourly writer. To make sure you appeal to those offering higher-paying jobs.

Make sure to take some skills assessment tests, which are found at the testing center listed in your account. Your test scores will be viewable to employers, which can increase the number of people that will seek out your services.

Use Your New Resume to Find Jobs Today!

With the tips and tools provided here, we are sure you will be able to write an impressive resume to land great paying jobs as a freelance writer.

By ensuring key information is included and that a resume is designed for fast and easy reading, you will be well on your way to becoming a successful writer and connecting with some of the best clients seeking writing services.

After creating your resume, feel free to post it on the many sites we have recommended to start drawing attention and increasing your chances of getting some great long-term assignments!

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