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How To Legally Start A Freelance Business In 9 Steps

Being a freelancer can be a liberating experience. It gives you the potential to work anywhere in the world, from your couch or a park bench. However, if you don’t want any trouble from the IRS, you... > bookkeeper-software

10 Best Bookkeeper Software Solutions in July 2024

Accounting errors can cost you big time. Whether you accidentally bill a client incorrectly or miscalculate your supplies’ cost, you lose. Plus, come tax time, you won’t have an accurate reflectio... > how-to-work-for-yourself

Not Sure How to Work For Yourself? Get Started With These Tips + Best Jobs

Do you want to know how to work for yourself? Many people who are a little tired of their full-time and part-time jobs decide to start a “side hustle,” which can be an e-commerce store, a freelanc... > how-to-track-expenses

How to Track Expenses When You’re Self-Employed

Tax season may be over, but many questions continue to linger when it comes to knowing how to track expenses throughout the year. It is a perennial, often overlooked challenge. But ultimately, the nee... > 40-tips-for-brand-new-freelance-designers-2

40 Tips for brand-new freelance designers

The switch to becoming a freelance designer is difficult because you have to learn how to handle yourself and your client. When I started out finding remote graphic design work, I was completely cluel...