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From 3rd-grade teacher to six-figure photography blogger with Courtney Slazinik of Click it Up a Notch (FTF 5.5)

We have a super founder to introduce to you today. A great story of a military wife. An extremely busy and motivated mother and wife who decided to mix her two passions – education and photography – into a highly successful business that she can run, and needs to run from anywhere.

This is the story of Courtney Slazinik, founder of – from 3rd-grade teacher to six-figure photography blogger

In the first half of the show, you’ll get to know her and how she came to realize how she should invest in her pursuits as an entrepreneur.

Then in the second half of the show, you’ll learn what steps she took, in a very specific tactical way, to grow her business to be bigger than herself – and her expectations.

And then, stick around for the last part of our show. We’ve pulled members of the Millo mastermind group on Facebook and asked them what they would do with a fresh 500 dollars in their bank account and if it had to be put towards marketing their freelance business. We got 20 great responses and we’re going to share them with you – along with who provided that advice.

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