6 Creative ways you can use stickers to actually grow your business

One of my favorite things about the Millo community is just how creative everyone seems to get with promoting their freelance business.

Hands-down, one of the best stories ever was when David wrote this post about printing and wearing a t-shirt to promote his copywriting business. Then years later, Clay Mosley built an entire agency using David’s t-shirt tactic.

I love it!

So when this custom sticker company Jukebox sent me some custom Millo stickers a week or two ago, I’ll admit I thought: what am I gonna do with a zillion custom stickers of Millo’s logo?…

But then it got me wondering: Could I actually use these stickers to grow my business?

The article below is my mostly-for-fun attempt at a brainstorm to come up with legitimate ways a freelancer, side-hustler, blogger, or entrepreneur could use custom stickers to promote their business.

I learned—while working on this article—that “sticker marketing” is actually a real thing…who knew!?

I’d love to hear any other ideas you have to add over in the Millo Mastermind.

PLUS: I’m sharing the (free sticker) wealth.

Oh! And, since I have all these stickers just sitting here in my office now too, I’d love to give them away to you! If you’ll just pay a small shipping fee (covers the shipping materials, payment processor fee, and postage), I’ll send you a Millo sticker. Feel free to drive to my house and get one for free instead. 😉

Click here to get a free Millo sticker (while supplies last….which will probably be a while…Jukebox sent me a bunch of them.)

Ok. Here we go.

Print custom stickers to thank your clients (your design OR their design)

The first and most basic idea I had was simply to print your custom stickers and share the love to thank clients that have made a big impact on your business.

You could print your own design and send them a few free stickers as a thank you (killing two birds with one stone: when they put those stickers somewhere it becomes free marketing for you).

Instead, if you’ve done some interesting visual work for your client (think logos, badges, illustrations, photos) you could surprise them with a lovely set of 25 stickers featuring the work you did and providing them with a unique way to show off their company.

Either way you look at it, it’s a win. Using stickers to surprise and delight clients is an inexpensive strategy that can pay off big time down the road.

Swap out business cards for custom stickers (or pair them together)

I used to think no one used business cards anymore. But the more networking I do, the more I see business cards are still very much alive and well—especially when you’re focused on business-to-business work as most freelancers are.

What if you leveled up your business cards by either replacing them with stickers OR pairing the two together?

You could design a great custom sticker, include your contact info, website, etc. and then hand out free stickers instead of business cards at your next event.

People like free stuff. And a free sticker is way cooler (if you MAKE it cooler) than a free business card.

Print custom stickers and stick ‘em wherever you’re allowed to

There’s this sandwich place I used to eat at almost weekly. They had the best paninis in the entire world. They also had this open-front drink fridge that had stickers all over it.

Every time I was there, a new local company had come and put their sticker on the cooler and it was fun to see who got added each time I was there.

If you pay attention, there are lots of (legal) places you can stick your custom printed stickers—you just have to keep an eye out for them. Print a few, keep an eye out, and then just stick them up.

Of course, you should be smart about it. Stick them where your target audience hangs out. And in a manner that matches your target audience’s tastes.

The sandwich place was young and hip so there were lots of band stickers, snowboard stickers, and record label stickers. This same strategy may not work if you’re targeting attorneys. Not that they can’t be hip. But I digress.

Make (cheaper) “instant swag” with die-cut custom stickers

Sending gifts to your best clients can be a great way to keep your relationships thriving. But sometimes finding client gifts that don’t break the bank can be tough.

Here’s where some stickers might be able to help. Instead of ordering water bottles or coffee tumblers with custom logos on the side (often, you have to order hundreds at a time), try ordering a few high-quality gifts and then attaching your logo to them by means of a custom sticker.

Make cool audience-specific stickers and give them away as a lead-gen tool

I’m kind of a sucker for stickers, actually. I’ve got full boxes of them sitting around waiting for the perfect flat surface for me to adhere them to.

While I’ve bought a lot of my stickers, I also have received a TON of them for free from companies who, frankly, want my mailing address.

But because I just HAVE to have that Patagonia sticker, for example, I’ll gladly give Patagonia my mailing address—which they then use later to sell me a coat or a backpack.

The lesson? Figure out what kind of sticker would be attractive to your audience, try printing a few of them, set up a simple form on your website, and collect mailing addresses from potential new clients.

Mail them the sticker with a thank you letter.

And a few weeks later, mail them a promotion to try out your services.

Get over-the-top creative with your custom stickers

I’m sure I’ve only scratched the surface here on what you can do to get creative with stickers as a marketing tool.

I’d love to hear what ideas you’ve come up with in the Millo Mastermind Facebook group.

For now, I’ll leave you with some inspiration (and a smile) with this post of super-creative sticker marketing campaigns.

A big thanks to Jukebox for the free stickers and giving me an excuse to brainstorm these ideas. Jukebox paid us to write this post—in free stickers and a sponsorship fee.

Don’t forget to get a free Millo sticker

See what I did there? I promise not to follow-up your free sticker with a direct mail piece…at least not right away. 😉

Click here to get your free Millo brand sticker

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