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10 Best Work-Life Balance Jobs in 2024

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Have you ever wondered how other working individuals get to enjoy their careers while still spending quality time with their families at home or during vacation? The truth is, there’s no secret to how these people enjoy a work-life balance. Choosing your career has a lot to do with it.

If you’re one of the many who spend their day at the office and still handle work-related stuff at home, you’d probably want to get out of the cycle and take a break. However, vacation leaves are often limited, and sometimes get denied, which pushes employees to take sick days instead of just taking a day off.

Also, the increased usage of technology makes it inevitable for many employees to leave work. These days, you can access work emails on your phone, making it more challenging to deny work, even after office hours.

Fortunately, with the vast choices of a career in this millennia, young professionals can choose to enjoy their careers and their personal lives by opting for best work life balance jobs.

10 Best Work-Life Balance Jobs For You

It’s best to understand that work-life balance jobs don’t necessarily require a person to spend so much time working. They spend the right time to complete work deadlines, but don’t result in them missing out on simple life leisure.

Moreover, many people work hard in fear of losing their jobs, have incomes that don’t cover their bills, or have responsibilities to address. However, some jobs still pay well without disrupting your personal life.

According to Glassdoor, certain jobs fit the work-life balance scale better than others. These job titles offer 75 work-life balance ratings shared by U.S.-based employees.

The following careers listed provide flexibility, no overly-long hours spent at work, and give you ample time for a personal break. Here are the jobs that made the list.

best work life balance jobs

1. Corporate Recruiter

Ranked at the top, people working as corporate recruiters win the best work life balance jobs contest. They have a 4.1 ranking among the U.S. employees due to the work environment a corporate recruiter’s life revolves around.

They are also known as headhunters as they seek the best and the finest candidates for a company’s open positions.

To be a professional corporate recruiter, you should possess top-notch skills when it comes to communication and client engagement.

You must have a very keen eye to detail, have a talent in building a client relationship, excellent time management for multitasking, and have solid marketing skills.

If you are looking to apply for a corporate recruiter position, there are various hiring platforms you can find online to submit your credentials. A corporate recruiter offers a median salary of around $65,000.

2. Mobile Developer

Mobile phones are everywhere. With this increasing supply and demand for mobile phones, mobile developers are flooding the market, showing their skills in creating adaptive and responsive mobile applications.

But even with the complexity of creating mobile apps, a mobile developer is considered as one of the best work life balance jobs. Plus, the pay is sky-high, making this career one of the highest paying jobs.

Being a mobile developer is closely related to web designing and programming, as some primary coding language is needed to create a finished product. The creativity level of the developer should be considered as vibrant graphics help attract many users.

Skills like problem-solving, analysis, and communication are required as well. Think about how Facebook launched the Facebook App for the first time across different operating systems. A mobile developer should be able to plan and strategize how an app can work on different platforms.

Mobile developers are almost everywhere. Many have their portfolio on LinkedIn. They can also be found in online hiring platforms, such as Upwork, Toptal, and Hired. Mostly, mobile developers work as a team, especially in start-ups and for huge companies. Only a few mobile developers work alone since funding is needed to launch a single project.

3. SEO Manager

According to Glassdoor, SEO managers have a great work-life balance, with a rating of 4.1. They don’t run the 9-5 work cycle, have no work commute, and the perks of working anywhere are possible for these individuals.

As an SEO manager, their primary role includes building traffic to business websites. They must ensure that their client’s business is on the top search results of different search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. This way, their client’s business is seen by its target audience and always stays visual in every search result.

Efficient SEO managers are expected to have critical decision-making skills. Technical and programming skills are also an essential factor. Most importantly, it would be best if you equipped yourself with outstanding analytical skills.

Learning and understanding Vlookups, Concatenates, and IF statements is needed to be a proficient SEO manager.

4. Content manager

Content managers write, edit, and proofread website content for their clients. Some of them are freelancers and handle multiple clients, giving them many advantages when it comes to earning a salary.

However, the skills of a content manager must be impeccable. They should be detail-oriented and have a top-notch writing aptitude. But more than that, a content manager needs to see the bigger picture as they should have the vision of what the finished product will be.

Furthermore, the working time flexibility ultimately makes being a content manager one of the best work life balance jobs. Also, their work environment is flexible, too.

They get to work anywhere they like as long as there’s an internet connection available. They’re the few individuals who get to work while enjoying a nice vacation and away from the mundane workstation at home.

You can have the chance to be hired as a professional content manager at LinkedIn, MediaBistro, or SolidGigs. All of these online hiring platforms have millions of registered users, and you might be one of the few that companies will look into.

5. Tour Guides

If you want to earn money and enjoy the liberty of getting to visit different places, you might enjoy working as a tour guide. The work scope is broad as other private tour guides create their itineraries according to a specific location.

Think of it like you’re on vacation. However, you’re still earning. The only downside of being a tour guide is you have a responsibility, and you’re accountable for each guest you have in your group.

That’s why tour guides should be attentive. You must make sure that all your guests are accounted for before moving to a new location. Also, having excellent communication skills and a clear and on-point memory is a must.

Humor and enthusiasm are plus points as you would like to keep your guests’ spirits and energy just right. Being a tour guide is exhausting, but looking at your guests having their best and happy times is a great pay off.

Being a tour guide is fun, though some problems and issues occur. Most of the time, tourists are responsible. Occasionally though, guests arrive late or wander off, delaying the trip. But overall, being a tour guide is a great job, especially for those individuals who see it as leisure instead of full-time work.

6. PHP Developer

If you’re one of the many individuals who spend their time in front of their laptops and love to create mock websites, you may want to reconsider that skill and apply as a PHP Developer.

These individuals focus on creating web-based products using different programming languages and tools, such as PHP, MySQL, and Ajax. They specialize either on the front-end or the back-end of a website, requiring technical skills.

The complexity of being a PHP developer makes it a challenging career, which is why having the right skills for this job is highly necessary. One should be able to use PHP, even the basics, and have a background in using MySQL, Ajax, and sometimes jQuery.

Background on Ruby on Rails makes your resume impressive for some companies. You should also equip knowledge on APIs, MVC Framework Architecture, and Unix/Linux interface.

If you possess these skills and talents and consider yourself a qualified PHP developer, you can find work at different online hiring platforms such as Upwork, GitHub Jobs, and Toptal.

A PHP developer’s median salary rate goes as high as $73,000, but it all depends if you’re a project-basis freelancer or employed with a fixed-rate at a company.

7. Bookkeeping

Bookkeepers get to enjoy the work-life balance since their task is to handle the bookkeeping of a particular company at a specific time. They can consider themselves as on-call employees with a decent paying job.

Since bookkeeping takes time as you need to look over the company’s documents and records over a specific duration, it still depends on the workload.

Moreover, even with a high percentage of responsibility and accountability, there’s less stress accompanied with the job. Mostly, companies always give ample time to make such matters handled accordingly.

Being a bookkeeper is a tedious job. It requires you to be detail-oriented, have a great eye in looking for possible incorrect entries, and correct them. Furthermore, you should have excellent organizational skills and follow an effective system to make your workflow fluidly. Great bookkeepers complete training related to accounting, as learning accounting principles and language gives you a better edge to be hired.

Commonly, bookkeepers work for a firm, but many like to work independently, giving them the advantage of working with different companies. You can find local bookkeepers in your area but expect that they mostly have a couple of clients already on their plates.

If you wish to be a freelance bookkeeper, make sure to amaze your employer with your outstanding portfolio. Include specific details of your past bookkeeping experience, companies or firms you’ve worked with, and your work coverage.

best work life balance jobs - web designer

8. Web Designer

Get your web designing skills harnessed as this career makes it to the best work life balance jobs list. Web designing is becoming a sought after job since each project’s price tag is inviting for even a junior web designer.

A web designer’s primary role is to plot and create the website layout, the entire website interface, and its features.

Some companies look for prospective applicants who have finished computer programming degrees and have a graphic design background. Computer programming requires creative aspects when it comes to web designing to achieve a specific result. It’s an advantage if you do have skills in HTML, Javascript, and MySQL.

Many online agencies are hiring web designers to be included in their pool of service providers. If you wish to be one of them, you can register and wait as they deploy you to a specific client.

However, with the flexibility of the career, most web designers are now self-employed. They advertise themselves and let the clients come to them. If you have a good portfolio, finding a client won’t be that difficult and having more projects is possible.

9. Social Media Manager

Every business is now on different social media platforms, and who do you think manages their accounts? Yes, social media managers. The star of the show when promoting the client’s business across multiple social media platforms.

They ace the skills in being tech-savvy, know the hoops, the in’s and out’s of every social media platform, and have that creativity to engage with different audiences.

A good social media manager must know how to promote, engage, and create branding. They also need to be technical when it comes to strategy planning, executing marketing tactics, and being on top of the latest marketing trends.

Social media managers act as a secondary marketing manager of a business. They need to think about how to market and sustain the business through their skills in social media engagement.

Looking for a social media manager is easy since they are almost everywhere. However, looking for someone prolific and professional, you can filter your search at GenM or Fiverr.

LinkedIn can be a good source of professional social media managers. If you want to work as one, you should prove your skills by marketing yourself to companies out there.

10. Substitute Teacher

Teaching is hard work, and full-time teaching requires more time. However, you may find being a substitute teacher an excellent option to earn money. You don’t necessarily need a contract to work with a school, but you’re given a chance to teach whenever the full-time teacher is out.

Substitute teachers can teach basic education up to graduate classes, depending on your experience and level of education. But it’s a promising career, especially if you’re starting and figuring out what career you should focus on.

Special skills like special education and knowing other languages, such as French and Spanish, can give you a better advantage in employment. No wonder being a substitute teacher is considered as one of the best work life balance jobs.

Tips For Creating A Better Work-Life Balance

Balancing your career and personal life is a struggle for every employed individual. However, you must not be found dwelling with work too much, making you forget that there’s life outside of work. To have a better work-life balance, here are some tips that can get you by.

Prioritize your time

Time management plays a big part in enjoying a work-life balance efficiently. It’s important to identify work-related things as urgent and important, so you’ll know what to do first and what must be completed right away.

With this, you’ll give most of your time to those urgent tasks and finish them accordingly. After that, make time to relax and enjoy the fruit of your labor by finishing work early.

Stick to your working hours

Work hard but work smart. This might be familiar, but the statement is right. Work hard, finish the day’s tasks, meet deadlines, and leave work on time. Extending your working hours doesn’t mean you’re working hard, so make the most of your time while at the office and don’t slack.

Plan your breaks

Don’t be so engrossed with your work routine. Make sure to plan for a vacation. This will help you cool down and reset your system. Getting so worked up at work makes you less productive, less creative, and not effective. Get that holiday vacation break and come to work full of new ideas.

This is not only for vacations, though. Plan and take breaks throughout your day. Short breaks actually increase your focus on work, making you more productive and able to get your work done in less time.


Every individual works hard to earn money to finance themselves and live a comfortable life. However, not all jobs are as comfortable and flexible as others, so work-life balance is hard to achieve. But some jobs fit the description of optimal work-life balance we all look to achieve.

It’s best to be reminded that even how flexible your career might be, if you don’t know how to manage your time and your priorities, you’ll still be stuck in a work cycle and forget that you have a personal life.

Always see things from a broad perspective, work smart, and don’t forget that you work hard to enjoy a great life, not live to work endlessly.

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