From freelance writer to $300K/year with Chelsea Baldwin of Copy Power (FTF 6.3)

Chelsea Baldwin on Freelance to Founder Podcast

For this episode, we’re heading into the beautiful mountains of western North Carolina, where Chelsea Baldwin moved with her family after her early childhood years in Indiana.

She was like any other kid at first, though her curiosity for writing were discovered early on. She had highly supportive parents who let her do what she wanted to do. But she put in motion the traditional plan to attend university – to get a degree in Journalism.

And here’s where obstacle #1 came in Chelsea’s life. There was nowhere to go once she finished school – with that degree.

This was the moment when Chelsea decided to enter into the world of freelancing. She has never looked back!

Chelsea developed her voice as a writer, and honed her skill for copywriting that spanned numerous purposes from landing pages to blog posts and more.

She gained expertise in building content within a bigger picture of digital marketing and eventually she would start getting the itch to turn freelancing into a permanent full-time thing.

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Chelsea Baldwin has been at it building a successful copywriting business, all the while sustaining her travel lifestyle – travelling the world throughout Southeast Asia, South America and India, while building a business with over $300K in annual revenues.

This is the story of Chelsea Baldwin, founder and owner of CopyPower.

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