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Freelance to Founder is a unique weekly podcast featuring coaching calls co-hosted by Clay and Preston, two freelancers-turned-business-builders. Instead of typical interviews, each week a new freelancer calls in to talk with Clay and Preston with one goal in mind: overcoming the feast/famine cycle and scaling their service business. The highly acclaimed, top-rated podcast is a weekly dive into what it really takes to go from freelance to founder.

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S13 E2 — 66 min

Filling Your Lead Generation Gap

On today’s show, we chat with Kendrick who is building a video production agency in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.  Kendrick’s a talented videographer with a highly-skilled team, but he’s feeling stuck when it comes to building a process to generate new business on a regular business. Kendrick and h ....

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S13 E1 — 58 min

The Power of Personal Brand

On today’s episode, we have a coaching call with Denise, a freelancer from South Carolina, USA.  Denise works in higher education and is happy with the way her freelance business is going. But after finding some early success in e-learning thanks to Covid and other factors, Denis is ready to bran ....

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S12 E12 — 51 min

A Flood of Questions (Can We Keep Up?)

On today’s show, our guest Nouman slams us with more questions than any guest before and we do our best to deliver some good answers. Nouman has quickly grown his agency from 3 partners to over 20 employees in just a couple years. But most of Nouman’s clients still come from Upwork or Fiverr an ....

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S12 E11 — 51 min

Are High-Ticket Clients Enough?

On today’s show, we have a conversation with Rachel Cooke who designs high-ticket training experiences for massive clients. Rachel’s business is doing well. She’s happy with the amount of money she’s making and where her business is headed.  But she doesn’t necessarily like the fluctuatio ....

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S E — 25 min

Should Managers Code?—Introducing 'Compiler', an original podcast from Red Hat

To listen to more episodes or subscribe to Compiler, click here. Technology can be bold. But it can also be complicated. Compiler breaks down the big questions about tech and the tech industry in this new original podcast. On today's bonus episode, I share with you a brand new podcast called 'Compil ....

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S12 E10 — 42 min

The Freedom of Being "Out of the Loop"

Looping yourself out of every aspect of your business can be a bit terrifying. But it's also incredibly liberating. Hear why on today's show. On today’s show, I talk with Joe Babi who’s building his own SEO agency. Not long ago, Joe found himself overworked and missing out on important life even ....

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S12 E9 — 53 min

Getting Agency-Quality Leads (w Big Budgets)

How can you get agency-level leads (big budgets, long timelines) when you're just a freelancer? On today’s show, we chat with Ilias a Shopify developer from Morocco. Ilias has been freelancing for over two years and thinks it might be time to move from freelancing to building an agency. He hits us ....

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S12 E8 — 50 min

10 Low-Cost Marketing Tactics That Get Results

On today’s show, we share over 10 free or inexpensive marketing tactics you can use in your own business right away. And no, we’re not talking about posting on Instagram and crossing your fingers—these are real-world, high ROI marketing tactics we’ve used or continue to use to build our own  ....

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S12 E7 — 63 min

Monetizing a New Skill from Scratch

On today’s show we catch up with Sara Noel, a freelancer with a pretty interesting journey. Sara didn’t study copywriting or marketing at school but now, she’s got a six-figure freelancing business doing just that: copywriting and marketing. In our conversation, Sara shares exactly what she di ....

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S12 E6 — 59 min

Six-Figure Upwork Profile in 90 Days

On today’s show, Preston has a one-on-one conversation with freelance podcast expert Noah Tetzner who built a six-figure Upwork profile in under 90 days. Noah has studied the Upwork algorithm in order to find success quickly and together we discuss getting jobs on Upwork, achieving “Top-Rated Pl ....

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S12 E5 — 54 min

How to Stay Motivated While You Grow

On today’s show, we chat with Mateo who’s calling in from Mexico. Mateo has been working hard as a freelancer and making pretty great money at it too. But even with all his success, Mateo still feels like he’s just trading his hourly work for a paycheck. He’s ready to go from freelancer to a ....

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S12 E4 — 60 min

$100,000/mo in Recurring Revenue

On today’s episode, I’m digging into our show archives to bring you a conversation that most of you missed because we aired it so early on. If you haven’t heard this episode you’re missing out because it’s an early conversation between me and Clay about how he built his first agency to ove ....

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