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How to Make Friends With Your To-Do List

83 items…. 83 items on my to-do list. I sat looking at the two pages crammed so tightly with things I had to do it was overwhelming. It was a well organized to-do list with items categorized into wo... > when-to-fire-a-design-client

How to Fire a Client Professionally (3 Email Scripts)

As freelancers, we all rely on clients to generate income. Unfortunately, there are some times that the relationship with certain clients just isn’t working out. They may be difficult to work with, ... > how-to-grow-your-freelance-business-with-influencer-marketing

How to Grow Your Freelance Business With Influencer Marketing

The term “influencer” has become very popular in the last few years. In a matter of years, it has evolved from a hobby and internet trend, to be considered a highly-rewarding career path. If you h... > how-to-make-money-as-an-artist

How to Make Money as an Artist in 2021 (Advice That Works)

If you’re a creative of some sort (which I’m guessing so), you might have wondered — is it possible to do what you love and be successful at the same time? Determining how to make money ... > a-quick-guide-into-freelancing-pros-cons-how-to-get-work

A Quick Guide into Freelancing: Pros, Cons + How to Get Work

As if COVID-19 and millions of lives this pandemic consumed weren’t enough, we are staring at another formidable challenge – loss of jobs and economic recession. Anybody who stays updated on r... > how-to-legally-start-a-freelance-business

How To Legally Start A Freelance Business In 9 Steps

Being a freelancer can be a liberating experience. It gives you the potential to work anywhere in the world, from your couch or a park bench. However, if you don’t want any trouble from the IRS, you... > freelance-writing-business

How to Set Up Your Freelance Writing Business For Success

Freelance writing as a side gig is a popular idea and a simple prospect. Setting up a legitimate freelance writing business, however, is a little bit more of an endeavor. It’s a process that may inv... > web-projects-management

9 Best Web Projects Management Software + How to Set Up for Success

Web projects management matters because it sets the entire tone for a task. With the right plan, everyone is on the same page and you finish tasks in an orderly manner. Everyone works more efficiently... > freelance-copywriter

How to Become a Freelance Copywriter in 2021

Becoming a freelance copywriter seems like an attractive opportunity, especially in an age of great uncertainty. With viruses, redundancies, and financial collapses, more people are turning towards th... > client-intake-form

How to Create a Client Intake Form for Your Onboarding Process

How do you know if a prospective client is a good fit for your agency? This can be hard to figure out, especially if you’ve been communicating just over email or have only virtually met. You probabl...