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When You're Too Busy to Scale

On today’s episode, we have a great conversation with Will Gibbons—a product rendering guru who works with huge brands like Pelaton, 3M, Vizio and more.

After a year of working for himself, Will is facing perhaps one of the best problems you can ask for as a freelancer:

He’s got too many client requests coming in and too much work that needs done.

So in this episode, Clay and I walk him through a few hiring, scaling, and management tips to help him go from freelancer to agency without losing control of his business.

We talk about pricing, sales, hiring, and lots more in a conversation you won’t want to miss.


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Freelance to Founder Podcast Art

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Freelance to Founder is a unique weekly podcast featuring coaching calls co-hosted by Clay and Preston, two freelancers-turned-business-builders. Instead of typical interviews, each week a new freelancer calls in to talk with Clay and Preston with one goal in mind: overcoming the feast/famine cycle and scaling their service business. The highly acclaimed, top-rated podcast is a weekly dive into what it really takes to go from freelance to founder.

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