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29 Absolute Best Graphic Design Blogs to Inspire You in July 2024

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Table of ContentsUpdated Mar 01, 2023

Graphic design blogs can be a great resource to stay ahead of the game, whether you’re trying to create presentable logos, prints, product labels, or even online marketing materials meant to promote a brand.

As a graphic designer, you may wonder what constitutes good design, or struggle to keep up with new trends.

Or, if you’re hitting creative block, you might want to brush up on your design skills but don’t know where to start among the thousands of graphic design blogs, guides, and other resources online.

Maybe you’re interested in learning how to start a design blog yourself and need some inspiration to get you started…

Whatever the reason, our list of the best graphic design blogs on the web is bound to help!

Here are the best graphic design blogs of the year:

High On Design

Wix - High On Design Blog

The aptly named, High On Design’ blog by the Wix design team has everything from design inspiration / creative ideas to detailed tutorials and tips, offering you a great opportunity to learn and stay ahead in the world of design.


Graphic Design Blogs - Onextrapixel

Onextrapixel blog offers tutorials and free lessons on a number of subjects like typing up HTML/CSS, making 3D art in WebGL, and several Photoshop techniques for editing images.

Fotor Blog

Fotor offers tutorials for solving common design problems in the most common design tools as well as articles and tutorials for getting a job as a graphic designer or growing your graphic design freelance business.

Creative Nerds

Graphic Design Blogs - creative nerds

Creative Nerds uploads open-source icons, fonts, and brushes for Photoshop. These include surface textures, bold vector elements, and paint splashes you can add to your Photoshop toolset.

Inspiration Feed

Graphic design blogs - inspirationfeed

If you want creative resources, social media advice, or motivational quotes, you should visit Inspiration Feed to read their entertaining articles.


Graphic design blogs - millo

Millo has business tips so you know how to handle difficult clients, set reasonable freelance rates, and receive a steady flow of projects.


Graphic design blogs - designbeep

Designbeep discusses developments in mobile marketing and social media trends. It also has recommendations for WordPress themes and plugins.


graphic design blogs - adweek

Adweek features news in advertising, media and technology. Check out the Creativity tab under News for more regular graphic design news, info and updates.

Design Wizard

graphic design blogs - design wizard

From talking about top design influences around the world, to current trends in graphic design, this graphic design blog covers multiple topics to satisfy your interest in the field.

Creative Bloq

Graphic design blogs - creative bloq

Creative Bloq presents attractive samples of 3-D art and digital animation. Plus, they have a huge selection of artworks just for browsing.

Design Festival

Graphic design blogs - design festival

Design Festival publishes tutorials and inspirational posts that address topics like app typography and the basics of performing A/B Testing with Google.

Adobe Create Magazine

Graphic design blogs - adobe creative magazine

This magazine has everything from photography to audio tutorials. It is packed with interviews from studio artists.

Envato Tuts+

graphic design blogs - envato

To continue learning about graphic design, you can read Envato Tuts+ tutorials which is full of beginner courses for website building.


Graphic design blogs - telepathy

Telepathy’s user interface is easy to use. Their reading lists let you search for any articles based on marketing or product/branding design.


graphic design blogs - adage

This graphic design blog, AdAge, states themselves as the “Best in Advertising, Design & Digital” online. A weekly check on this site will give you plenty of graphic design industry insights, as well as inspiration.

Chilli Printing Blog

graphic design blogs

The Chilli Printing blog covers many areas around print and design including the likes of new trends, helpful tips and expert advice.

The Design Blog

Graphic design blogs - the design blog

The Design Blog regularly features inspirational pieces and posts from experienced designers around the world.  With the motto “Don’t just be a designer – be a good one” they aim to help young designers and students.


Graphic design blogs - dribble

Dribble serves as a virtual show-and-tell for web designers. It enables them to upload projects that can be reviewed by other users, unlike other graphic design blogs.

From Up North

graphic design blogs - from up north

Although not an actual blog, the Pinterest account of From Up North is full of inspiration. Dig through their categorized boards for all kinds of graphic design.

TemplateMonster Post

Graphic design blogs - templatemonster post

TemplateMonster publishes articles with a strong emphasis on WordPress resources. They have advice on navigating the professional world as a new business owner.


Graphic design blogs - typeroom

Typeroom is the ultimate site for typography suggestions. They announce many events and interviews all related to printed font styles.

This is Paper

Graphic design blogs - this is paper

If you prefer traditional art then this site is worth a bookmark. They like to blog about the fine arts, not to mention printed books and textiles.


Graphic design blogs - Mirador

Founded in 2016, this blog is a collaboration of visual artists sharing inspirational collections of projects. Based out of Paris, France, Mirador gives a fresh perspective to promote creativity in their readers.

Creative Market

Graphic design blogs - creative market

Creative Market is a community of experts who are familiar with digital design as a full-time career.

Made by Folk

Graphic design blogs - Made by Folk

Made by Folk is an international blog that provides readers with opportunities to learn all about graphic design through articles, showcases, videos, and audio recordings.

Logo Design Love

Graphic design blogs - logo design love

This graphic design blog is dedicated to aesthetic logos and their inventive creators. For inspiration on branding digital content, you should visit their site.

Illustration Age

Graphic design blogs - illustration age

This site is a great guide on graphic arts since it offers online courses to sharpen your skills in making illustrations.

Specky Boy Design Magazine

Graphic Design Blogs - Specky Boy Design Magazine

Specky Boy is a blog covering web design and WordPress posts. They offer plenty of tips and tricks for freelancers and design agencies.


Graphic design blogs - Abuzeedo

Abduzeedo is the perfect blend of inspiration and training on all things design. They provide daily design inspiration as well as dozens of collections in ten different categories.

There are many graphic design blogs available online. Whether you are just starting out, or have years of experience in design, there’s a blog out there for you. Use these blogs as a reference to find the perfect graphic design blog to help you accomplish your goals.

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