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15 Best Freelancing Courses for Beginners to Expand Your Skillset

best freelancing courses for beginners
Table of ContentsUpdated Sep 23, 2019

Working as a freelancer has a lot of advantages. You can earn more money, enjoy flexible hours, and control your workload. It can be intimidating for someone who is just starting on this journey, and finding the best freelancing courses for beginners to help guide you can be just as overwhelming.

With all of the freelancing courses available to you online, we put together our list of the best freelancing courses for beginners — ranked by price.

best freelancing courses for beginners for free

Best freelancing courses for beginners that are FREE

1. How To Win Jobs Freelancing On Upwork

by Skill Success

Do you want to offer your skills as a freelancer in Upwork but you are not familiar with this platform? Discover everything you need to know about Upwork and how to successfully setup a profile that would stand out from the competition and win jobs.

Learn how Upwork Test helps increase the chances of getting hired by making your skills shine and how to draw your potential clients with your proposals.

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Price: Free for 30 days

Duration: 5 sections

2. Pricing Your Work: How to Value Your Work as a Freelancer

by Peggy Dean

How much should I charge? This is the common question freelancers ask themselves when pricing their services to clients.

Freelancers often feel that their clients are not paying them enough. You will learn in this course how to come up with your numbers and be confident with your rates that is fair to both you and your client.

This course is not only for beginners who have never tried setting up pricing for their services, but also for professionals who had an idea on how to set price but just want to validate if their pricing is correct.

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Price: Free for 2 months

Duration: 34 mins. (10 lessons)

3. Adobe Photoshop CS6 Essential Tools

Learning how to use Photoshop opens a lot of doors for freelancers. It is one of the most powerful applications around.

You can use Photoshop in editing images, video editing, graphic design, web design and a lot more. Using it for the first time can be overwhelming for some because there are a lot of tools that you can use, but this software is user-friendly and its features can help you unleash your creativity.

You can learn Photoshop by taking classes, reading books about Photoshop, or by enrolling in online classes.

In the modules and topics of this best freelancing course for beginners, you will learn how to use the important and most commonly used tools in Photoshop. This skill is essential nowadays, especially if your career is on designing such as a web designer, graphic designer, and marketing.

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Price: Free, always

Duration: 1-2 hours

4. Kickstart A Freelance Editor And Proofreader Career On Upwork

by Dr. Duncan Koerber

If you want to build your career as a proofreader and editor to one of the largest freelancing sites, Upwork, then this freelancing course is right for you. With 10 years of experience teaching communication courses, Dr. Duncan Koerber shares his experiences on how to bid and bag many projects in Upwork.

By the end of this course, you will find out how to create effective bid proposal cover letters, apply different bidding approaches to win more projects, and learn techniques in editing and proofreading that will lead to more remote editing jobs and higher client satisfaction ratings.

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Price: Free for 30 days

Duration: 6 sections

5. Going Freelance: Building and Branding Your Own Success

by Justin Gignac and Claire Wasserman

Thinking about going freelance? Justin Gignac and Claire Wasserman will share to you how to define your personal mission, the power of side projects, creating a portfolio that will attract clients, marketing yourself, and teach you how to set yourself up for financial success.

This course is a compilation of what they have learned from being around the talented freelancers and employers that hire them. If you are a beginner in the freelancing industry or if you are already a freelancer and want to step-up on your game, then this is one of the best freelancing courses for beginners.

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Price: Free for 2 months

Duration: 51 mins. (9 lessons)

6. Fundamentals of Google Android Development


In this world where technology is ever-present, there is a significant growth of smartphone and mobile device users. The demand for mobile applications is rising as well, because these applications help ease the lives of its users.

As a result, there is an increasing demand for efficient application developers for both Android and iOS platforms. Companies are also consistently looking for talented and skilled app designers that will produce fresh ideas or new mobile applications.

Do you want to be a freelance mobile app developer?

As one of the best freelancing courses for beginners, it’s for anyone who is seeking to learn more about mobile app development, no matter what level they are currently at. This course will guide you step by step on how to develop Android applications plus this course is totally free.

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Price: Free, always

Duration: 2-3 hours

7. How To Be A Freelance Translator

by Robert at Skill Success

Do you know other languages and want to start earning a living by using your translation and language skills? Do you know where to find clients and how they could hire you?  Well, this course is perfect for you! You will learn how you can be paid by working in your home and on your own terms as a translator. Discover where to find clients and how to retain them once you started working with them.

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Price: Free for 30 days

Duration: 7 sections

8. Web Design Essentials: Creating Marketing Homepages That Drive Results

by Dennis Field

Having a website that looks amazing is not enough, it should also drive results.

This course is ideal for anyone who wants to increase the results of their website, like increasing the number of signups in your homepage; and for freelance website and product designers, and small web design teams as well.

Discover how to create an effective marketing homepage for products and learn what to do when you are struggling to layout a page and achieving the result that you have in mind.

The course creator, Dennis Field, will share with you his experiences in identifying goals (which is the first step in conceptualizing a webpage), story, social proof and conversions. You will also learn conceptualizing designs, creating designs using Photoshop or Sketch, using Invision for receiving feedback and collaborating with others, and finalizing you design.

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Price: Free for 2 months

Duration: 1 hour and 5 mins. (10 lessons)

9. Freelancing: How To Work From Home Doing Freelance Gigs

by Dave at Skill Success

Still thinking about what services you can provide as a freelancer and what websites you need to go to find work opportunities? This course can help you save time and frustration in finding gigs and projects. You will discover that there are many available careers for you as a freelancer like writing services, graphic design, translation services, and a lot more.

Learn more about micro jobs, top micro jobs website, the challenges working as a freelancer, and what is expected from you as a freelancer.

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Price: Free for 30 days

Duration: 13 sections

10. Teach English Online: Find Students And Start Teaching Right Away!

by Charles at Skill Success

There are a lot of high-paying students looking for a teacher online to help them improve their English. Do you have the passion teaching English online but don’t know where to start? The author of this course, Charles, has a Master’s degree in education and has been teaching English online since 2008.

In this course, you will learn everything you need to know to start teaching English online, like how to find students in different marketplaces, what to teach them, what would be your rate charges, and much more. You will also discover the best websites where you can find online materials for your lessons.

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Price: Free for 30 days

Duration: 14 sections

best freelancing courses for beginners under $100

Best freelancing courses for beginners $100 or less

11. How to Sell Your Digital Skills

by Alex Shelley

Do you have the creative skills and you want to make money from it by being a freelancer? Learn how to plan and set-up your online business as a freelancer with How to Sell Your Digital Skills online training course.

This course is jammed with tips and tricks on how you can market your skills, assess you brand, find clients, set prices, protect your business, and avoid the common mistakes in setting-up a business.

If you have the skills of social media managers, sound designers, film-makers, app builders, web designers, graphic designers, photographers, illustrators and digital artists, register for this class — you won’t regret it.

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Price: $59.99

Duration: 1 hour on-demand video

12. Freelance Success For Artists: A Quick & Easy Guide

by Kristen Palana

If you are an illustrator, a filmmaker, a designer, or a multimedia artist, Freelance Success For Artists: A Quick & Easy Guide is the right course for you.

This course is not only for beginners who want to work as a freelance artist, but also for the experienced freelancers who want to learn more on how they could successfully complete a project and to deal with their clients efficiently.

Learn how to set your prices and what to charge your clients based on your work, find clients and turn them into happy repeat customers, and how to create contracts and invoices to protect your business.

Do what you love, earn money and get the respect from your client that you deserve.

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Price: $84.99

Duration: 2.5 hours on-demand video

13. How to Become a Freelance Editor: Make Money Copy Editing

by Laura Pennington

Do you love the English language and have skills in writing, could spot wrong grammar and spelling mistakes easily? If your answer is yes, then you could start your own business as a freelance editor.

This course is ideal for students who want a part-time job for extra cash, retirees who want to still be productive and generate cash, stay at home parents who want to make money while watching their children, and for freelance writers and virtual assistants who want to add editing services in their portfolio and increase the growth of their business and client reach.

You will learn how to protect your business by knowing the importance of editing contracts, market your freelance editing business to clients, find clients and build a strong professional relationship with them, and how to quote your rate to clients by gauging their work.

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Price: $94.99

Duration: 1 hour on-demand video

best freelancing courses for beginners over $100

Best freelancing courses for beginners $100 and up

14. Start a Freelance Business: Take Back Your Freedom Now!

by Lex DeVille

Picture yourself doing what you love and getting paid at the same time. Working on a part-time job but earning full-time pay. Choose your clients and even work with multiple clients. Set your work hours and work anytime of the day. That, my friend, is Freelancing.

Start a Freelance Business: Take Back Your Freedom Now! is one of the highest rated freelance courses on Udemy. You will learn how to score freelance jobs even if you have no degree, no portfolio, or no experience and even get your desired rate.

The course creator, Lex DeVille, will teach you how you can earn $1,000 a week or even $10,000-$20,000 a month, and go from nothing to something. He will walk you through the whole process of becoming a successful freelancer from finding clients in different platforms to scaling your freelance business.

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Price: $199.99

Duration: 3 hours on-demand video

15. Seth Godin’s Freelancer Course

by Seth Godin

Are you worried that clients will not notice your application because of your background and previous work experiences?

Seth Godin, an entrepreneur, author, and blogger, will teach you what it takes to be an accomplished freelancer. Seth has been a freelancer off and on for 30 years. In this course, he will show you how freelancers can work their way up the ladder to becoming a unique and remarkable individual.

In this course, you will discover that you can take control of your career regardless of your past careers, by understanding your client’s view. You will also learn how to attract more clients by pushing yourself to deliver extraordinary work and pricing your work according to how you value it.

If you are interested in becoming a professional freelancer and become remarkable, find better clients, and do work that matters, don’t look past this best freelancing course for beginners.

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Price: $199.99

Duration: 4.5 hours on-demand video

With all of the best freelancing courses for beginners, we’ve handpicked the top ones for you to consider. Of all 15 options, you’re destined to expand your knowledge and grow as a freelancer. Best of luck, and happy learning!

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