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5 Ways to Upsell Your Freelance Services & Boost Profit

Upselling your freelance services to clients you’ve already closed can be a great way to boost your profit without having to find new clients. So in today’s article, I’m sharing seve... > how-to-break-up-with-a-client

How to Break Up with a Client (Plus Examples)

Breaking up with a client can be a tough decision to make. But remember: everything in your business is an opportunity cost. When you say “yes” to bad clients, you’re saying “no” to better o... > how-to-scale-freelance-business

How to Scale a Freelance Business (the Right Way)

One thing is clear: the future is freelance. By 2027, freelancers are expected to become the majority workforce in the U.S. This makes the present the perfect time to learn how to scale your freelance... > stages-of-growth-for-freelance-career

5 Stages of Growth for a Long-Lasting Freelance Career

If being your own boss sounds appealing to you, then choosing freelancing as your career might be the best solution. Did you know there are over 1.57 billion freelancers all around the world? No wonde... > lili-bank-review

Lili Bank Review: Good Business Banking Option in 2023?

Since its launch in 2018, Lili Bank has offered innovative banking solutions to small business owners and freelancers. For starters, Lili offers a business checking account and Visa debit card that ar... > using-ai-for-freelance-work

How To Use AI For Your Freelance Work

In today’s dynamic work environment, freelancing has gained immense popularity among professionals in a variety of fields. This rise in demand is in part due to the benefits that come with working i... > upwork-vs-fiverr

Upwork vs Fiverr: Which is Best for Freelancers (2023)

The freelancing industry is booming like never before. With remote work becoming increasingly popular and businesses relying more on outsourced services, freelance marketplaces have become an essentia... > what-your-freelance-rates-really-say-about-you

What Your Freelance Rates Really Say About You

When you’re running your own freelancing business, your image is critical. That’s because you most likely don’t have millions to spend on marketing, so your branding and image have to do a lot o... > things-freelance-creative-needs-run-business

9 Things Every Freelance Creative Needs To Run Their Business

If you’re a freelance creative, navigating the “business” parts of your career might feel like a drag. We creatives tend to get excited about building cool things, and we seem to lose intere... > crm-for-freelancers

The 10 Best CRM for Freelancers in 2023

A customer relationship management system (or CRM) is often seen as a tool that only enterprises use. However, CRM for freelancers can be very useful to help get more clients and manage your projects....