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24 Freelancer WordPress Themes to Make Your Website Stand Out

Table of ContentsUpdated Dec 23, 2019

A freelancer WordPress theme can be a lifesaver for a new freelancer who needs a professional website.

Let’s be honest: it’s hard being a freelancer. Getting your business noticed and off the ground takes a lot of work.

Luckily, with all the difficulties of freelancing, creating a good-looking website for your business can be easy with a freelancer WordPress theme.

Below is a handcrafted and meticulously combed-through list of over twenty stunning freelancer WordPress theme options, all selected for how well they can be adapted to help freelancers in a variety of fields show off their business and services.

The wordpress themes represented are primarily for freelance graphic designers, website developers/designers, marketing teams, social media strategists, and writers. But, don’t think that these wp themes are only for freelancers in those fields.

Most of these themes work well for just about any kind of freelancer, the deciding factor will largely be in the small details for most people.

Before we dive in to the full list of freelancer wordpress themes, let’s take a second to familiarize ourselves with a term that is referenced periodically throughout this article that you may be unfamiliar with: “responsive web design”.

This article by 101domain is helpful:

“[Responsive design] create[s] an aesthetically pleasing and easily navigable user interface on any device, which makes all of the difference in a customer continuing or giving up on the purchase journey online.”

Most of the freelancer WordPress themes listed below are responsive in design, but the ones specifically mentioned tend to place a higher priority on it.

Here’s our list of the best freelancer wordpress theme options on the web:

freelancer wordpress theme

Freelancer WordPress Theme for Graphic Designers

1. Veluxfreelancer wordpress theme - velux

Price: FREE

What it’s good for:

Velux is a gorgeous, imagery focused theme, making it a great choice for graphic design freelancers. You can show off your work easily and prominently on the homepage of this theme.

You can also add featured images, which is a great way to display some of your best work as though you were browsing through a gallery.

Why it makes the list:

Velux makes the list because of its aesthetic focus. It is a child theme of Primer, which means that Velux uses Primer’s original code and has had changes made to make it better suit what it was developed for.

Comparing the two themes shows just how much Velux has been geared for imagery.

2. Pixova Lite 

freelancer wordpress theme - Pixova Lite

Price: FREE

What it’s good for:

Pixova Lite is a little different from Velux. While the theme is still very sleek and imagistic, it is much more minimal and professional.

This theme is better suited for a graphic designer with more subtle art, such as a logo designer, rather than a concept artist or animator.

Why it makes the list:

Graphic design is a field as varied and individual as the artists who work in it. Because of this, it’s important that your website represents you and your work as best as possible.

Do the terms “professional,” “understated,” and “elegant” describe your art? Then this Freelancer WordPress theme is for you.

3. Memory

freelancer wordpress theme - memory

Price: $49

What it’s good for:

This is the first paid theme on our list. Rest assured that with the cost comes no shortage of useful and fun features. This theme focuses on marrying imagery with text in a way that makes both as visible to those browsing your site as possible.

Why it makes the list:

The page for this theme advertises it as a “blog theme,” but don’t let that get you twisted; while this theme could certainly be used by someone wanting to make an aesthetically pleasing blog, it is also perfect for anyone who just wants a little more verbage to accompany their art.

Do you want your potential clientele to know which pieces were commissioned? What programs you used to make each piece? If so, then you will love using this theme.

4. Lyricalfreelancer wordpress theme - lyrical

Price: FREE

What it’s good for:

Lyrical is another child theme of Primer, like Velux. It focuses on photography, as it’s theme page describes.

Why it makes the list:

Thus far, this article has looked at themes that are ideal for artists, logo designers, and more, but what about photographers?

If you are someone who wants to advertise your pictures, what better way to do it than with a gorgeous, high-resolution piece right at the forefront of your site?

With this freelancer WordPress theme your first impression can be a mind-blowing one.

5. Fotografie

freelancer wordpress theme - fotografie

Price: FREE ($55 for Pro Version)

What it’s good for:

This theme is also excellent for photographers, but the clean, minimal layout, professional design, and easy-to-use gallery section make it a great choice for any artist, even if only using the free version.

Why it makes the list:

To understand what makes this theme special, just read this quote from the theme page for Fotographie:

“Fotografie stands out in the respect that it puts your photographs in the limelight while doing all the important background work. Showcase to the world what’s important – your Fotografie.”

6. Minimal Portfolio freelancer wordpress theme - minimal portfolio

Price: FREE

What it’s good for:

If you want to show the world your art without any fluff or nonsense, then this freelancer WordPress theme is for you. This theme puts an interactive portfolio in a gallery format right on your homepage.

You can mouse over each piece to see the title and click on it to access it’s page, where you can include any details you want.

It also lets your clientele sort the pictures by clicking on the menu buttons—so if you want anyone visiting your site to be able to separate your photography, sketch art, After Effects work, or what have you, they can do it with the literal press of a button.

Why it makes the list:

Much like with Fotographie, it often pays to have your work speak for itself. A picture is worth a thousand words, after all. This theme differs from Fotographie in its aesthetic, however.

Fotographie is a little more bright and colorful, where Minimal Portfolio is, as the name suggests, highly minimal. If you feel that your art benefits more from a theme like this, then it is a great option.

Freelancer WordPress Theme for Web Designers

7. Advance IT Company

freelancer wordpress theme - advance it company

Price: FREE ($39 for Pro Version)

What it’s good for:

Don’t let the name scare you off; Advance IT is a great choice for anyone. Whether in the IT field or not,it’s a great freelancer WordPress theme option if you’re looking to present a professional, elegant, and very detailed portrait of your company.

It’s professionalism makes it a great option for those web designers who specialize in making corporate or otherwise very white-collar sites. Let this theme reflect the work you do not just in its content, but in its very aesthetic.

Why it makes the list:

The question of how to show off website design is not an easy one to answer. It’s not as simple as showing off photographs or writing. Websites are dynamic, both visual and textual, and have a lot of complex subtleties.

Therefore, you need a theme with all of those same parts. This theme gives you the opportunity to represent a huge amount of complex data in a very simple and streamlined way.

That being said, a screenshot and a blurb don’t give a good idea of what this theme really looks like. I encourage you to visit the page for this theme and preview the demo to see it in action for yourself.

8. Twenty Fourteen

freelancer wordpress theme - twenty fourteen

Price: FREE

What it’s good for:

If you want to feature the same wide array of complex content that you could with Advance IT, but in a slightly more artistic way, then this theme is for you.

A great option for those website designers that specialize in more creative sites, Twenty Fourteen let’s you put a little pizzazz into your work.

Why it makes the list:

Twenty Fourteen is a WordPress default theme, which means it was created by WordPress and not a third party (as a matter of fact all the Twenty # themes are WordPress default themes).

While it may sound like that must mean the theme is very basic, that can sometimes be a benefit. Because this theme is a little unspecialized, it is also highly customizable, therefore making it easy to modify it to suit your needs.

On top of that, because the theme is distributed by WordPress itself, you can rest assured that it will be well supported and well-built.

9. Myself

freelancer wordpress theme - myself

Price: FREE ($50 for Pro Version)

What it’s good for:

Myself is the perfect Freelancer WordPress theme for the solo designer. It works well for any solo freelancer, in fact. What makes it great for a web designer specifically is its highly professional layout and the huge diversity of content available for display right on the homepage.

Why it makes the list:

Thus far the themes for website designers have been focused on content. While content is certainly important, the nature of being a freelancer means that clientele who chose your services are investing just as much in YOU as they are in your work.

Especially for the solo freelancer, making a good impression on a personal level can be very important. For this reason, Myself is a great theme for anyone wishing to let their clients know a little bit about themselves.

Marketing Themes

10. Shapely

freelancer wordpress theme - shapely

Price: FREE

What it’s good for:

At first glance, Shapely looks like it would be better suited for photographers and designers than a marketing team; but look a little closer.

Shapely lets you organize all your projects together in a gallery like format, while also letting each of them occupy their own page that can be filled with dynamic and detailed information.

You can let your past projects sell your company for you with a gorgeous and clean site using Shapely.

Why it makes the list:

Shapely is clean. Shapely is minimal. Shapely is organized. Shapely gives you all the tools you need to turn the complicated and nuanced task of advertising marketing services into something interactive, beautiful, simple, and unique.

11. Appointment Green

freelancer wordpress theme - appointment green

Price: FREE ($60 for Pro Version)

What it’s good for:

Appointment Green is a little more professional than Shapely, making it a good choice for freelancers that specialize in reaching a more corporate audience.

Despite this, it makes no sacrifices in the way of aesthetic. Appointment Green is attractive, information dense, and highly organized, making it easy to navigate and easy to code for.

Why it makes the list:

Appointment Green is a child theme of Appointment. It comes with a variety of tools that make it a great choice for freelance marketers, such as a section for services, contact information, social media links, and more.

12. Wallstreetfreelancer wordpress theme - Wallstreet

Price: FREE ($60 for Pro Version)

What it’s good for:

We looked at a theme that was highly focused on aesthetic and a theme that was focused on professionalism; but if neither of those seemed quite right, you might want to try something in the middle.

Wallstreet is a theme that has many of the same tools as Appointment Green, including a “services” section and social media links, but also gives you a little more creative freedom with its design.

Why it makes the list:

Despite its name, Wallstreet is not the boring, stuffy theme you might expect. It’s fun, dynamic, and creative.

This makes it the perfect Freelancer WordPress theme for anyone who feels that their marketing team can deliver the same qualities to their clients.”

We couldn’t agree more, and its name is perfect for anyone whose emphasis is marketing for financial firms.

13. GeneratePress

freelancer wordpress theme - generatepress

Price: FREE ($50 for Pro Version)

What it’s good for:

Generate Press is the simplest and most lightweight theme we’ve looked at for web designers so far. It’s great for anyone looking to get right down to brass tacks. This theme will help you stand out just by virtue of its subtlety, speed, and sleekness.

Why it makes the list:

Generate Press is a clean, lightweight, and extremely elegant theme. It has places to easily add customer testimonials, an overview of the team members in your company, and more.

It’s also highly compatible with a wide variety of plugins, giving you even more power when designing your site.

14. Uncover

freelancer wordpress theme - uncover

Price: FREE ($47 for Pro Version )

What it’s good for:

Let’s say that none of the themes for web designers we looked at so far strike your fancy. This last theme may be for you.

Uncover has a simple black, white, and yellow color scheme which makes it pop visually without overdoing it. It is textual without sacrificing imagery.

It is highly customizable, allowing you to put in sections you need and take out the ones you don’t. Great for a solo marketer or a very small team, this theme is general enough that it can work for just about any type of business.

Why it makes the list:

Uncover is simple and streamlined. It lets you include what you need and do away with anything you don’t. If you need something that you can make uniquely your own, uncover is a good choice for you.

Social Media Freelancer WordPress Themes

15. Colibri WP

freelancer wordpress theme -colibri

Price: FREE ($80 for Pro Version)

What it’s good for:

Do you enjoy having an attractive website? Do you enjoy having a functional and informative website? Do you like being absolutely inundated with customizability options?

If so, then this theme will be a dream come true for you. Great for any freelancer, this theme is especially ideal for social media strategists who’s operation is a little on the larger side or who offer more than just basic services.

Why it makes the list:

Colibri is a fun, bright, colorful, and highly adaptable freelancer WordPress theme. No one wants to do business with a boring social media strategist, so let your website prove that you aren’t.

The full scope of how versatile this theme is really can’t be stated well in a short blurb, so I highly recommend checking out some of the demos (yes, there are multiple) that the theme page for Colibri has curated to see just how powerful this theme really is.

16. Experon eBusiness

freelancer wordpress theme - experon

Price: FREE ($85 for Pro Version)

What it’s good for:

Experon eBusiness is a great option for anyone looking to market their services to a more corporate or white-collar demographic. The layout is clean, simple, and responsive, and well-optimized for SEO.

With this theme, it will be easy to convince anyone who might be skeptical of the importance of social media that you mean business.

Why it makes the list:

With a name like Experon eBusiness, you would expect this theme to represent the peak of professionalism; and it does. Far from being stuffy though, Experon is still vibrant, dynamic, and lively.

It also has sections to add links to all of your social media outlets.

17. Enigma

freelancer wordpress theme - enigma

Price: $40

What it’s good for:

Enigma is one of those themes that has it all. It’s colorful but clean, fast but highly dynamic, and informative but artistic.

It’s great for any social media strategist with a slightly larger operation, who needs to advertise not only their services but ideally their past work and their successes.

Why it makes the list:

With sections to advertise your services, link your social media, give client testimonials, and even display a portfolio, Enigma is a powerful theme that can fulfil any requirements you have for your website.

18. Esteem

freelancer wordpress theme - esteem

Price: FREE ($70 for Pro Version)

What it’s good for:

Esteem is an excellent choice for any social media strategist who wants something on the professional side without being boring.

Its versatility, utility, and professionalism make it a good choice for anyone looking to create a website without fussing with a lot of extraneous parts.

Why it makes the list:

Esteem is extremely responsive and looks great on any device, from a desktop to a smartphone. It has sections to add testimonials, social media links, and more.

It is also compatible with a wide array of plugins, meaning that you have access to a variety of tools to really make your website your own.

Freelancer WordPress Theme for Writers

19. Twenty Twelve

freelancer wordpress theme - twenty twelve

Price: FREE

What it’s good for:

Whether you blog, edit, do creative writing, or need a place to put up your curriculum vitae, Twenty Twelve is a great text-oriented theme to use. On top of that, it does it all without sacrificing attractiveness.

Why it makes the list:

As a writer, your website will have a LOT of text. That being the case, why would you minimize it by putting in huge images and an overly complex layout?

Twenty Twelve is a WordPress theme that lets you put your writing at the forefront of your website. It looks great on any device, and is highly responsive.

20. TheSimplest

freelancer wordpress theme - the simplest

Price: FREE

What it’s good for:

TheSimplest is exactly what it advertises; simple. It’s a great option for any writer that likes minimalism and clean design, or that wants their writing to not get bogged down by any fluff whatsoever.

Perhaps you are a graduate student who needs a place to put their long, academic essays. Perhaps you have an extensive library of creative pieces and need a website that keeps them neat and tidy.

Whatever your need, TheSimplest will take care of you.

Why it makes the list:

If Twenty Twelve is still too froufrou for you, you can reduce your website even further. When less is more, TheSimplest really shines.

The text is highly readable, the theme is easy to navigate, and your text is right up front where it should be. If you are a writer through-and-through, what more do you need?

21. Zuari

freelancer wordpress theme - Zuari

Price: FREE

What it’s good for:

Zuari advertises itself as “stream-of-life.” What it means by that is that it is a one-page, scrolling, text-based theme. This makes it a bit limited for anyone doing long writing, but perfect for anyone doing short writing.

Poets, editors, and even people specializing in managing Twitter accounts are all freelancers who could use Zuari to create a website that is convenient, highly functional, and above all, unique.

Why it makes the list:

The variety of freelance writers are as individual and numerous as craters on the moon, and one style of theme will not work equally well for everyone.

The first two themes this article reviewed work well for most writers, but they have some drawbacks for others. If short writing is your niche, then Zuari may be a better choice for you.

22. Journalist Feedly

freelancer wordpress theme - journalist feedly

Price: FREE ($30 for Pro Version)

What it’s good for:

Journalist Feedly is ideal for bloggers or journalists; basically, anyone writing medium-length articles on a regular basis. Like any good blog theme, your most recent posts will be shown at the top of the list, so your site stays relevant.

Why it makes the list:

This is the first theme in this list that is geared specifically toward bloggers and journalists. It is clean and minimal, more so than the next theme, so if this fits your personal brand, then it will be a good choice for you.

23. Corporately Blogging

freelancer wordpress theme - corporately blogging

Price: FREE ($30 for Pro Version)

What it’s good for:

Don’t let the name fool you, Corporately Blogging is far from a stuffy blog theme for white-collar bloggers. In fact, it is the most visually oriented theme in this category.

If you like expressing your artistic side in your blog, then Corporately has you covered.

Why it makes the list:

Another great blog theme, Corporately Blogging is a theme that is a little richer and fuller than Journalist Feedly. It makes use of more imagery, vibrant colors, and larger text.

If you are less interested in cleanness than you are in artistic freedom, then Corporately Blogging is a good freelancer WordPress theme choice for your website.

24. Graphy

freelancer wordpress theme - graphy

Price: FREE

What it’s good for:

Graphy is good for just about everyone. Do have a blog? You can use Graphy. Do you do creative writing? You can use Graphy. Are you a journalist? You can most definitely use Graphy.

Why it makes the list:

Graphy has struck a balance between professional and creative that few other themes have managed to do.

It is clean and responsive, and it even advertises how easy it is to customize its code, should you want to take your website to the next level and really make it your own.

Don’t forget — hosting!

We maybe got a little ahead of ourselves, admiring all these freelancer WordPress themes. In reality though, we can’t do a whole lot with a shiny, new theme until we have web hosting, right?!

Web hosting is essential to getting a website online. Explore your options and compare the many different hosts out there for you to choose from. We recommend checking out BlueHost, or for a more robust, WordPress focused hosting you can give WP Engine a try as well.

Closing Thoughts

While this list is (very) extensive, it by no means even scratches the surface of the number of freelancer WordPress themes available.

There are literally thousands of themes available, a huge number of which are free, so if none of the themes in this article seem like they fit your style, then you are far from being out of luck.

When in doubt, the most important thing is to remember why you’re creating your site in the first place and letting that desired user experience be your compass heading.

A site that takes into consideration all of a clients potential needs can easily be the difference between you and a competitor getting the client you’ve been working on for months.

In fact, these industries have become so client-centric that everyone from small businesses to multi-million dollar enterprises have begun creating positions specifically designed to address and close the gap between user intent and experience online.

As Breene Murphy, the Director Of Client Experience at EP Wealth (yes, that’s a real role now) put it,“When you start to frame the discussion around what matters to people, then they’re more inclined to go and do it.”

And that discussion begins the moment a client enters your online site.

As the old adage says “measure twice, cut once” – so take the time to research your options; get your site exactly how you want it and you’ll ensure your site’s success and sustainability for a long, long time.

Now go out there and make your dream website!

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