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Where to Get the Best Work From Home Graphic Design Jobs

work from home graphic design jobs
Table of ContentsUpdated Jun 29, 2020

Work from home graphic design jobs are becoming more and more popular among web and graphic designers who want to have more autonomy with their jobs.

Online graphic design jobs are really the best solution for anyone in this situation. Here is what you should know about work from home graphic design jobs.

5 Best Sites to Find Work from Home Graphic Design Jobs

The first thing you should understand about being a freelance graphic designer is that there are certain platforms that you can join to find new projects to work on.

Of course, you can still have your own website with a portfolio, but these platforms are the ones where most of your customers will look first. Here are some sites to check out and join:

work from home graphic design jobs sites - upwork

1. Upwork

This platform is virtually perfect both for remote workers and entire small businesses. Upwork has an original pairing system that identifies which projects will suit which freelancers best based on their past work.

Everything you complete through the platform can be rated by your client giving you more credibility for the future and improving your reputation. By the way, Elance, another great freelance platform, is now a part of Upwork.

work from home graphic design jobs sites - freelancer

2. Freelancer

One of the biggest freelance platforms, Freelancer helps connect small businesses with graphic designers and other professionals.

It is used by companies of all kinds for outsourcing part of their work to reduce the workload – or to complete the tasks that they can’t do because they don’t have the necessary specialists.

work from home graphic design jobs sites - solidgigs

3. SolidGigs

SolidGigs is a freelance platform which is probably one of the few platforms that actually filters the gigs or jobs published on its site. They check the companies and individuals who want to post a gig on their website and make sure that you get the best jobs delivered to you as a freelancer or remote worker.

This means that there is a much smaller chance of your client being a fraud, so you will no longer have to worry about this as much.

work from home graphic design jobs sites - people per hour

4. People Per Hour

People Per Hour is exactly what the title suggests it is. This platform lets you perform all kinds of tasks charging for your work per hourly rate – including graphic design. Just like with some other platforms, you can get reviews from your clients for your work.

But what is really outstanding about this platform is the communication aspect: everything from messages to quotes is kept in history, so you can always check it.

work from home graphic design jobs sites - fiverr

5. Fiverr

Though Fiverr’s reputation is not the best nowadays, you can still find some good gigs there. Basically, the platform lets you register and post about what kinds of services you offer and how much you charge for them (e.g. design a brand logo for $100).

Those who have been on Fiverr for some time usually get the majority of the orders because of their reviews, but you can still boost your newly-created profile by promoting your Fiverr profile in dedicated Facebook groups.

Other Ways to Find Work from Home Graphic Design Jobs

As mentioned above, freelance platforms are not the only place where you can find graphic design jobs. Here are just a few other ways you can get more exposure and find clients:


Your own personal website is a must-have for any graphic designer. It’s where you put your portfolio and all the information your clients need to know about you including your background, experience, contact info, and so on.

Besides, a well-made website can really display your graphic design skills and perhaps even web design skills if you have any of those. Every potential customer will want to see what you have done in the past, so a website with a portfolio on it is as essential as anything.


But how do you consistently generate traffic to your website and attract possible clients? Having a blog on your site is the best way to do this. What’s more – you don’t even necessarily need to tend to it.

You can hire a writer from a writing services reviews site like Best Writers Online who will create articles and blog posts on relevant topics that you can then publish on your blog regularly.

Social Media 

And, of course, social media platforms can significantly aid you in your search for clients – and even partners or collaborators. Think of these platforms as yet another channel for getting exposure and displaying your work. Your clients and your audience are all there, so you should approach social media with as much responsibility as you can.


Though networking is not something that comes to mind when you are a freelancer or remote worker, it can actually be quite useful when you are looking for a new gig.

For instance, attending conventions or events in the graphic design industry can help you meet the people who could be your next clients. In fact, you can even network online on relevant forums and discussion boards.

Tips for Landing the Perfect Work from Home Graphic Design Jobs

So, how do you land the perfect work from home graphic design jobs? You might be registered on all the necessary platforms, but there are still some things you will need to do to actually land a good job. Here are some tips to use:

Get an Internship

One of the best things you can do to get started in the world of graphic design and get your first experience is to get an internship. If you are still a student, this can be a great way to get some credits to put on your resume so that when you graduate, you will already have some experience to show your future clients.

But even if your studies ended a long time ago, you can still look for internships that you might qualify for. The only downside is that most interns don’t get paid, which means you will still need another job to support you.

Work for Charity

Another way to get experience and not get paid for it, unfortunately, is working for charity. However, there is another bonus you get when working for charity: you get exposure. You will also be able to significantly improve your reputation by showing that you support a certain cause – being a good person can increase your chances of getting first clients.

But beware of those who will assume that you work for free all the time just because you worked for charity. Don’t accept projects that won’t get you paid. Charity is one thing – work is another.

Have A Good Portfolio

This should be said again and again, but a good portfolio can really get you places. Your portfolio is what qualifies you for certain jobs, shows your experience and talent, displays your creativity, and so on.

This is why it is so important to build your portfolio over time and include as many different works as possible to show that you are able to produce different types of products from website banners to brand logos. Remember that most of your potential customers will decide whether or not they want to work with you based on your portfolio alone.

Start Your Dream Project

Why would you start looking for projects to work on if you can always start your own dream project? It sounds like madness considering that the most important thing about landing a graphic job is getting paid for it, but if you have a day job at the moment, it’s better to work on a project of your own before trying to get gigs.

For example, posting a series of illustrations on a certain topic on your social media can help you grow your online following and give you exposure. And this could be anything! From a series of zodiac sign illustrations, to your own cartoon animal designs.

Join Relevant Organizations

One way of networking while being a graphic designer is by joining relevant organizations. These can be non-profit associations of graphic designers who partner with different charities to help out, organizations for freelancers who support each other, or even Facebook groups where specialists like you share their tips.

As long as it is some kind of group with other graphic designers who you can connect with, it will definitely help you network and maybe even assist you in landing some great work from home jobs.

By the way, make sure that you are always polite in such groups because bad behavior can significantly impact your reputation, and even possibly your future career.

Get in Touch with Those You Admire

This is a tricky one because you could potentially get on their nerves, but there are many positive sides to getting in touch with those you admire. By contacting graphic designers you look up to and letting them know about how much you love their work, you make the first step to try and make a connection that could potentially develop into a long-term relationship.

Make sure that you only send them a message or an email once and don’t terrorize them with your pleas. Give them something valuable too, because this will show them you aren’t just asking for something but also giving something in return.

Build Your Online Follower Base

As mentioned earlier, posting to social media can significantly improve your chances of being noticed. But having an online follower base has many other benefits too.

For example, the followers liking your Instagram posts with yet another beautiful illustration you posted can potentially start purchasing commissions from you in the future.

Though these are not the big companies you might expect to work with right away, having many small commissions can amount to more earnings in the long run. You just have to decide what direction you will take.

Participate in Competitions

Almost every industry has some kind of contest. These contests are not only a good way to test your own skills and push yourself to perfection, but a great way to get exposure – and maybe even get a monetary reward!

When you win a high-profile graphic design competition, you instantly improve your reputation and get more authority and credibility.

Consequently, finding work from home graphic design jobs immediately becomes easier at least to some extent. By the way, you are also likely to get media coverage which is very useful if you are planning to become a well-known graphic designer.

Be Ready for Interviews

Interviews are a common aspect of getting pretty much any job, but the difference for freelance graphic designers is that you will probably have a remote interview to get ready for.

These are usually conducted over such platforms as Skype or Zoom, but sometimes, even simply completing a small test project and talking over email is enough. Ultimately, it all depends on the kind of client you encounter.

Just make sure that you are prepared for any kind of situation – and especially remote interviews. Dress appropriately, groom yourself, apply makeup if needed, tidy your environment. Do everything you would do for a normal interview.

Always Follow Up

More often than not, graphic designers think like artists rather than marketers. This, in turn, results in them overestimating their own chances. But if you think like a marketer, you know that promoting yourself and your work is essential to become a successful remote graphic designer and start landing work from home jobs regularly.

This is why, once you have contacted your potential client or your client has contacted you, you should make sure to follow up with another email to remind them about your conversation. Also, definitely follow up after interviews to show you’re passionate and want the job.

What to Expect Once You Have Landed Some Work from Home Graphic Design Jobs

Even once you land a graphic design job, you need to be prepared for what this job will be like. Here is what to expect once you have landed some work from home graphic design jobs:

You Will Be Doing Revisions

Yes, there will be revisions. Many of them. In fact, you might get tired of revisions by some point. But they are an inevitable part of being a work from home graphic designer and more importantly – an artist.

Art is subjective, so your graphic designs will probably need to be reworked multiple times before both you and your client are satisfied with the result and are ready to proceed.

What’s important is that you need to ensure that you get paid every time you need to do a revision. Otherwise, it’s just a pointless waste of your time and energy.

There Will Be Strict Deadlines

If you are used to working without any time restraints for your own pleasure, you will suddenly discover that working on remote gigs has its own strict deadlines that need to be respected both from your side and from your client’s side.

And when it comes to deadlines, it’s not just about how fast you should complete the project but also about when and how much you should be paid for your work.

This is why you shouldn’t think of deadlines as something evil. It’s something both parties – you and your client – need in order for the project to go as smoothly as possible.

Your Clients Will Not Always Be Satisfied

As mentioned earlier, art is subjective, and you will need to make revisions. But what you should also understand is that you will sometimes get clients that will never be satisfied with your work. You can do hundreds of revisions, but they will keep complaining about this and that.

If you get in such a situation, you should try and come to some kind of compromise. Trying to explain why certain things were done the way you did them can sometimes enlighten your client on a method of thinking and perspective they didn’t initially have.

Your Work Will Not Be as Good as You Expect

Speaking of opinions about your work, there will also be times when your client is satisfied, but you aren’t. As an artist, this is usually not a very pleasant feeling, but it is inevitable for such a case to happen.

The only thing you can do is try to approach your job as prioritizing your client’s happiness. Yes, indeed, you have some creative freedom, but your client will always have the last word and you need to accept that early on in order to avoid being disappointed by the kind of job you have chosen.

You Might Even Get Ditched

For graphic designers who are only starting out, every project they get offered seems like a good opportunity that they will miss if they don’t accept it. With time, however, many designers learn how to choose their projects more responsibly. More often than not, this is the result of being involved with clients who aren’t really clients… and don’t want to pay you.

You will get promised all kinds of payments “once you complete the project”, but it may all end up with your client suddenly disappearing and pretty much ghosting you. Be careful with the kinds of projects you take and the clients you choose to work with. Doing a little bit of research on your client before accepting a project can help you look for red flags.

You Will Feel Overwhelmed

Last but not least, every freelancer feels overwhelmed at some point. Just remember that you are not the only one who feels this way and wants to give up and go back to their day job no matter how bad it is.

You need to continue working and looking for more work from home graphic design jobs to take. Perhaps this means getting paid a little less than you usually are, but you can still return to your regular way of freelancing once the small “crisis” in your professional life is over. In other words, try to be an optimist as much as you can.

Final Thoughts

All in all, you can find work from home graphic design jobs fairly easily if you follow the steps in this article and use the necessary platforms to connect with your clients and get offered projects you will want to work on.

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