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8 quotes about freelancers that will make you love your job even more

Being a freelancer is one of the best jobs in the world. You get to set your own hours, work from wherever you like, and choose your own clients.

It’s flexible enough for those with families and hobbies, while also having the potential to create a lot of money.

Here are some of the best quotes I’ve heard about freelancing, which will help you to see just how fantastic your job really is.

1. “Old age treats freelance writers pretty gently.” – John Updike

Here’s a reminder that being a freelance writer isn’t something that will suffer when your arthritis kicks in or you start to lose your hearing. How many other jobs can say that the symptoms of old age won’t affect the work?

2. “The life of the professional writer – like that of any freelance, whether she be a plumber or a podiatrist – is predicated on willpower. Without it there simply wouldn’t be any remuneration, period.” – Will Self

This quote reminds us that we have to be strong-willed people to be freelancers. That’s definitely something to give yourself a pat on the back for!

3. “Sixteen years as a freelance features journalist taught me that neither the absence of ‘the Muse’ nor the presence of ‘the block’ should be allowed to hinder the orderly progress of a book.” – Jim Crace

Here’s to those of us who have figured out that freelancing means getting it done, day after day. We’re not making any excuses or hanging around waiting for inspiration to strike, and that’s why we’re so great at what we do!

4. “It was my very good fortune to find a mentor, Clay Felker, who started my career at the ‘New York Magazine’ as a freelance writer when I had to quit my job at the ‘Herald Tribune’ to stay home with my young daughter. “ – Gail Sheehy

If there was ever a reason to love your job, it’s being able to be a stay-at-home parent at the same time as earning a living doing what you’re good at.

There’s no compromise for freelancers – we get to make money and enjoy our family at the same time!

5. “In 1975, I quit my tenure, and we moved from Ann Arbor to New Hampshire. It was daunting to pay for groceries and the mortgage by freelance writing – but it worked, and I loved doing it.” – Donald Hall

Even though freelancing might be downright terrifying, we love every minute of it. And it pays the bills, which is a wonderful feeling.

6. “The supreme accomplishment is to blur the line between work and play.” – Arnold J. Toynbee

If you are sitting at home, working while watching Netflix, then you have definitely blurred this line. Freelancers get to basically turn their hobby into a job.

What’s not to love?

7. “I didn’t want an unsatisfying career. And I didn’t want to commit to one place – either one company or one location. I wanted to make my own decisions.” – Rocco Baldasarre

This quote really speaks to the reasons that many of us are freelancers.

Being able to enjoy your career to the utmost, taking pride in your work, and moving on whenever you want to is real freedom.

It’s also something that we all have, every day, because of our decision to become freelancers.

8. “I’m a freelance writer, and I work alone at a big desk in the living room of my apartment. There are many days when I don’t utter a single word to anyone but my husband.” – Robin Marantz Henig

For many people, the above quote would sound like a cry for help. But a fellow freelancer can understand it as a sigh of bliss.

Getting on with work in peace, and not having to deal with annoying people, is an amazing part of being freelance.

Working from home means working to your terms, not sitting in an office with a manager breathing down your neck.

There are plenty of reasons to love being a freelancer. These quotes only serve to remind us of why we made the right choice – but this iceberg goes much deeper!

What quotes about freelancing do you love? Share in the comments!

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