24 Places to Get Freelance Jobs on Autopilot in 2020

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Freelance jobs are a fantastic way to work for yourself or make extra money on the side of your day job.

Thanks to the ever-growing acceptance of remote workers, quality freelancing jobs have also never been more widely available for freelancers who want to get more clients fast.

Whether you’re looking for freelance jobs to start your own service business or you need them in order to grow your current company, this collection of resources for getting freelancing jobs is for you.

To start, you’ll find an updated feed of jobs in special categories below as well as more links where you can find freelance jobs in the categories you’re most interested in.

Find Freelance Jobs by Category

To better organize the lists and information below, we’ve sorted out places to find freelancer jobs by category. Use the links in the table of contents below to navigate.

Freelance Jobs for Writers

If you’re a writer, you’ve got one of the most lucrative skills for finding quality freelance jobs.

Clients are hiring freelance writers at an unprecedented pace as our society continues to be consumed by written content on websites and in social media. There has likely never been a time to be a freelance writer in the history of the world.

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Freelance writing jobs

  • Contributing Writer11 hours ago

    The Hustle is a fast-growing, San Francisco-based media company best known for its witty, no-nonsense newsletters tha...

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  • Sales Copywriter11 hours ago

    Mindful Health comprises multiple companies that embody our three pillars of ultimate health and wellness: Healing Fo...

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  • Technical Writer/Publisher11 hours ago

    Carillon Assisted Living, a senior living company based in Raleigh, North Carolina is actively seeking a hire person ...

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  • Apprentice Book Ghostwriter11 hours ago

    We have openings for part-time Apprentice Book Ghostwriters to complete writing projects. Project types range from bo...

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  • Freelance Writers, Weird History11 hours ago

    We are looking for talented writers who are ready to research and write for our Weird History vertical! This is a gre...

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More freelance job lists for writers

There are hundreds of freelance job boards with new writing jobs, but not all are created equal. And not every list will work for every kind of writer.

If you’re a writer who needs more specific freelance jobs, here are some additional resources for you:

Freelance Jobs for Designers

If your talents lie less with words and more with visual communication, then finding freelance jobs in design fields could be a lucrative opportunity.

As with freelance writing jobs, freelance design jobs are growing at a rapid pace as clients need more visual content for their blogs, social accounts, and other marketing material.

Freelance design jobs

  • Marketing Designer5 hours ago

    Our global HQ is in Oslo, Norway, but our users (and team) are worldwide – having been used in nearly every coun...

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  • Web Designer14 hours ago

    Looking for an amazing web designer to work on a fun project for @hashtagpaid. If interested or know someone please l...

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  • Freelance Designer14 hours ago

    Looking for a designer to help with a small side project (logo, icons, small graphics). If you have any interest, ple...

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  • Freelance Designer1 day ago

    You’re creative, curious, optimistic, and resourceful. You’ve helped develop and design campaigns and brand...

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  • Digital Designer (part-time)1 day ago

    This role is ideal for remote freelancers. We're mostly a distributed team with people working worldwide. We’re ...

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More places to find freelance jobs as a designer

Freelance Marketing Jobs

If you have a talent for identifying why people spend money and can come up with creative ways for reaching those people, then you ought to be searching through freelance jobs in various marketing fields.

Often, marketers are able to charge a premium for their services because it’s so easy to directly tie company revenue to marketing activities, ,as long as there’s a positive ROI, the freelancing jobs seem to keep coming.

Freelance jobs for marketers

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More places to find marketing freelance jobs

Web Development Freelance Jobs

The world of web development continues to explode in nearly every industry as more and more of the world’s population spends the majority of their day online via phones and other devices.

If you’re fluent in HTML, CSS, and various scripts, you’re a great fit for freelance jobs in the web design and development field.

Freelance development jobs

  • Freelance Shopify Developer1 hour ago

    We're looking to grow our development team with some freelance developers with a passion for e-commerce, and we hope ...

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  • Freelance Developer1 hour ago

    We have an exciting opportunity to join the team on a freelance basis working across many clients. Front end develope...

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  • Freelance Designer/Developer1 hour ago

    Looking for a designer/developer who is experience with Adobe XD -> HTML Wireframes? If so, and available for a proje...

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  • Freelance Full Stack Developer14 hours ago

    Looking for an experienced freelance full stack dev for my agency. 100% remote mostly async team. We're dockerized an...

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  • Ruby Rails Developer2 days ago

    We are looking for a Rails developer to help on one of our flagship e-commerce projects. We specialise in building be...

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More places to find freelancing jobs in web dev

Freelance Sales Jobs

If you’re naturally good with people or you’re a born salesperson, there’s no reason you couldn’t use freelance jobs as a way to make money on the side of your day job or even start your own small freelancing business.

Freelancing in sales can pay well—especially those that have hefty commissions attached.

Freelance jobs in sales

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    Virtual Assistant Freelance Jobs

    Of course, you don’t have to offer a niche service like writing, marketing, or design in order to find freelance jobs to supplement your income or start a business.

    If you’re a motivated, organized person who likes to help people make progress on their important tasks each day, then getting a freelance job as a virtual assistant could be a really great fit for you.

    Freelance jobs for VAs

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    Freelancing Jobs in Other Fields

    Of course, there are hundreds more categories of freelance jobs that you can search for on sites like Upwork or you can get really creative on sites like Fiverr where you can offer freelance services in just about any category you can think of.

    Freelancing is changing how the global economy functions. It used to be that when a job needed to be accomplished, a company hired an employee or, every now and again, a temporary worker.

    Today, companies are going online and posting freelance gigs to find fresh talent as an alternative to traditional workers.

    So, even if there’s not a section of freelance jobs for you listed above, that absolutely does NOT mean there’s not room for you in the world of freelancing.

    You just have to carve out your own niche. These articles will help you get started:

    More places to find the best freelance jobs

    If the resources listed above aren’t enough for you and you’re still on the hunt for fresh freelance jobs, then here are a few more places you may want to look:


    Upwork is probably the most well-known and highly used freelance job site on the internet. With over 60,000 new freelance jobs posted every week, you’re sure to find the right job for you.


    If you’re doing jobs on the side or you have a full plate as a freelancer, then SolidGigs is a great option for you. Their team hand-picks the best freelance jobs they can find according to specific criteria you send them.

    FlexJobs Logo


    If flexibility is a critical element of your freelancing, then FlexJobs is a great option for you. Not only can you filter by the usual criteria (skills, hours, pay) but you can also indicate if you want to filter freelancing jobs by whether you can tele-commute or work 100% remotely.

    linkedin logo

    Linkedin Jobs

    Why not try looking on the world’s largest professional social network to find your next gig? With nearly 70 million users, Linkedin isn’t just a great place to connect with coworkers and industry experts—it’s also a fantastic place to find new freelance jobs.


    If you’re looking for a more creative approach to getting jobs as a freelancer, then Fiverr has the answer for you. Instead of browsing jobs companies have posted for freelancers, you create your own offering, add a price, and do your best to shine in the marketplace. On Fiverr, people literally get paid to do all sorts of random tasks.

    If, after all that, you’re still struggling to find freelance jobs to build your career, I suggest you send your questions to our incredible freelancer mastermind where thousands of fellow freelancers are standing by (for free) to help you succeed.

    Until then, good luck and keep up the hard work!

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