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How to Start a Lifestyle Blog in 6 Easy Steps (20-min Tutorial)

Learning how to start a lifestyle blog can be exhilarating and exciting process. What’s unfortunate is far too many people who want to learn how to start a lifestyle blog end up giving up before the... > my-top-7-secrets-on-how-i-run-my-super-successful-design-business

My top 7 secrets to running a (super-successful) creative business

This year marks my eleventh year in business. That’s 11 years of solid practice running a design business and figuring out what works… and what doesn’t. Just the other day I had a client say to ... > tools-for-freelancers

100+ Best tools for freelancers who never want to have a boss again

Here’s a tough truth about freelancing: no one tells you how much of your time you’ll be spending on actually running your business. Lucky for you, there’s no shortage of tools for f... > i-hate-my-boss

What to do if you hate your boss (but can’t quit yet)

It’s a pretty common complaint among desk-jobbers: “I hate my boss.” Most people, unfortunately, do not have the luxury of choosing who they report to. Some are lucky and are managed... > what-to-write-about

25 Things to write about when you’re feeling stuck

A common scene in movies is this of a miserable writer with no idea what to write about who struggles for days or months to write a few sentences without success. A dramatic change in his/her life (us... > should-i-quit-my-job

Should I quit my job? 21 Signs that you need to make a change

There has come a point in everyone’s life where we think, “should I quit my job?” We may all question quitting our jobs, but how do we know if it’s really the right thing to do? Let’s ta... > i-want-to-work-for-myself

Want to work for yourself? — pros, cons + tips for deciding your next step

“I want to work for myself.” It’s probably something you’ve repeated to yourself as you’re sitting at work, watching the clock, waiting for the little hand to hit 5. So m... > getting-deposit-upfront-pros-cons-strategies

Getting a deposit upfront: the pros, cons and strategies

Receiving a part of your payment while working is not just a nice thing to have in advance, it’s a necessary strategy that keeps a lot of freelancers from struggling to pay their bills. There are a ... > important-financial-skills-every-entrepreneur-possess

The most important financial skills every entrepreneur should possess

Starting your own business can be a real adventure, but if you want to be successful you’ll need more than passion. You will also need to know how to manage the money your company spends and earns s... > respond-client-feedback-like-pro

How to respond to client feedback like a Pro

Have you ever felt the fear and dread of opening your email in the morning and check for client feedback? I bet you do! Stress, increased heartbeat and adrenaline running in your veins. It’s hard to...