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Millo is back and better than ever!

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It’s been a long few weeks at GraphicDesignBlender.com, but we’re finally back and now Millo is better than ever before.

If you’re reading this post in an email or RSS reader, stop by over at the blog and take a look at all the changes Millo has gone through recently; I think you’re going to like what you see. We have a brand-new shiny theme from MojoThemes.com and I think it makes navigating the site much more friendly and beautiful.

Of course, I’m still working to make each aspect of the blog better, so I would love your help in knowing what you’d like to see on Millo in 2012.

You'll also enjoy this episode of our new podcast...

Here’s your chance to be heard. I will personally read and respond to every comment left on this post. Please help Millo be the best it can be in 2012 by submitting comments with any (or all) of the following information:

  • Topics you’d like to read about on Millo in 2012
  • Site features you miss from the old theme (or new ones we should add)
  • What kinds of ebooks, business courses, or other tools and resources you could use to build your design business.

I’ll have a brand-new post Monday morning and Millo will start posting regularly again multiple times a week! For now, submit a comment on this post and help me make Millo more helpful to you and other designers in 2012. Happy New Year!


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About Preston D Lee

Preston is an entrepreneur, writer, podcaster, and the founder of this blog. You can contact him via twitter at @prestondlee.

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  1. Lookin Good! Glad you got the whole Pharma Hack thing squared away and the new design looks great!

    • Thanks, Wayne! I’m really excited to be back. Thanks for all your support. Anything you’re dying to see from Millo in 2012?

      • Hmmm….tough question. You cover such a wide variety of business aspects of the design industry. One thing I always like reading is designer interviews. Maybe like a “20 Questions…” category or something.

        Even if it’s the same 20 questions (or 10 or maybe an odd number like 13 since people seem to like odd numbers for lists) for every designer. I think it would be interesting to see how different designers respond to the same questions. These interviews could incorporate different business tips and practices that a variety of designers use. Just a thought. Looking forward to Millo in 2012!

        • Preston D Lee says:

          That’s a GREAT suggestion, Wayne. We tried something like that called Millo’s “Behind the Design Business” where we interviewed designers who run a successful business. Maybe I ought to try that again?

    • Carla Strong says:

      New site looks great!!! Welcome back, we missed you!!!

  2. For the past few days, this blog has jumped up to one of my favorites! The articles are exactly what I’ve been looking for!

    I also love this new simple design. I always scale the websites I browse to check for responsive designs and I’m very happy with what this one! πŸ˜‰

    Thanks, and I can’t wait to see what you have coming up!

    • Preston D Lee says:

      Brent, glad you’ve been enjoying the content and I love to hear that you like the new design. Hope to see you around in the comments frequently over the next few months as we rev up some of our content!

  3. Carla Strong says:

    Actually, I do have a question Any suggestions about getting started with web design freelancing? I know there is a lot of information out there, but what about just being afraid? Any suggestions on how to overcome my apprehensive behavior (which is not normal, I am an outgoing, sociable person)?!
    I have business cards and can hand them out or put on vehicles in a parking lot, although I am actually afraid of getting a call?!!!!! Am I normal? Any suggestions

    Thank you,
    Carla Strong

    • Preston D Lee says:

      That’s a great suggestion for a post, Carla. I will write it down and do my best to address it early in 2012. Interestingly enough, I think I can relate to you. How long have you been freelancing?

  4. Love the new look! Very clean and easy to navigate! I’ve missed you guys and wish you the best of luck for 2012! I would love to see some reviews or tips on how to handle clients who do not respond or provide feedback in a timely manner. Thanks for all your hard work and great posts!

    • Preston D Lee says:

      Bree, great topic! I’ll do my best to address it early in 2012! Thanks for the kind words. I hope to see you around in the comments.

  5. Preston, looks great! Love the clean/responsive layout. Looking forward to your future articles.

    One topic that I’m interested in is what a designer’s future role in the marketplace is. With the uprising of theme marketplaces and the awareness that you can essentially purchase design as a commodity, where do we as designers fit into this new landscape? How can we leverage our skills and insight to make fortunes, without selling out the profession?

    Happy New Year!


    • Preston D Lee says:

      Hey Joe, how’s everything going!? Thanks for the kind words. I love the idea of covering those topics – and what important ones they are for designers in 2012, right? Thanks for the suggestion-I’ll let you know when I get a response posted!

  6. Welcome back! Would love to see some post on growing your freelance business and also ideas on how to keep your work fresh and relevant. Love your sites it’s an excellent resource.

    • Preston D Lee says:

      Kylie, thanks for the compliments! You’re in luck because posts about running a successful freelance design business is what we specialize in. We’ll be posting a ton of information about it in 2012. For now, subscribe to our email (if you haven’t already) or check out everything we have to offer in our freelancing section.

  7. Hooray, sexy new design! πŸ™‚

  8. Happy New Year to you and everyone who helped you get the site back up! Maybe 3 months before your hack I had put you as my home page because I ALWAYS find something useful. Thanks for all the hard work. I don’t have any real comments yet, except congratulations. I’ll respond with what you’re looking for once I get time to really peruse the site.
    So far though – I’d have to say WOW…Lois likey!

    • Preston D Lee says:

      Lois, WOW! That’s super-flattering. Thanks for making Millo your home page! I hope we continue to deliver GREAT content throughout 2012 (and I have a few tricks up my sleeve that I think you’re going to like). Glad you like the design. πŸ™‚ Happy Holiday.

  9. Hey Preston Good work mate. Always enjoyed reading Millo.
    There’s lots of good business related tips on here which is what I’m yearning for at the moment (still keep all the other stuff coming as well though!).
    I’ve been freelancing for just over a year now, doing well, building a client base etc.
    What I’m struggling with now is how really focus the services to figure out my target market, how to market in general and maybe how to grow without necessarily taking on staff.
    I know there are a tonne of articles on these subjects scattered around the blogoshpere but I would really like some stories on how other designers have done this, rather than vague how-tos that don’t tell me anything.
    I’d also really like more tips from other freelancers who are parents! The work life balance and such.
    In saying that – as long as you keep up the quality stuff we’ve all been reading here I for one will be more than happy πŸ™‚
    Cheers, and look forward to 2012 with Millo!

    • Preston D Lee says:

      Thanks for the kind words. I’ve already had a few people mention we should interview designers who are successfully building a freelance business, so I will get working on that! As a fairly new parent myself, I’d love to tackle a few articles on successfully freelancing as a parent too. Thanks for the recommendations! Keep an eye out early 2012 and Happy New Year!!

  10. Glad you’re back, Preston!!!

    Very much looking forward to 2012 with Millo! This is definitely a site on my favorites tab.

    I’d love to read an article about branching out into an aspect of design that you’ve never done before — trials, tribulations, successes, thoughts, building confidence, etc. How do you price out a project you’ve never done before? How can you be sure you can produce results you’ll be proud of?

    Glad to have you back, Preston!!! πŸ™‚


    • Preston D Lee says:

      April, that’s a great suggestion! I think 2012 will be a lot about going places we’ve never gone and doing things we’ve never done! It’s going to be great. We’ll have to get you back on board writing a few posts too! I’ll be in touch.

  11. Welcome Back and Love the new look.

    I’d like to see some articles on the interaction between freelancer and client. i.e How to Deal with a difficult client, while staying professional… Stuff like that.

    Some SEO tutorials/articles would be good too.

    And wouldn’t mind seeing some more of those giveaways πŸ™‚ !

    • Preston D Lee says:

      Thanks for the compliments! I’ve taken note of your requests and I’ll do my best to round up some more giveaways.


  12. Hello!! O-O the new interface is really co0l, well I just wanna wish a happy new year full of success, can you please make jquery for beginners tutorials please, bye
    greetings from central america

  13. Hi Preston,

    Congrats on the new-better-than-ever site! Looking forward to reading your posts in 2012!

    I’d love to see information on what freelancers should charge for projects. I’m starting to get the hang of what to charge, but find that I usually don’t charge enough. And since I’m transitioning from freelancer to business owner…it makes it even a bit more complicated. πŸ˜›

    Happy New Year!

  14. The new site looks great and is user friendly!

    I’d love to see posts about writing contracts for hosting, web development, etc. That’s a very important topic that never gets enough coverage on blogs like this.

    Happy New Year!

    • Preston D Lee says:

      Thanks for the suggestion! I have some pretty big plans for helping designers write good contracts in 2012. It’s a topic that I always get asked for here at Millo. Stay tuned.

  15. How come you bought a ready-made wordpress theme if you’re a designer?

    • Preston D Lee says:

      Andy, great question. I have designed my last few themes from scratch and, while it’s a lot of fun, it also takes a lot of time. I searched high and low for a theme that looked similar to the one I wanted to design from scratch and then I tweaked some of the code to make it a little more custom-tailored to what I needed for Millo.

      For me, it’s more about having an awesome reading experience for Millo readers than showing off my design skills. And it’s a return on time investment issue too. I could spend 30 hours designing a new theme from scratch, or I could spend it on other projects that make me a lot more money.

      Thanks for asking!

  16. Glad to be able to read up on your new site and possibly contribute and article or two like before. Keep up the great work.



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