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How to Become a Freelance Social Media Manager in 2023

If you’re a person who is constantly on their phone checking their social media accounts and posting regularly, you are likely already a social media manager in your own right. Do you have a strong ... > customer-expectations

Customer Expectations: How To Set Them Right & 7 Tips To Exceed Them

Do you have the habit of saying yes to every demand of your customer in order to make them happy? I hate to say it. But don’t always do that! Irrelevant to your industry, every freelancer aims to me... > recurring-invoice

What Is a Recurring Invoice? + How to Set One Up for Easy Money

One of the biggest challenges when running a business is creating an effective payment system. Invoices are usually followed by endless follow-up emails and calls to the clients. For small businesses ... > went-freelancer-agency-shoestring-budget

9 Steps to Go from Freelancer to Agency (Based on Experience)

To go from freelancer to agency is a big step. Along with the change come lots of new and exciting challenges as well as a huge potential for revenue increase. But money’s not the only reason to go ... > freelance-animation-jobs

5 Freelance Animation Jobs Sites + Best Types of Animation Jobs To Consider

Animation is an exciting industry, and a lot of creative people have participated in creating some incredible animated content over the years. It’s easy to see a Pixar film or a clever children’s ... > freelance-retainer

Freelance Retainers 101: How to Collect Monthly Retainer Fees

A freelance retainer is by far the best way to stabilize your income as a freelancer. But figuring out how to structure your pricing as a freelancer can be difficult when you’re first starting out. ... > how-to-grow-your-freelance-business-on-tiktok-in-2021

How to Grow Your Freelance Business On TikTok In 2023

Freelancers are an indispensable part of the American workforce. Hundreds of companies continuously hire gig workers in both short and long term contracts to achieve their business goals and reach the... > 9-freelance-copywriting-resources-you-cant-work-without

9+ Freelance Copywriting Resources You Can’t Work Without

With all its benefits, it’s no surprise that working as a freelance copywriter is becoming an increasingly sought-after career path for many up-and-coming professionals. Getting free rein over t... > the-top-3-reasons-freelancers-should-buy-life-insurance-in-2021

The Top 3 Reasons Freelancers Should Buy Life Insurance in 2024

If you don’t already own a policy, there’s no better time than the present to get one. Unless you’re freelancing as a side gig, you’re probably self-employed — which means you’re more than... > how-to-stand-out-and-get-noticed-as-a-designer

How To Stand Out As a Graphic Designer and Look Like a Pro

Design is a competitive industry. If you want to succeed, you’ll need to learn how to stand out as a graphic designer. It’s not just your portfolio that needs to wow potential clients. Your overal...