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11 Remote Editing Jobs Sites to Find Long-Term Editing Clients

Table of ContentsUpdated Mar 02, 2020

Struggling to find remote editing jobs? Whether you’re a storyteller, a traveler, or a stay at home mom, you might be looking for new ways to make an income using skills you already have.

There is a lot of writing on the internet, and a lot of new writing constantly being created, yet when it comes to grammar, spelling, and everything in between, people are often looking for help sprucing up their work.

From creative work to college essays to tech writing, employers, writers, and website creators are constantly looking for people to fill remote editing jobs who can give their work a read through before they finally post it to their blog, social media page, website, or even submit it to their professors.

Finding remote editing jobs online can feel overwhelming, though, when faced with the huge world of the internet. So, to help you get started, here are the top 11 websites to help you find remote editing jobs, so you can stop worrying about finding clients, and start proofreading!

Top 11 sites to find the best remote editing jobs

1. Indeed

remote editing jobs - indeed

You might have heard of Indeed for helping with your job search, but did you know that Indeed can help you find remote work as well?

If you simply set your location to remote, Indeed will connect you with plenty of remote jobs, and the editing world is full of them! Indeed is a site built to connect people looking for jobs with people looking to hire. All you need to do is upload your resume, and then start searching.

Indeed will provide you with a list of jobs ready to hire you! Jobs found through Indeed likely won’t be freelance-style—they’ll be coming from specific companies looking to hire a remote editor as an employee. For many people, this is preferred, so Indeed is a great place to start your remote job search.

2. Flexjobs

remote editing jobs - flexjobs

FlexJobs, similar to Indeed, isn’t just in the freelancing business. They connect job-searchers with employers in more than 50 categories (editing included).

Skill level is the overall basis of finding jobs on FlexJobs, so if you’re an expert editor already, you’ll have access to plenty of higher-ranking positions ready for you to apply. And the good news is, they make sure to screen their jobs before they go live, so there’s no need to worry about finding a good employer.

3. SolidGigs

remote editing jobs - solidgigs

Solid Gigs is another freelance based source, but as stated earlier, freelancing and remote work go together great! Their goal is to cut down on the time it takes to find a job, sending you the top 1% of jobs in a weekly newsletter.

They also have a monthly membership option that can help you find jobs through their resources of courses, interviews, templates, and scripts, so that you never have a question that can’t be answered!

They want you to have to spend less time pitching to clients and negotiating, and more time editing.

4. We Work Remotely

remote editing jobs - we work remotely

We Work Remotely is a site that helps nearly 150,000 monthly users find work on the go. Their simple layout makes their site easy to navigate, even for someone who is still figuring out how to use the internet (let alone find a job on it!).

They have categories all over the map, so finding editing work on here will be no problem! This is one of the largest sites for finding remote work and allows you to telecommute while making a real income.

Their goal is to find the people who are the most qualified for the job, so if you’re a former writer, tutor, or teacher looking for editing work, this might be the place for you to start looking.

5. Remotive

remote editing jobs - remotive

Remotive works a bit differently from the other sites you’ve read about so far—rather than being a site to connect prospective employees with employers, Remotive is a newsletter. When you sign up for Remotive, you’ll get a bi-monthly letter that helps people search for the job they’re looking for by category.

This means you’ll be able to narrow it down to just editing jobs quickly, and since it’s bi-monthly, you can be sure that new jobs will be popping up all the time. It also provides tips for you as a remote worker, as well as advice on getting hired remotely.

6. Working Nomads

remote editing jobs - working nomads

Similar to Remotive, Working Nomads is also a newsletter. Rather than being a bi-monthly larger chunk of available jobs, Working Nomads can provide you with a new list of jobs to apply for either daily or weekly.

This site is specifically curated for digital nomads—people who work while on the go. They deliver new editing jobs straight to your inbox, so you don’t have to wait by your computer and can be out exploring a new place instead.

If this sounds like you, Working Nomads might be the place to start your remote editing job search.

7. Upwork

remote editing jobs - upwork

Upwork is quickly gaining speed in the remote work field. Upwork is a freelancing website that connects employers with remote workers online. To start, you have to fill out an application and choose your skill—in your case editing.

From there, you’ll have the chance to browse thousands of job opportunities, write a cover letter for the ones you like, and sit back to let the offers happen!

Upwork is fantastic for when you’re just starting out with remote editing jobs because there are often short-term jobs available that can help you gain experience. It’s also possible to find work on Upwork long term, though, so don’t move on after just a few jobs—there are fantastic opportunities out there that just keep getting better with experience!


remote editing jobs - freelancer

Exactly what its name suggests, connects remote freelancers with companies looking to hire. While it has jobs across many categories, you definitely won’t have trouble finding freelance work here. relies on you to bid on the jobs you like. The first step is to make a profile, and then you can start browsing, bidding, and getting those jobs you’ve been after!

Freelancing is a great way to find remote editing jobs, so put yourself out there—you never know what kind of contract you might get!

9. LinkedIn Jobs

remote editing jobs - linkedin jobs

LinkedIn Jobs has become a very popular platform for finding work. Employers have come to LinkedIn to post their job listings from all over the world, so the opportunities for getting a remote editing job are abundant.

Don’t forget, when using LinkedIn Jobs for finding work, be sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date and best represents you as a professional. Potential employers can easily (and probably will) look at your profile when considering you for their remote editing job, so not having something as simple as a photo would greatly hurt your chances.

10. Fiverr

remote editing jobs - fiverr

Similar to Upwork, Fiverr is a freelancing site. This means you’ll be working for clients as they need you. Fiverr, however, is different from Upwork in that you don’t spend time applying for jobs.

Instead, you list your skills and different projects you’d be able to complete (for example, in editing, you could list a full edit of a manuscript as one of your “gigs”).

This is one of the best places to find remote editing jobs that you actually get to control. This will allow you to choose the work you do, how much you get paid, and what getting paid overtime looks like.

11. Monster

remote editing jobs - monster

Similar to Indeed, Monster is an online job board. And while you might have heard of it for a general job search, but the truth is, Monster has quite a few remote jobs available.

The purpose of job boards is for employees to find employers and vice-versa. This means that whenever a company posts a remote editing job on Monster, you’ll be able to find it.

This will also be more long-term and steady work too, so no fret about contracts or clients!

What is remote editing?

Remote work is all the rage these days. It’s plain and simple—the workforce is changing in the modern days of the internet. Working remotely is one of the best ways to make a living from anywhere, so whether you travel for work and want a little side hustle, or whether you need to stay at home to take care of your family, remote work is a fantastic way to make some extra money.

Remote editing is remote work that involves editing and proofreading other people’s writing. This would involve correcting grammar, spelling, and clunky sentences to make the pieces better. Editing is a fulfilling job that allows you to help people, and better the content that goes on the internet before it is published.

This can be done in a number of ways, but the two main ways of working remote editing jobs are through either contract based work (freelance), or longer-term telecommuting jobs.

There are a few types of people and lifestyles that a remote job would support well, some of the most common being people who need to work from home, people who travel, and people who want to make a little additional money on the side.

Remote work is becoming more and more pervasive, and not just among stay-at-home parents. Working from home allows people to focus more on work without being concerned with driving into the office every day.

When you work from home, you don’t have the pressure of an office, and you’ll be able to set your own daily schedule that coexists with your lifestyle. Remote editing jobs are great for these kinds of people because they allow for flexibility while providing interesting work to keep the stay-at-home worker motivated.

Travelers who work remotely are known as digital nomads. Digital nomads often travel long term or full time and need to work while they’re on the move, so remote work is their best option.

Remote editing jobs allow digital nomads to pick up exactly where they left off, and continue working no matter where they are in the world.

Remote editing jobs are also fantastic side hustles. A side hustle is something extra you do on the side of your real job to make a little extra cash. Because of the flexibility of remote editing and the control you have over your workload as a remote worker. For these kinds of workers, though, contract jobs are often better than jobs where you would be considered an employee.

What are typical remote editing jobs like?

There are two main types of remote editing jobs that you’ll find during your job search. The first is general editing jobs, and the second is copyediting. Both are incredibly fulfilling, and require you to use those proofreading skills!

If a company is hiring an editor, they’re often looking for someone to be a little more detail-oriented. This is someone whose job it is to go into a previously written piece and fix it in any way possible.

This could involve more content editing and sentence restructuring than other jobs, but you’ll have more of a say on the final piece. This would also involve heavy grammar correction and proofreading. So, if the content is your thing, you might enjoy going this route when it comes to looking for remote editing jobs.

The title of Editor could also be defined as the job of a person who helps to organize work for publication, such as a literary magazine or website.

These types of jobs often involve reaching out to writers, curating content, and figuring out the type of information that should be displayed in the overall piece once it’s finished so that you can direct writers to create the best content they can. These types of jobs are generally not freelance or contract work, but rather, are staff or long term positions that can still be done remotely.

Copyediting is a bit different, in that you aren’t so much there to suggest edits to the content, but you’re there to help with making the piece you’re presented sound better. This often involves some heavy sentence rewriting and structuring while checking for the overall accuracy of the piece, as well as the proofreading and grammar edits.

A large goal of a copyeditor is to improve the readability of a piece, which often involves them going in and fixing information, rewording clunky sentences, and correcting errors, while also fact-checking and ensuring that the piece is accurate prior to the piece going live for publication.

In general, a copyeditor will try to leave the piece looking nearly identical to how it was submitted, just with more accurate information and more clear sentence structure.

Of course, there’s no need to choose which type of remote editing jobs you’re looking for if you’re simply looking to bring a new spark to a piece of writing that needs it. Your skills will be appreciated across the board, so use them wherever you see fit.

Now go find those remote editing jobs!

When it comes to working remotely, the secret is to find a skill that you already have to market to the online community of employers. Editing is a fantastic way for anyone with a natural skill for grammar or writing to make a living online, and there are many ways to do so.

No matter what your work situation is, or what you need from your remote work, there are remote editing jobs out there for you. These can be found in a number of ways, from job boards to newsletters, and come in the form of contract freelance work, long term employment, and anywhere in between.

When you work a remote editing job, you’ll be helping bring someone’s writing to perfection, which can be an incredibly fulfilling position to be in.

From completing full edits of someone’s story content to simply copyediting a blog post to get it ready for online publication, there are tons of ways to express your love for words and show off your proofreading skills in a way that can make you a little extra cash when you need it most.

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