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Harlow Review: A Game Changing All-in-one Tool for Freelancers

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Are you tired of juggling multiple tools to manage your freelance business? 

Look no further than Harlow, the all-in-one platform designed to help freelancers streamline their operations and maximize efficiency. 

In this review, we’ll look in-depth at how Harlow can help take your freelance business to the next level.

What is Harlow?

Harlow helps freelancers get organized, save time, and look professional with automated invoicing, proposal templates, and much more—all from one centralized hub.

Let Harlow lighten your workload. From pitch to paid, they’ve got you covered.

Harlow’s Features

Client Management

Harlow can help you keep your clients happy by smoothing your client management process.

With Harlow’s integrated platform, all aspects of your business are accessible from one place, including upcoming meetings, tasks, client details, finances, documents, and emails. This convenience eliminates the need for endless searching to find what you need.

Additionally, your projects, tasks, and timelines are consolidated in one place to ensure timely delivery every time. 

Harlow makes it easy to create and manage your to-do lists as well. You can also easily access and manage paid, overdue, and scheduled invoices from the client dashboard while tracking incoming payments and earnings. 

Thanks to Harlow’s intuitive interface, onboarding is hassle-free, so you can use the tool quickly without adding more work to your already busy schedule.

Proposals & Contracts

If you need help creating a proposal, Harlow can help. 

Their professional and beautifully designed templates help your brand stand out, so you can feel as great about your proposals as you do about your work. By keeping your business on-brand, you add credibility to your proposals. 

Harlow automatically uses your logo and custom colors in templates, ensuring they match your unique look and feel.

Harlow also makes it easy for clients to sign proposals and contracts electronically from any device. All signed documents are saved in Harlow, ensuring your business is protected. With less back-and-forth required for signatures, you can focus on the essential parts of the project.

Additionally, legal professionals have written Harlow’s contracts, so you don’t have to be fluent in legalese and write your own contracts from scratch. This feature saves time and ensures that you and your business are covered legally.


Harlow offers a suite of tools designed by freelancers for freelancers to streamline and automate invoicing. 

With Harlow, you can collect payments through credit card, ACH transfer, Google Pay, or Apple Pay using built-in Stripe and PayPal integrations. 

Invoices are automatically marked as “paid,” providing a clear understanding of your incoming payments. Harlow allows you to send one-off invoices, set up recurring invoices, and schedule split-payment invoices. 

You can create a better experience that nurtures long-term relationships by offering clients various payment options.

You no longer need to worry about following up on unpaid invoices. Harlow sends automated reminders to clients who need a gentle nudge to settle their accounts. Harlow’s invoicing features save you time and energy while ensuring timely payments.

If you work with clients from different parts of the world, Harlow’s invoicing supports over 100 currencies, allowing you to bill in whatever currency they prefer right within the platform. Harlow can help grow your freelance business globally without hassle or stress.

Project & Task Management

Approach your tasks in a way that suits your working style. 

Whether it’s organizing tasks by project, by clients, or just for personal organization purposes like remembering to pay quarterly taxes, Harlow makes it simple to create tasks from anywhere within the app. 

Harlow is for all busy freelancers needing an easy-to-use to-do list management tool. With multiple views and filters, you can choose the format that best suits you – one extensive list or an organized board based on due dates. Keep track of how long each task takes with ease and automatically add the time spent to your invoices for straightforward billing.

Time Tracking

Tracking time can be a tedious task that most freelancers face consistently. However, Harlow makes it effortless. 

You can track time as you work or log your hours manually, tying them back to clients, projects, specific tasks, or a combination of all three for better organization. 

For those clients who require detailed time logs, Harlow makes it easy to download and send them directly. They have handled the difficult part by allowing you to track your time against specific clients or projects and automatically add it to your invoices with just one click. 

With Harlow’s time tracking dashboard, you can quickly see how you’ve spent your time and on which clients, giving you a clear overview of where most of your effort goes.

How much does Harlow cost?

Harlow comes with a straightforward pricing structure so you can streamline your business.

If you prefer to stay out of commitments, opt for the monthly plan at $29 or pay $319 for one year and get one month free. Both programs are all-inclusive.

Jump into your 14-day free trial to experience the power and simplicity of Harlow.

Pros & Cons

Let’s examine the pros and cons of using Harlow to run your freelance business.

Harlow’s Pros

It helps you simplify your tech stack and save money

What sets Harlow apart from its competitors is that it’s not just a time tracker, invoicing software, or project management tool. Instead, it combines all these features into one platform for a comprehensive solution to your business needs.

It’s a product created for the needs of freelancers

Although Harlow can work well for solopreneurs, digital entrepreneurs, and various types of businesses and owners, it was specifically designed with freelancers in mind.

This focus on freelancers’ needs gives Harlow an advantage over other generic solutions on the market that were designed for a different audience and may not cater to the specific needs of freelance businesses.

Simple & Affordable Pricing

Something that I liked about Harlow is that its pricing structure isn’t complicated at all.

There are no upsells or extra costs. 

Harlow wasn’t designed to charge you much more if your business grows or does well.

What I like about that is that it allows you to decide from the start, and you can basically forget about that topic after you start paying.

The pricing is also affordable compared to similar products in the market. From what I was able to test, I’m sure that you will have a positive return on your investment as you use it, either from what you save in other tools or from what you will make as you improve your productivity and workflow.

It’s not rocket science

Since this is a freelancer product, you don’t have to deal with a complex interface with many buttons and features you don’t need or that were added for sales teams or engineering teams.

You sign up today, and you’ll be fully proficient on Harlow by the end of the day.

Harlow’s Cons

Not a niche-specific product

Some people may consider this a con. There may be a better fit if you are looking for a niche-focused product.

While Harlow can fit almost any freelance or small online business, its features are not specifically designed for beauty salons, accounting businesses, etc.

Harlow can be a one-size-fits-all solution for freelancers and work particularly well, but it may not be right for you if you are looking for a super-specific solution.


Harlow is an excellent option for freelancers to kill stress and disorder.

Since it integrates all of the features you need to manage your online business, by signing up with them, you are basically setting yourself up for success in 1) saving money, time, and energy by simplifying your tech stack and 2) increasing your efficiency, profitability, and growth through their freelancer-specific tools and features.

I hope that you enjoyed this review. 

I invite you to check Harlow and use their free 14-day trial. You can send invoices and proposals and harness the full power of Harlow during your 2-week free trial.

If you want to seal the deal, you can also enjoy HARLOW50 for 50% off for six months. 

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