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What Is Technical Writing & How Do I Get Started?

If you’re a freelance writer, and looking to expand your writing services, you could be looking into technical writing. But what is technical writing? And what exactly do you need to know to off... > tax-deduction-cheat-sheet

The Tax Deduction Cheat Sheet for Freelancers & Self-employed

Have you ever filed your tax return only to realize that you could’ve deducted a significant business expense? Hopefully, a tax deduction cheat sheet can ensure that you never miss out on another de... > emails-going-to-spam-8-reasons-why-how-to-stop-it-from-happening

8 Reasons Your Pitch Emails Go to Spam (and How to Fix It)

Online marketers today place much emphasis on different modes of communication, including Instagram influencers, chatbots, and more. However, the most effective and oldest form still remains email. It... > freelance-statistics-and-trends

Freelance Statistics Show Freelancers are Happier & Wealthier

Freelance statistics have shown a dramatic shift following the global shakeup caused by Covid-19. There are a few reasons for this sudden shift—most of which you’ll understand as you dive into the... > upwork-job-success-score

What is the Upwork Job Success Score & How Do I Improve it?

According to an Upwork report, 73% of hiring managers are more likely to opt for freelance workers than they would’ve three years ago. The abrupt change in the work model in recent years has mad... > freelance-money-management

5 Freelance Money Management Tips & Tools to Stay Profitable

Freelance money management systems help you keep your small business or freelancer financials on track while you focus on growth and expansion. Apart from that, money management helps you deal with cr... > time-blocking-template

4 Time Blocking Templates for Taking Control of your Schedule

We live in an exciting time. Technology allows more and more jobs to be performed from anywhere, at any time. The answers to all of life’s mysteries (practically) can be found on the smartphone in o... > how-to-onboard-freelancers-to-your-agency

How to Onboard Freelancers to Your Agency (and Grow Your Business Faster)

Forget the onboarding process for a second because finding work as a freelancer is far from easy. From networking events to online job boards, the search can truly feel never-ending. But there’s one... > asana-vs-monday

Asana vs Monday: Comparing Which Project Management Software Reigns Supreme

Staying on top of workflow, deadlines and cash flow is vital to the success of any business. For freelancers, all of these tasks fall onto a single person’s shoulders. That’s why a quality work ma... > free-banking-for-freelancers-with-found

Found Bank Review: What I Learned from Trying ‘Found’ Free Banking for Freelancers

Banking is a core part of every freelance business. While looking for some banking alternatives, I came across Found, and after trying it for myself, I feel ready to make my own review. In my review, ...