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Have a Past-Due Invoice? 3 Email Scripts to Get Paid Now

There are plenty of things in the business world that are more frustrating than dealing with a past-due invoice, but few that are more irritating. It’s the principle of the matter that really grates... > how-to-write-an-invoice-for-freelance-work

How To Write an Invoice For Freelance Work That Gets You Paid

Experienced freelancers know how to write an invoice for freelance work, but those just starting out may not. An invoice for freelance work is essential to getting paid for your job. And there are man... > what-is-an-invoice

What Is An Invoice? Your All-in-One Resource for Learning to Get Paid

Whether you run a small business or you’re a freelancer, you’ll need to get paid at some point — this is when the invoice comes in. While many of us have heard of invoices, it’s totally a diff... > 7-tips-sending-perfect-invoice

What’s the Best Subject Line for Sending an Invoice? (5 Options)

Email subjects for invoices aren’t all that different from subject lines in any other scenario. There’s just one hang-up: Sending an invoice can be a little awkward.  Which means lots of people h... > how-to-write-an-invoice

How to write an invoice (and get paid) in 5 easy steps

If you provide any sort of service or product to a client or customer, then you need to properly learn how to write an invoice. Learning how to write an invoice can be incredibly simple, but there are... > graphic-design-invoice

6 Free Graphic Design Invoice Templates and Examples to Inspire You

As a designer, your graphic design invoice can say a lot about you and your small business. Not to mention, your graphic design invoice can impact when and how you get paid as a freelancer or creative... > freelance-invoice-template

Freelance Invoice Template — Free download + answers to most common invoice questions

Finding or making the right freelance invoice template isn’t always easy. And finding one that simplifies your freelance process instead of making it more difficult further complicates the whole pro... > photography-invoice

6 Photography Invoice Templates – Free Download

You’re a photographer. Which means creating a photography invoice definitely isn’t something you learned in school like your designer or accountant friends. And yet, sending a photography ... > self-employed-bank-account

6 Best Self-Employed Bank Accounts to Consider in 2022

Not all self-employed individuals understand their value and role as a business owner. They may not even know about a self-employed bank account, but being self-employed is about more than just settin... > freelance-payment-terms

10 Freelance Payment Terms That Should Be In Your Contract

Long-time freelancers have learned this the hard way, and will tell you over and over again: have a contract with your client that includes relevant freelance payment terms. Operating without a contra...