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13 High-Paying Part-Time Jobs (You’re Actually Qualified For) to Boost Income in 2024

high-paying part-time jobs
Table of ContentsUpdated May 26, 2020

High-paying part-time jobs isn’t only a mouthful, it also feels a bit like an oxymoron. Can a part-time job really be “high-paying”?

The truth is, yes, there are lots of high-paying part-time jobs — if you know where to look for them.

In fact, there are millions of people all over the world who have chosen to take high-paying part-time jobs as an alternative to traditional work.

Most of these people take on extra part-time work either to make extra money on the side or to work fewer hours and still enjoy the financial stability that a high-paying job offers.

Whether you’re looking for extra income this year or a little more flexibility in your schedule (tired of working 40-hour+ weeks?) this post is for you.

I’ll share the absolute best high-paying part-time jobs I’ve seen others take advantage of along with advice for finding and getting them before they’re snatched up.

I will NOT include extremely difficult-to-get part-time jobs like “medical director” or “corporate lawyer” like you may have seen on other lists during your search for well-paying part-time jobs. Instead, I’ll focus on jobs most people can get with only a little training or education.

Here are 13 of the best high-paying part-time jobs available (and where to find them):

1. Part-time Freelancer

How much it pays: $50-$500/hour

Where to find these jobs: SolidGigs, FlexJobs

If you have the right skill sets, becoming a freelancer may be your quickest path to part-time income.

Not only is freelancing extremely liberating (you choose who you work with, and when you work), it can also bring you some very high-paying part-time jobs with a little hard work and salesmanship.

I personally know freelancers who charge as little as $50/hour but also know quite a few freelancers who charge way more than that—sometimes thousands of dollars for one project.

In fact, one freelancer friend sent me this message a couple of months ago:

I actually just closed a $165,000 contract last week … on a referral from the $130,000 client so I’m on the right track with the business.

Saying he’s “on the right track” as a freelancer is an understatement. He’s crushing it.

To find high-paying part-time jobs as a freelancer, start on sites like SolidGigs or FlexJobs to find your first clients.

To get started as a freelancer, you may want to take some beginning freelance courses.

2. Part-Time Online Artist

How much it pays: $15-$50/hour

Where to find these jobs: ZipRecruiter, FlexJobs

It used to be that becoming an artist meant giving up any hope for financial prosperity. The “starving artist” stereotype exists for a reason.

But making money as an artist isn’t nearly as impossible as it used to be, given the ever-growing need of online artists.

More than ever, companies are hiring part-time or freelance artists to create visual work for their blogs, social profiles, video channels, employee training and more.

The world has never been more visual—and that means there are plenty of high-paying part-time jobs for artists and creatives.

3. Online Part-Time Tutor

How much it pays: $19-$45/hour

Where to find these jobs: Indeed

If you have a decent education in something—or you’re just really good in certain subjects—you could pursue getting an online part-time job as a tutor.

Tutors are needed in all kinds of subjects and a wide variety of organizations. You might, for example, choose to teach your language to someone from another country studying to learn how to speak your native tongue.

You could also tutor younger students in Math or Science so they can excel and graduate. Or you may choose to tutor adults who are returning to college or attempting to learn new skills to get a new job.

Whatever you decide to do, tutoring can be one of the most fulfilling and high-paying part-time jobs available today.

4. Part-time Content Writer

How much it pays: $12-$299/hour

Where to find these jobs: SolidGigs, FlexJobs, Contena

If you’re not an artist or don’t want to become a tutor, then pursuing high-paying part-time jobs as a content writer might be a good fit for you.

And thanks to the ever-growing need for bloggers and online writers, finding content writing jobs has never been easier.

If you’ve never written anything professionally, you may need to start with lower-paying freelance writing jobs for beginners, but after garnering some experience, you’ll soon be able to graduate to higher-paying part-time writing jobs.

5. Part-time Librarian

How much it pays: $12-$35/hour

Where to find these jobs: Monster, Indeed

If you’re a total bookworm and can’t seem to get enough books in your life, then you may want to look into becoming a part-time librarian.

As a librarian, not only will you get to spend a lot of time around books (cataloguing, reserving, reshelving), but you’ll also get to work with other book-lovers who come looking for their next great read.

Many community libraries are also quite flexible when it comes to work hours, making this a nice high-paying part-time job opportunity.

6. Virtual Assistant

How much it pays: $15-$150/hour

Where to find these jobs: FlexJobs, ZipRecruiter

As more and more people begin to work at home, they’re finding they still need the support and stability that can come from an assistant.

Getting a job as a virtual assistant can be extremely gratifying and very flexible if you find the right person to work for.

And because VA jobs are becoming more and more common, you can find them in any kind of company—from large corporations to one-person at-home businesses.

If you’re extremely organized and enjoy helping other people check off important tasks on their to-do lists, then becoming a virtual assistant could be a great path for you.

7. Part-time Delivery Driver

How much it pays: $12-$55/hour

Where to find these jobs: GrubHub, DoorDash

In a post-Covid world, almost no industry has seen such a dramatic upward shift as the delivery driving business.

Hundreds of thousands of people order food, groceries, and other supplies from thousands of different retailers through gig economy apps and companies like GrubHub or DoorDash hire drivers (like you) to make their important deliveries.

The best part is, most drivers determine their own schedule and can make as much or as little as they choose, making this one of the best high-paying part-time jobs options on the list.

8. Online Editor or Proof-reader

How much it pays: $22-$130/hour

Where to find these jobs: Linkedin Jobs, Indeed

If you’re the kind of person that has already found a handful of grammatical errors and typos in this article, then you need to stop reading right now and start searching for part-time remote editing jobs.

As an editor or a proof-reader, you’ll read books, articles, marketing copy, and other written material with the goal of making it better.

That task might include correcting spelling and grammar, adjusting flow and pace, or removing superfluous content altogether.

As with writing content (as listed above), there are more and more high-paying part-time jobs in online editing as the world continues to create and consume more written content than ever before.

9. Random Task-Doer

How much it pays: $55-$200+ per task

Where to find these jobs: TaskRabbit

For people who are generally talented at a lot of regular tasks, you may want to consider taking up “task doing” as a part-time job.

To see what I mean, take a look at the site TaskRabbit which connects local helpers with people who need support on small- to medium-sized tasks.

For example, you might sign up and offer to assemble Ikea furniture for a customer, take out their dry cleaning, mount a television on their wall, or lift their furniture onto a moving truck.

When it comes to doing random tasks, your imagination (and, of course, local demand) is the only real limit.

10. Part-time Customer Support

How much it pays: $14-$35/hour

Where to find these jobs: FlexJobs, ZenDesk

If you’re good with people on the telephone or via online chat, then you should explore part-time jobs in customer support.

While often no official training is required to start working in customer support, you’ll often receive in-depth guidance and support once you begin working.

If you choose to go with a company like ZenDesk, you’ll have the option to work in any number of cities around the world and potentially for a number of different companies which can keep things interesting and exciting.

Depending on the customer support job you choose, there may also be bonuses for retaining or signing on customers, making this a potentially very high-paying part-time jobs option.

11. Data Entry Specialist

How much it pays: $12-$65/hour

Where to find these jobs: Fiverr, FlexJobs

Another area with a lot of high-paying part-time jobs is data entry. Much like customer support, you often don’t need much outside training for remote data entry jobs.

If you’re a fast typer and can decipher handwriting, notes, or large blocks of text easily, this might be the job for you.

On a daily basis, a data entry specialist will often convert scanned or written data into editable, manipulatable digital data. While it may be mundane to some people, others enjoy the detective-like nature of a data entry part-time job.

12. House Sitter or Pet Sitter

How much it pays: Varies greatly

Where to find these jobs: Trusted Housesitters or Rover

Did you know you can get paid to stay in someone else’s house while they’re on vacation?

What’s more, you can also get paid to play with, and take care of, someone else’s pet.

If either of those opportunities sound too good to be true to you, then you should investigate becoming a house sitter or a pet sitter—two of the best gig economy jobs around.

While these jobs often require a bit more work upfront (passing a background check, etc) they can definitely pay off since they don’t require a lot of intense real “work” and instead feel a lot more like relaxing or playing.

13. Rideshare Driver

How much it pays: $12-$45/hour

Where to find these jobs: Uber, Lyft

If you enjoy driving around town and love meeting new people, then you’re a perfect fit to be a rideshare driver.

Plus, if you live in a big city with a lot of foot traffic or potential tourism, working as a rideshare driver can be one of the best high-paying part-time jobs you can get.

The best part is: you determine your own schedule. So if you work full-time and want to pursue ride-sharing revenue on your lunch break or late at night when you just can’t sleep, that’s up to you.

How to actually get high-paying part time jobs

All of the ideas on this list of high-paying part time jobs are completely attainable to just about anyone (maybe you saw the other lists with lawyers and doctors at the top… what!?).

To actually get a high-paying part time job, here are a few steps you’ll want to consider:

Make sure you don’t violate any work terms at your job

If you’re taking on a part-time job in addition to your full-time or another part-time job, make sure you’re not violating any agreements by working on the side.

Investigate which part-time jobs fit your schedule best

Money isn’t everything when it comes to part-time jobs. In order to avoid burn-out and continue making money for years to come, you want to ensure you pick a part-time job that fits your schedule well.

Determine which jobs you can be excited about

If you’re working two part-time jobs or a full-time job and a part-time job at the same time, it will be easy to burn-out no matter what kind of work you’re doing. Give yourself a head-start by making sure you actually like the work you’ll be doing.

Remember, part-time doesn’t mean forever

If adding another part-time job to your repertoire doesn’t make you excited, just remember: it doesn’t have to last forever. If you can power through some high-paying part-time jobs to pay off debt or save up to start your own business, it’ll pay off big time down the road.

Apply to lots of different part-time jobs

Finally, when you’re on the hunt for high-paying part-time jobs, try applying to lots of job listings. Chances are, you’ll get an interview with a portion of them and, from there, you can continue with the ones that best match your interests.

Wrapping it up

High-paying part time jobs can be a fantastic way to make some extra money on the side or to make a full-time living working part-time hours.

With this list of high-paying part-time jobs (and how to get them), I hope you can find joy in the work you do and build up a nice financial reserve to build the lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

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