5 Questions to ask yourself before going freelance

You’re sick and tired of your office job that seems to be going nowhere and long to have more meaningful work and control over your career. You have skills in writing or design that you can’t use in your current job and are considering trying to make it on your own.

You’ve heard a lot about freelancing and are ready to give it a try. But before you change careers, you need to consider if you are compatible with this kind of lifestyle. Here are some important questions to answer before you delve into freelancing.

Are you willing to take risks?

Starting any new business involves some degree of risk, and working as a freelancer is no different. When you become a freelancer, you also take on the role of a small business owner and need to take steps to invest in your company.

This might mean creating a website, taking online courses or joining a professional organization. If you are just starting out and are financially unstable, even these small investments can be risky, and you have no guarantees that they will pay off.

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You will also need to take risks when you promote your business and begin to grow your client list.

Networking to connect with potential leads and using cold emails to reach out to your target clients can be extremely intimidating at first, but you will need to work through your fears and learn to move beyond your comfort zone in order to grow your business.

Are you a self-starter?

As a freelancer you are your own boss, so being a self-starter is a must. No one else will delegate your tasks for you and you will be in charge of seeking out projects and negotiating the terms with your clients.

You will also be responsible for making your own schedule and discovering the best strategies to manage your time.

It’s important to ask yourself some serious questions before you move forward. Will you be able to set regular working hours for yourself and stick to a schedule?

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Are you committed to working long hours to build your business? Being a self-starter is essential if you are going to be successful with freelancing.

Will you make time to nurture your creativity?

Whether you are a writer or a designer, it is important that you sometimes step away from client work to nurture your creativity.

Many people struggle to find time for their own projects when they are freelancing full-time and may become dissatisfied. Scheduling some time for your creative pursuits is one way to prevent this from happening.

Working on your own projects is a way to reconnect with your passion and to experience joy in the creative process. Just setting aside a few hours on a Sunday can help you begin the week feeling renewed and motivated to do your best work.

Can you persevere when times are tough?

Perseverance is one of the most important qualities a freelancer can have, especially when you are just starting out.

As a new freelancer, you will need to devote many hours to finding your niche, marketing yourself and networking with potential clients. And most likely, you will need to invest a great deal of time and effort to locate your first clients.

Cold emails and job applications often go unanswered, potential leads don’t always become clients, and it is easy to become frustrated.

But these disappointments are just part of being a new freelancer, and you will be able to work through them if you persevere. If you can keep going through the challenges and tough times, you are far more likely to succeed as a freelancer.

Do you have an entrepreneurial mindset?

A lot of writers and designers think of themselves as creative individuals and struggle to picture themselves as entrepreneurs. Don’t make the mistake of seeing yourself as your clients’ employee, a mindset that can severely limit the growth of your business.

Instead, you need to remember that by starting a freelance business, you are stepping into the role of entrepreneur. Then you need to acquire the mindset that goes along with it, and think of yourself as a business owner to set yourself up for success.

You might believe that an entrepreneurial mindset doesn’t come naturally to you, but in reality it is simply a skill that you can acquire.

In order to move forward, you will need to set aside your doubts and feelings of inadequacy, learn everything you can about your chosen niche, and present yourself as a confident business owner, even if you don’t feel like one at first.

Just remember that with practice, over time, you will grow into your role and thinking like an entrepreneur will become second nature.

Becoming a full-time freelancer can be an extremely fulfilling way to earn a living, but this way of life isn’t for everyone. These questions are just some of the ones you need to ask yourself before making the transition to freelancer.

There are challenges at first, but if you love creative work, put in the time and effort and persevere, then you are likely to find that freelancing is the perfect career for you.

Let me know if freelancing is right for you in the comments.

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