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Freelance Business Email Tips & Templates for Winning Jobs

When you are just starting out in the freelance world, you have to justify every expense to yourself, because you likely aren’t making a ton of money, and every penny counts. So why set up a freelan... > full-time-freelance

7 Steps to Going Full Time Freelance (+ Questions to Ask Yourself First)

Are you considering becoming one of the almost 60 million freelancers in the US? Do you feel ready to quit your job and turn what is now perhaps a side gig into a full time freelance career? Before yo... > moxie-vs-dubsado

Moxie vs Dubsado: Which One is Really Best for You?

This Moxie vs Dubsado comparison guide is something that every freelancer, solopreneur, and business owner could benefit from. Why is that? Whether you are at the beginning stages of your freelance ca... > freelance-rate-card

How to Create a Freelance Rate Card (8 Examples for Inspiration)

Figuring out what to charge is one of the most difficult parts of freelancing. You set your own rates and pricing structure without a lot of outside information, and it can be hard to know what other ... > freelance-writer-salary

What’s an Average Freelance Writer Salary in 2024?

For a variety of reasons, freelance writing is rapidly becoming more popular. Opportunities abound, and the flexibility afforded in being your own boss is enough to have many people questioning—can ... > get-paid-to-write

8 Ways to Get Paid to Write + Where to Find Writing Gigs

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11 Sites to Find WordPress Developer Jobs Online

It’s no secret the WordPress community is growing. All over the web, blogs are written about the platform, hundreds of plugins are created every year, and it’s used by over 40% of the web from... > how-to-get-web-design-clients

How to Get Web Design Clients: 10 Pro Tips to Get Work Now

Even if you’re a professional web designer with extraordinary talent and a diverse portfolio of projects, figuring out how to get web design clients and promote your business may be a difficult ... > freelance-blogs

15 Blogs for Freelancers: the 2024 Must-Read List

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19 Best Places Offering Digital Nomad Visas for Remote Work

Traveling while working sounds like a dream until you discover it’s easier than you thought. With the increase of remote work in every corner of the world because of the pandemic, countries have rea...