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Getting a deposit upfront: the pros, cons and strategies

Receiving a part of your payment while working is not just a nice thing to have in advance, it’s a necessary strategy that keeps a lot of freelancers from struggling to pay their bills. There are a ... > 8-essential-elements-social-media-marketing-strategy

8 Essential elements of a social media marketing strategy

Social Media has transformed the whole marketing concept since the time of its inception. Today no business organization, regardless of their size, operating-sector and preferences, can afford to stay... > focus-getting-clients-holiday-season

Why you should focus on getting clients this holiday season

Are you taking it easy this holiday season? If you run a thriving business, maybe you can afford to take a month off. But the truth is that many companies are doing two things right now: Scrambling to... > 3-ways-turn-free-time-client-getting-time-today

3 Email templates that will turn free time into client-getting time, today

If you find you have a lot of free time… but not enough clients… this is for you. UPDATE: You can now download this script + 14 more proven templates for getting new clients, following up, and b... > turn-day-to-day-struggle-into-creative-business-you-love

How to turn your day-to-day struggle into a creative business you love

If you’re anything like I was just a few years ago, you’re probably working your tush off, spinning your wheels like a hamster on steroids and feeling like it’s just not paying off. Like your ba... > 8-ways-to-build-your-business-fast-with-4-per-day-the-cost-of-a-daily-coffee

8 Ways to build your business fast with $4 per day (the cost of a daily coffee)

If you’ve ever looked into personal finance, you’ve probably heard some sort of advice that sounds something like this: “If you saved $4 every day instead of spending it on your morn... > freelancer-vs-entrepreneur-whats-the-difference

Freelancer vs Entrepreneur: What’s The Difference?

A global pandemic, cost-of-living crisis, increasing financial woes… The global landscape is shifting, and it’s causing many of us to rethink our work situation or seek ways to earn some extra inc... > freelance-vs-employee

Freelance vs Employee: 8 Tips to Choose the Best Option for You

The question of being a freelance vs employee is more important to the modern workforce than ever before. 2021 came to be defined as the year of the Great Resignation. According to the U.S. Bureau of ... > freelance-animation-jobs

5 Freelance Animation Jobs Sites + Best Types of Animation Jobs To Consider

Animation is an exciting industry, and a lot of creative people have participated in creating some incredible animated content over the years. It’s easy to see a Pixar film or a clever children’s ... > graphic-design-invoice

8 Free Graphic Design Invoice Templates and Examples to Inspire You

As a designer, the way you craft your graphic design invoice speaks volumes about you and your small business. Remember, the design of your invoice can also influence when and how you receive payment ...