7 promising blockchain-related jobs: Preparing yourself for the economy of the future

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The industrial revolution completely changed the world, and you’re right if you think that the digital revolution will do the same. Many jobs will be discarded in favor of automation and AI – and there’s nothing we can do about it. If you think that the only way to take advantage of this revolution is by taking the decision to buy bitcoin, you’re wrong.

The change will take place, and we’re sure that blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and AI will be the main engines. You need to be ready to adopt a new job. Today, we go over the top 7 promising blockchain-related jobs, so you can direct your career properly and profit from it.

Writer for the blockchain industry

Even though we already have AI applications for writing content, it’s still nowhere near what humans can do, especially when it comes to copywriting. Therefore, here you have a great opportunity to start a career. You can help blockchain projects to market their cryptocurrencies.

If you decide to become a writer/copywriter for the blockchain industry, you can help them in the following ways:

  • Create educational blog posts
  • Create long-form content
  • Design and run content marketing strategies to promote the project
  • Write and optimize an email sequence to keep the investors up to date

There are many ways to make money as a writer in the blockchain industry!

Marketer for the blockchain industry

Just like blockchain projects need writers to produce content, they also need marketing strategists that can help them reach more people. They need and will need help with the following aspects of digital marketing:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay Per Click advertising
  • Content marketing
  • Video marketing
  • Q&A marketing
  • Community building

Projects need more investors, and furthermore, investors who are willing to hold. This way, they can obtain the funds they need to advance their plans. And they can only get more people by investing in the right marketing professionals.

Blockchain engineer

Blockchain needs engineers who can bring their concepts to reality. On top of that, they need engineers capable of creating and optimizing systems to advance their plans. Engineering is a prevalent need in the blockchain industry.

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By becoming a blockchain engineer, you will be capable of creating solutions in different industries with the help of blockchain technology. Be it on your own, an agency or for blockchain projects, there are many paths you can follow as a blockchain-specialized engineer.

Blockchain developers

Evidently, blockchain projects need capable developers who can create the features and functions necessary to fulfill their plans. As a blockchain developer, here are some of the functions you can offer:

  • Developing blockchain-powered protocols
  • Optimizing the architecture of blockchain-powered systems
  • Developing smart contracts using different networks. For example, you could use the ETH network, and smart contracts were one of the ingredients that fueled the growth of the ETH price
  • Developing dApps.

There are many ways by which a blockchain developer can make a career in this new economy.

Blockchain project managers

A blockchain project cannot move and meet the goals of the timeline without an efficient, responsible and responsive project manager. These projects often divide in several departments, and hence, they need to manage a lot of people.

As a blockchain project manager, you’re one of the most important factors in the success of the project. You are going to lead the team to victory, and to do that you need to implement the right systems and procedures.

Blockchain attorney

With more regulations coming in, blockchain projects have a real need for specialized legal advice. They are looking for professionals like you, who are well-versed in law as well as cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Be it for raising funds, entering new industries or operating in specific countries, a blockchain attorney can help new or existing projects to operate legally.

Blockchain web designer

Finally, web design is more alive than ever before in the blockchain. With the appearance and rise of the Web 3.0, they need professionals capable of adapting their websites to this new paradigm of web design. Furthermore, they also need web designers who can implement CRO, in order to attract more investors.

Web design focused on the needs of blockchain projects is only growing in demand. Therefore, it’s a good opportunity for you to develop as a professional in this field, especially if you complement it with digital marketing skills.


The blockchain industry is offering us plenty of opportunities to build a profitable career in the economy of the future. It’s already here, and we better adapt quickly, because things will only keep changing at a fast pace.

What of these jobs interests you the most?

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