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Being a freelancer who travels around can’t be simple and easy to manage. For one, you are always on edge thinking whether or not your next project will make the digital nomad lifestyle viable for another month. This is what […]

The idea of being able to fund my travels as I was traveling instead of saving for 6 months and then going appealed to me greatly. And I know it appeals to so many people as we are seeing the […]

I’m from Australia but I’m currently based in Mexico. Last month I was in Dubai and before that, I lived in Vietnam. I work with people all over the world: Australia, Canada, Denmark, Kenya, New Zealand, Singapore and USA. That’s […]

Last year my wife (slash business partner) and I spent 4 months traveling Europe and the west coast of the U.S. We also didn’t miss a day of work the entire time, and every venture we were involved in experienced […]

Last year my wife (slash business partner) and I spent 4 months traveling Europe and the west coast of the U.S. We also didn’t miss a day of work the entire time, and every venture we were involved in experienced […]

For my entire life, I dreamed of travel. I dreamed of visiting far off lands, experiencing new cultures and doing something unconventional with my life. Yet I always thought that travel would come someday in the future, someday when I […]

Ever since I had kids, I’ve found myself saying one of the following way too much: Hurry up I don’t have time I’m too busy Let’s go!!!! Sounds fun, right? Always feeling like you’re running against a clock isn’t fun. Projecting that onto little […]

With each passing year, working as a digital nomad is becoming a viable career path for more and more people. This growing movement of location-independent digital adventurers is based around the ideal that working and traveling the world are no […]

One of the biggest benefits of freelancing is the freedom to set your own schedule and travel without the constraints of vacation days. While that freedom is something that draws people to freelancing, it also comes with challenges. I recently […]

Flexibility isn’t about working from your pajamas every day—it’s about building the kind of life and career that you want. One that allows you to spend more time with people you care about, travel, exercise, or do whatever you’d rather […]

For 5 weeks now, we’ve been checking in with Andy on his journey from full-time desk-jobber to full-time freelancer on our new podcast, My Freelance Life. A big part of the reason Andy wanted to start freelancing full-time was to […]

As technology expands quickly and the business world undergoes major changes, people become quickly interested in the online market. Why? Because it is simple to understand, and can bring amazing advantageous for its workers. Remote work is the future of […]

Welcome to episode one of My Freelance Life—a brand-new podcast from the team here at Millo. I’m Preston—founder of Millo—and joining me on the show is my friend Andy. A few months ago, Andy and I worked together at a […]

Working from home is often the first choice when you are a freelancer. Sometimes, freelancers travel, work from hotels, or go to coffee shops, but those aren’t your only options. How about a place you can get more business from […]

 Today, we’re excited to launch our third podcast—one we’ve been working on for months—called My Freelance Life. The show takes a unique approach to exploring the world of freelancing. Just a few months ago, I worked at a small tech […]

I know, I know. It’s Self-Employment 101, but it’s something I was absolutely ignoring. Three months ago, I had no idea how much I spent on my business each month. While I could have probably figured out a ballpark figure […]

More creatives and developers are migrating away from traditional forms of employment – what’s stopping you? The concept of the path of least resistance has been buried in my mind from an early age. I think it stems from soldering […]

I became a digital nomad about 2 years ago, so most people in my field would consider me a newbie. Nevertheless, I have something to share with you. Although my job rarely had me traveling, I loved it in some […]

The life of digital nomads look so glamorous. Armed with nothing more than your MacBook and hiking gear, you trot to the top of a mountain and start working away the moment you reach the summit. But ‘freelancing on the […]

When I first decided to quit my job and freelance, I had visions of waking up when I wanted, earning loads of money and traveling the world. The reality was, I was living at home with my parents, working long […]

Just a few years ago, Michelle Schroeder-Gardner was a recently graduated financial analyst with loads of student debt. Now her blog, Making Sense of Cents, is a seven-figure operation. For the last few months, she and her husband have really upped […]

Local clients. If you are a big fish in a small pond and are making it work, good for you. But I see comments like these below from freelancers all the time: “People won’t pay top dollar where I live […]

July marks 6 months from switching from my 9-5 office job into a full-time freelance life. In the past 6 months there have been mountain highs, valley lows, and everything in-between. If you want to learn more about first-hand experience […]

Paraphrasing what the Beatles once famously sang, we can all get by with a little help. And as that’s true in life, it’s also true of our freelance businesses. A time might come when you’ll be better off accepting help […]

Anyone who says you can’t make money as a writer doesn’t know about all the ways that freelance writers are needed in the market. There are hundreds of opportunities out there, if you’re willing to think creatively and put the […]

OK, you’re ready to roll. You’ve got your business name, your home office is set up, you’ve got your policies and contracts sorted out and you’re ready to dive into operating our own administrative services business. Fantastic! Wait…what did you […]

Let’s rewind to mid-April 2015. I’d gone back to my home town to celebrate my mom’s birthday, and to visit my accountant to finally file my taxes. (I’m usually not one to wait until the deadline, but a hiccup with […]

Angelina Samadhi had always been successful. She landed a job with a small agency after college and was able to work on some of the company’s most important accounts. But after her agency career and two businesses of her own, […]

UPDATE: You can download our client email scripts bundle (a $9 value) for FREE using this link. Unresponsive clients can be a real headache…so what should you do when you don’t hear back from a client? This post shares my […]

Freelancing itself can be kind of a hassle sometimes, despite its advantages. One of the best aspects of working from home, especially when you’re a parent, is that you won’t miss out on anything with your children. You’ll be able […]

The last 2 years have been the most creative and productive in my whole career. In April 2014 I created my blog about design psychology. Since then I’ve published 50 posts, including videos. One year later I rebranded my studio, setup […]

There are a ton of articles out there that talk about the top lettering artists to follow on Instagram. The artists and designers that have over 50,000 followers, that are in the limelight of in the industry. But what about […]

The end of the year always feels a little hectic. With the holidays and potential family obligations, plus trying to wrap up client work and beginning to look ahead to 2016, it can be hard to focus on finishing out […]

When our creative agency entered the “PSD to Code” space, there was something that attracted clients to us from the start. And it hasn’t changed to this day. That same “thing” is what makes us look like a lighthouse on […]

No matter how new or experienced my creative entrepreneur clients are, one of their top worries is how to manage inconsistent income. It’s easy to find personal finance and business planning tips on how to control your expenses or increase your […]

Do you read those tantalizing stories about other creatives working remotely while traveling the world and wonder if it’s right for you? Or are you hoping to sneak in a family vacation and you’re on the fence about whether or […]

I know the scenario well: You get a call from a potential client and set up a meeting. You spend at least 2 hours prepping, traveling, and actually meeting. Then you spend more time carefully preparing the proposal. Then you wait. […]

These past couple weeks have been crazy. On one hand, things have been amazing. We’ve been traveling through Europe while working, and business has been growing like crazy at the same time. On the other hand, these past couple weeks […]

Between freelancing and running Millo, I’ve been “in business” for over seven years now. I know that’s not much for some people, but for me, I feel pretty blessed to have reached lucky number 7. Looking back on the last 7 years […]

I consider myself an incredibly fortunate person. Through a combination of hard work and luck, I am a freelance designer – my dream job. For all of its ups and downs, complications and stressful moments, this is a career that […]

Maybe you’re still only dreaming about starting your own design business. Or perhaps you’re doing a few side-jobs in your free time hoping to start a design business full-time. Maybe you’ve just started your design business but need a bit […]

In many places around the world, tax season has arrived. And you’re probably wondering how to reduce your 2014 tax bill. • • • A note from Preston: I’ve asked Cam from Millo sponsor to give us the scoop on which are the best […]

Cash. Money. Moolah. Coin. Pennies. Dimes. Dosh. Dough… Call it whatever but let’s be honest…it can be the painful, blistering bane of your existence if you’re not careful. How many nights do you lie awake staring at the ceiling stressing […]

When I was very young, I used to read the comics in the Sunday newspaper (an activity that I’ve unfortunately discontinued). I fell in love with comic strips like Calvin & Hobbes, Pickles, Baby Blues and others. And for a […]