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How to Use Freelance Email Marketing to Win New Clients in 2023

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To acquire new clients and expand your business as a freelancer, you’ll need at least a basic marketing plan, and email marketing is one of the most often used marketing methods. On the surface, freelance email marketing appears to be a low-effort pursuit.

However, a lot goes into creating high-quality email content and using this tool effectively needs some preparation.

One of your primary goals as a freelancer is to get your name and services in front of the relevant people. You’ll need to create an audience to whom you can pitch your services, and you’ll need that audience to keep growing without requiring a lot of your time. To accomplish so, you should consider freelance email marketing.

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What is freelance email marketing?

The field of email marketing holds a lot of potentials. It all started when sales representatives decided to use the power of email to sell their products and build brand awareness. Email marketing is a great career choice, and you can produce a nice living doing it full-time or as a freelancer.

Freelance email marketing professionals produce emails that are delivered to potential leads and other organizations.

As a result, you must demonstrate your value as a dynamic email marketing professional and as a freelance email marketer in your working capacity; you will do various tasks while working from home or a distant location.

Email marketing is a sector with a lot of room for growth if you have the right skills. Email marketers must be skilled writers who can use words and phrases that will entice a potential customer.

Ways freelance email marketing can help your business

When it comes to marketing your freelancing services, email marketing might not be the first thing that comes up. But let’s look at why it could become one of your most trustworthy sales platforms.

Increases authority to command greater fees

You can build your business in various ways by developing a freelance email marketing plan. For example, it will make you seem more like a brand yourself so you might appear more professional from clients’ perspectives. Since you can portray yourself as an industry expert, you can charge higher fees.

Allows you to promote other services

As a freelancer, you may find that email marketing opens up new opportunities for your company/personal brand. Many freelancers, for example, have taken the freelancer-to-consultant route. Others have chosen to make passive income by selling courses and items that highlight their skills.

Helps you nurture leads

Having your personal newsletter as a freelancer allows you to gather leads who may contact you in the future. They might not know they need your services in the first place, but if you send them high-value emails that demonstrate your industry knowledge and client outcomes, you can ensure you’ll be at the top of their thoughts when they do.

It’s critical to establish a connection with your prospects and get high-quality leads. Email is the ideal medium for this.

Engage with these connections by learning about their problems in their industry, and then figure out how to position yourself as the answer to their problems.

Creates a sense of trust

People choose to do so because it is less stressful and more effective to work with someone they can trust. Trust is a process that takes time to develop.

It’s something that takes time to establish and grow. Freelance marketing emails with high-quality information are an excellent approach to establish credibility.

Gathers feedback from customers

To attract more potential clients, including comments and testimonials from the former and current client base. That will help your website or social profile mimic the impact of word-of-mouth promotion. The simplest approach to get this information is to send out an email marketing campaign asking for feedback from your current and past clients.

It’s cost-effective

In the past few years, the cost of email marketing software has dropped dramatically and the software that you can use is quite affordable nowadays. Furthermore, the return on investment provided by this type of marketing is quickly repaid. Moreover, you will not have to seek far or wait long to realize the advantages of purchasing the tools.

Freelance email marketing strategies for getting more clients

You may be wondering how to actually start a freelance email marketing strategy for your business. Here are eight crucial steps to help you develop a good strategy for attracting more prospects and gaining more clients.

Make a plan

Remain clear about your goals when you initially start to establish your list. Set monthly goals for the number of new customers you desire, then decide what you want from your list. Here are some questions you can ask yourself to help you find out what you want to achieve:

  • What conversion rate do you want to achieve?
  • After individuals join up, what do you want them to do?
  • What should new members in your email list know about you as soon as they sign up for it?
  • How broad do you want your mailing list to become each month?
  • How many research calls do you need to schedule each month to meet your monthly client goal?

Knowing the answers to these questions will aid you in developing your campaigns in the future. Setting goals allows you to examine the steps required to achieve them quickly. You can evaluate your freelancer email marketing goals after your campaign to see if your email campaigns were effective or not.

Create a customer persona

Finding a specific ideal customer you can assist is one of the best strategies to obtain more clients as a freelancer. Perhaps you’re a web developer for e-commerce businesses or a digital marketer who can best help law firms.

Make a client persona that combines all you know about your ideal client, from demographics to psychographics. Some elements to include in your buyer persona are:

  • Age, profession, location, and industry are all examples of demographic data
  • Psychographic information such as their media habits (which websites and social media networks they frequently visit), corporate or career objectives, and beliefs
  • Information about the pain points and difficulties that might be preventing them from achieving their goals

As a freelancer, having this customer persona can impact the majority of your marketing strategy so you can create customized lead magnets to get these ideal clients to join your email list.

Get a business email address with your domain

You’re already set to create a personalised email if you currently have a portfolio site or a blog. However, you will look more professional if you use a personalized email, especially when you begin sending emails to your list.

Select your email service provider

The next step is to choose an email service provider who can deliver your freelance email marketing campaigns while also growing your freelancing business.

Basic features like customized newsletter layouts and sign-up forms are fantastic, but advanced capabilities like automation tools and A/B testing can help you improve your entire email strategy significantly.

Growing your list is also more straightforward with tools like a landing page and sign-up form builder, which give you complete control over the design and feel of your opt-ins and subscribe forms on your website.

Create an email list

Offering a high-value lead magnet is the most fantastic method to encourage people to join up for your email list. When you work as a freelancer with other organizations and corporations, you can picture a very particular problem that your ideal customer is dealing with.

You’ll obtain quality leads right away from this approach, putting your whole digital marketing strategy to good use.

Make your content unique

Make an effort to personalize your email content. That can be as easy as addressing customers by their first names in your emails, referencing their companies, or giving them highly focused blog material.

You can use a pleasant, welcoming sequence to deliver handwritten thank you notes to new members to your list and then pitch your freelancing service at the conclusion.

Have the proper sequences in order

Sequences are a fantastic tool for busy freelancers since they ensure that your email subscribers receive frequent emails and newsletters automatically. As a result, you can keep in touch with potential customers and nourish them for a long time before moving them through a sales funnel.

Hence, when a user chooses your email list in return for a lead magnet, you can set up an email sequence to nurture your connection.

You can include case studies and testimonials from prior clients who enjoyed working with you in this sequence, as well as unique recommendations they won’t find elsewhere.

Restricted discounts and promotions during off-peak periods, as well as trying out a new client package or program, are all examples of how you can employ sequences in your freelancing business.

Whatever your purpose is, these sequences can be a set of emails meant to help you schedule more calls or quickly generate more revenue.

Track your achievements and evaluate them

Keep an eye on your freelance email marketing statistics to evaluate how well you’re doing. You’ll see methods to enhance your campaigns, lead magnet, and entire marketing approach as time goes on.

Make the most of A/B tests to find the most compelling subject lines and templates. Examine which send times have the highest open rates. Different CTAs (or, call to actions) should be tested to determine which ones receive the most clicks and conversions. In any case, if you base your next moves on measurable facts, your campaign will be stronger.

Start Your Freelance Email Marketing Strategy

As a freelancer, it’s easy to neglect email marketing. You’re busy, you’re starting a business, and you’ve got client projects and deadlines to meet.

However, if you want to build your client base, increase your revenue, and run a successful freelancing business, you’ll need to learn email marketing at some point, so why not begin now?

Start by creating your own sales funnel. Choose a point at which your reader becomes a member and build a fun and instructive route for them to take to become your next client.

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