5 Best places to travel and work around the world as a freelancer

Being a freelancer who travels around can’t be simple and easy to manage. For one, you are always on edge thinking whether or not your next project will make the digital nomad lifestyle viable for another month.

This is what drove me and my husband on a journey of blogging and self-discovery. While leaving the comfort of our home was difficult, we were always driven by the desire to explore what the world has to offer.

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Being a free agent and getting paid to keep moving around the world does sound intriguing enough to consider. Blogging has always been a hobby we fell back to whenever we were bored or had some free time to spare.

We decided to expand our content by actually visiting all the amazing places we read about online and see if we could travel and work at the same time. Turns out that monetizing your blog isn’t as hard as it seems, and coupled with freelancing, it provided us with sufficient funds to move around and see everything we wanted.

What are some of the best places that you should consider when it comes to combining work and travel? As a married couple, we decided to answer these questions for all our readers around the world.

With a healthy dose of skepticism and a hefty monetary safety net (just in case), we decided to see what it means to be world travelers. Here are our favorite places to travel to if you are a freelancer considering a nomadic lifestyle.

5. Bratislava, Slovakia

If you are looking for a place to stay in Europe and have a tight beginner’s budget to keep, then you should definitely check out central and south-eastern Europe.

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These countries have a very low tax rate and low standards of living (with around $300-500 monthly payments) making them a great choice for traveling freelancers.

People in Slavic countries have a warm and hospitable mentality, so it was a nice surprise for us. After all, we did start the journey with intent to meet as many different people as possible.

We decided to go with best of the both worlds and list Slovakia as our choice, with Bratislava, its main capital. This city has a very rich Slavic history, welcoming people and cheap living costs. It also represents a good centralized all-in-one hub for digital nomads, giving you a clear choice of where to go next on whichever side of the world you choose.

4. Lisbon, Portugal

Deemed one of the fastest wireless cities on the planet, Lisbon is heaven for freelancers and online workers alike. This Portugal city offers mid-range costs of living with the exception of internet prices which are barely visible at all.

Funny enough, the city was only a part of what made our experience in Portugal memorable. It can provide a wonderful pit stop for nomads looking for a place to stay.

Lisbon is also known for its wide range of beaches and ocean-side resorts which are affordable and very well equipped, giving you a good idea of what you can expect if you visit.

The two of us had a blast working from the beach and not thinking about where we were going to be tomorrow. Nothing seems to matter when you are close to someone you care about and doing what you both love doing.

Lisbon proved to be not only a good stop for freelancing, but also as a romantic getaway in the heart of Portugal, something that couples should definitely take into account.

3. Bangkok, Thailand

If you are traveling through Asia and looking for a place to stay for a couple of months then Bangkok should provide an excellent incentive to stay.

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This Thai city is well known for its hospitality and sheer variety of things you can do outside of work. While my husband and I did have a great time traveling through Asia, Bangkok stood out as the most relevant and representative part of the continent.

Being a digital nomad or freelancer is more than just traveling and working – everything that comes with your preferred pit stop comes into consideration.

Checking out best websites ratings can give you an idea of what freelance writers are paid on a regular basis. Although it can’t always boast itself as the safest place on Earth (due to the sheer size and crowds in the streets), Bangkok is a place that every freelancer should consider.

We did run into several instances of traffic trouble, policemen rushing somewhere and overall noisiness of the city. You have to personally feel Bangkok’s heart beating by being in the city. We will definitely check the city out again in the future, even though it’s far away from our home.

2. Richmond, VA, USA

Traveling the US and visiting all the states should definitely be on your to-do list (especially when you live in one). However, one particular state stands out as a good place for freelancers to think about planting roots for a couple of months.

Richmond is a commercial city with a lot of development and employment opportunities, none of which should easily be considered. While the city lacks in the fun factor, it still provides enough entertainment to keep you busy in your free hours.

The city is very welcoming of freelancers and digital workers, meaning that you will always find a place to stay and work from (or with) in Richmond. To those who contemplate touring USA, Richmond is going to turn out to be a pretty nice slice of  an ordinary American way of life.

1. Berlin, Germany

Often thought of as the hub of freelancing and modern business opportunities, Germany should definitely come to your attention as a traveling freelancer.

Berlin offers a plethora of corporate contracts that offer short-term payments and personal development to traveling professionals, meaning that it can become more than just a stop on the way for you.

Berlin’s night life and history is also something to think about, since the city is astoundingly well built and offers a good look at what German people are capable of building and maintaining.

Give Germany a shot and visit Berlin at least for the fun factor and the opportunity to scratch it off your list.

We decided to put Berlin on the top of our personal list because of the sheer variety of activities you can participate in. You can find very cheap accommodations with private housing or opt for a tent at one of the many tourist camps in and around the city.

These options are very affordable and safe — Germany is one of the safest countries in the world which is also a huge factor to think about when traveling around the world.

Add that up with a rich and varied cuisine, an abundance of historic landmarks in Berlin and other major cities, as well as a large potential for personal and professional development, you have a pretty clear view of what makes this city number one on our list.

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Living as a freelancer and traveling the world is both exciting and important for personal development. Even though you might travel with someone by your side, you will always have a lingering sense of adventure no matter what you do.

We are definitely considering a second go at a nomadic lifestyle, if nothing else than to explore some of the more obscure parts of the world and try our luck at freelancing on the go again.

We did manage to do what we came to do — our blog’s ratings skyrocketed when we started posting content from our travels. We even managed to score several sponsorship deals that we will consider in the future should we need a backup plan for our monetization.

This goes to show that you always need to keep an open mind towards new places to add to your list of stops when you work and travel. Sometimes necessity will make you stop and take a look around. Don’t shy away from new experiences and try to get the most out of it!

Have you lived the nomadic freelance life? Share your experiences with me in the comments section.

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