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15 Blogs for Freelancers: the 2024 Must-Read List

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Are you an avid content marketer? An aspiring freelancer? Or simply a passionate reader who loves reading the work of freelancers in your fields of interest? Following top-quality freelance blogs is a fantastic way to stay up to date with the latest developments and movements in the field.

It also helps you to find valuable information about any topic you can think of while supporting talented freelancers in their writing ventures online.

The internet is home to a vast wealth of information. Many people liken the world wide web to a modern-day Library of Alexandria, so rich is the array of data it has to offer.

You can find plenty of this information in freelance blogs with relevant personal experiences, expert tips and advice, and easy-to-use how-to guides. Plus, there’s plenty of other useful information you can use to enrich your personal and professional life in a myriad of ways.

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Why You Should Be Reading Freelancer Blogs

As a freelancer in any given industry, you are completely and solely responsible for marketing yourself, selling your services, and honing and sharpening your skills in your field. It’s up to you to maintain the high degree of motivation needed to produce quality work that keeps a steady income rolling in.

As challenging as freelancing may be, it does have its benefits.

Freelance developers, designers, writers, photographers, and artists can set their own flexible schedules. And they can work remotely from the comfort of their home offices, cafes, or anywhere else they can think of.

This is indeed advantageous to most. But it’s important to remember that creatives and self-employed people thrive best in environments where they can share ideas and guidance face to face with other people in their industries.

If you work remotely or you don’t collaborate with an in-house team, freelance blogs and small business blogs can help with idea-sharing and so much more.

Today’s freelancers can use the internet to their advantage to follow the blogs of other respected freelancers in the industry. Doing so enables you to stay current in your field, keep up to date with the latest developments in the world of freelancing, and continually build on your skills, knowledge, and abilities to keep your clients satisfied.

Following high-quality freelance blogs can assist you in optimizing your scheduling, your time management, and your invoicing processes.

Additionally, it can influence the way you interact with your clients, and the way you work, while giving you industry-insider knowledge that you may not otherwise have had access to.

Many freelance blogs also serve as networking platforms on which you can get in touch with other freelancers in your field. You can form strategic partnerships and ask all the right questions to advance your career and keep your services relevant to the needs of your target audience.

Have we captured your attention yet?

Here are the web’s 15 best freelance blogs to follow today. They’ll improve your work life and fill your daily reading sessions with accurate, actionable and captivating blog posts.

The 15 Best Freelance Blogs You Should Be Following

freelance blogs - millo

1. Millo Blog

Are you interested in the freelancing life because of the high degree of freedom it offers you in your everyday life? This is one of the biggest draw cards that attract people to freelance work, and rightly so.’s mission is to help you to achieve the ‘three F’s’ in your work and life: freedom, flexibility and fulfilment. The website’s freelancer blog is packed with awesome tips to help aspiring, new and even seasoned freelancers thrive in the freelancing game across numerous industries and sectors.

Millo regularly posts thoughtfully written articles, podcast episodes, guides, how-to pieces, short courses, and offers plenty more engaging media to take your freelancing career to a whole new level.

From guides on how to get jobs on Upwork in 7 days to tips on how to get paid as a freelancer, you will find all the information you need. Establishing a successful and growing career with Millo’s thousands of informative blogs and podcasts is so much simpler.

freelance blogs - fiver

2. Fiverr Workspace Blog for Freelancers

Fiverr Workspace’s freelancer blog is full of the tips, tricks and tools that every aspiring freelancer needs to navigate their work and build a name for themselves in their industry.

The blog tells you everything from the cheapest countries to live in as a freelancer and how to remind clients about unpaid invoices to how to optimize your on-site SEO, your digital marketing strategies, and your social media content.

It focuses on the plights and needs of digital nomads and travelling freelancers with articles about visa requirements, tax laws and cost-effective remote working tools.

The site also boasts free invoice templates, a free invoice generator, a free invoicing guide, and everything else you need to get your business off the ground. Freelancing has never been easier.

freelance blogs - freelancers union

3. Freelancers Union Blog

If you’re looking for tips on freelance creativity, inspiration and ingenuity, Freelancers Union is one of the best freelance blogs to explore. The blog is full of articles that teach you how to think and act like a boss, how to cultivate creative thinking and leadership skills, how to develop a social media strategy for your business, and even how to secure comprehensive health insurance coverage.

Each post will add value to your personal life and your career in simple, easy-to-understand language that keeps freelancing as uncomplicated as possible.

Freelancers Union is even a helpful platform for those pursuing personal growth, teaching you how to handle impostor syndrome, how to build relationships with clients, and how to strike that perfect work-life balance.

freelance blogs - solopreneur

4. The Solopreneur Society

The Solopreneur Society’s freelancer blog focuses on some fascinating niche topics and industries, from brand anthem recording to copywriting, effective branding, stock photography and more.

Their blog articles touch on topics you won’t easily find elsewhere on the web, like how to write and record catchy brand anthems, how to build strong brand belief systems that captivate target audiences, and how to style the ‘stock’ out of your stock photography.

Each article is well-written, down-to-earth, relatable and conversational, and offers real value and excellent tips without being overly stuffy or professional in tone.

In fact, the blog’s author Dre Beltrami prides herself on being ‘rebellious and relatable’ (as well as for her pioneering ‘brand genoming’ brand personality creation approach.)

freelance blogs - double your freelancing

5. Double Your Freelancing

Double Your Freelancing’s focus is to help freelancers master the business behind their businesses, so to speak. This is one of many popular freelance blogs that shirks focusing on a specific industry or technology in favor of offering solid, actionable information that you can apply immediately to your freelance enterprise.

The blog’s topics are broken down conveniently into categories like Start a Freelance Business, Branding and Positioning, Marketing Your Business and Pricing Your Services to help you find the advice you need as efficiently as possible.

There are articles covering everything from finding a good work-life balance to winning more clients, ‘productizing’ your services, building a community, and much more.

freelance blogs - freeup

7. FreeUp Blog for Freelancers

FreeUp is a freelance work platform that gives business owners access to freelancers in a wide range of fields, including digital marketing, web development, and copywriting. These freelancers are all vetted beforehand for skill, communication, certification and attitude to help businesses find their perfect freelance partners for their specific needs.

Over and above these services, freelancers can check out the FreeUp blog to learn more about delegation and outsourcing, finding the right virtual assistants, and the best websites on which to find work as a freelancer.

The blog even shares tips on how to find co-working spaces and the latest digital marketing trends to help you give your business a full makeover.

freelance blogs - freelancer to win

8. Freelance to Win

Danny Margulies, the founder of Freelance to Win, believes that freelancers should actually enjoy doing what they do. Rather than simply waiting for the weekend to arrive and for their paychecks to clear.

His blog is designed to teach aspiring freelancers how to take control of their careers, their time and their freedom by starting up their own successful small businesses.

His relatable, easy-to-follow blog posts touch on topics like common Upwork proposal mistakes, cultivating confidence in your industry, and how to price your services right to attract more clients who truly value your work and your skills.

He shares personal experiences and stories about quitting his job and taking control of his life as a freelancer to inspire his readers to do the same.

freelance blogs - huntlancer

9. Huntlancer Blog

Are you looking for freelance blogs specifically geared towards creative industries?

Huntlancer is a haven for creative freelancers who are looking for freelance blogs on graphic design, game design and development, art and NFTs, and blogging for profit.

The website posts tips about how to become a freelance writer and land your first client and how to start working from home with no experience, punctuated by thrilling news stories about visual artists who are on a mission to transform their local cities into something spectacular.

Huntlancer provides regular doses of inspiration, information and guidance for aspiring freelancers, artists and designers across all trades.

freelance blogs - smashing

10. Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine has all the information that any web designer or developer could need to further their career and grow their income.

The online publication separates its articles into convenient topic categories like CSS, Javascript, Accessibility, UX, Design, Web Design, Guides, Business, Careers and more.

Each category is packed with handy tips, tricks and guides, and the site also boasts front-end boiler-plates and starter kits, CSS tools and generators, and accessible front-end components you can browse at your leisure.

The blog delves into topics like the importance of concept testing and coding from scratch. It even includes podcasts from some of the web design and tech industries’ brightest minds to keep you engaged. Freelance writers can find a few well-written guides just for them in the Smashing Magazine blog.

freelance blogs - work made for hire

11. Work Made For Hire

Work Made for Hire introduces itself as one of those freelance blogs that offer creative business advice for equally creative people.

The blog touches on many personal development topics. It takes a no-nonsense, down to earth approach to explaining copyrights, trademarks, freelance contracts and policies, invoicing, publishing and other essential processes for the modern freelancer.

The blog’s tips are designed to be actionable in real-world situations. Which is why you will find guides on negotiating when you’re pressed for time and dealing with difficult clients, especially when it comes to money.

Each article explains complicated concepts in a simple way. It gives you equally easy steps to solve the obstacles that every freelancer faces during their day-to-day operations.

freelance blogs - leaving work behind

13. Leaving Work Behind

Leaving Work Behind was designed to help you to quit your job and follow your dream of establishing a thriving online business. The site follows in the footsteps of many other freelance blogs by sharing its writers’ own stories and experiences to give readers the tools they need to make more informed decisions about their work.

The blog teaches you how to build a freelance portfolio and personal website and how to design a user-friendly WordPress blog. It tells you how long it should take to write a freelance article, and instructs you as to how to ensure that your blog is mobile-friendly.

If blogging for profit is central to your line of work, this is the site for you.

freelance blogs - the no pants project

14. The No Pants Project

Tongue-in-cheek name aside, the No Pants Project’s freelance blogs offer excellent resources for people who want to conduct their businesses from the comfort of their own homes.

The blog shares tips about the secret to big numbers in business, signs that it’s time to part ways with a client, designing content schedules to grow your business, and how to navigate a freelancing-related crisis with ease.

The project’s website offers free training on how to grow your business rapidly and boost your monthly income, for those who are interested.

If you want to learn more about establishing scalable funnels, raising your prices and how to find great clients, give the No Pants Project a browse.

freelance blogs - the freelance creative

15. The Freelance Creative

As its name suggests, The Freelance Creative is written for freelancers in creative fields like art, design, web design and development, product design, and writing.

Their topics provide support and tips to freelancers across all of these trades through articles that detail why marketing writers and editors need to master fact-checking, how to fix digital content accessibility issues, and how to help your business through challenging times, economic and otherwise.

This blog even offers tips on how freelance writers can form partnerships with designers, and how to change course in the middle of your career.

If you’re interested in well-written, relatable content that covers virtually every freelance-related topic you can think of, these freelance blogs are well worth your time.

Choosing which freelance blog is best for you…

Freelancers work in significantly different ways to other professionals across all industries. They even have different requirements and processes from other self-employed workers in the online community.

A freelancer has made the decision to become their own boss. They’re willing to do whatever it takes to break free from the 9-5 regime and make their own way by finding quality clients and producing consistently reliable results.

The world has never been a friendlier place for freelancers, who can now find all the work, tips, tricks, advice and how-to guides they need in the many freelance blogs available online.

The blogs listed above contain plenty of great advice to help you as a freelancer to maximize your productivity, establish and grow a thriving freelance business, and make the most of every opportunity you come across. Now is the perfect time to start reading.

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