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The hidden deadly cost of saying “yes” to a new client

In order to really grow your freelance business, you should take on FEWER clients. It seems counter-intuitive at first. Fewer clients = more revenue and growth? How? The thing I’ve learned about... > how-to-scale-freelance-business

How to Scale a Freelance Business (the Right Way)

One thing is clear: the future is freelance. By 2027, freelancers are expected to become the majority workforce in the U.S. This makes the present the perfect time to learn how to scale your freelance... > stages-of-growth-for-freelance-career

5 Stages of Growth for a Long-Lasting Freelance Career

If being your own boss sounds appealing to you, then choosing freelancing as your career might be the best solution. Did you know there are over 1.57 billion freelancers all around the world? No wonde... > how-to-start-a-podcast-and-make-money

How to Start a Podcast and Make Money in 2024

Podcasting has come a long way from its origins in the 1980s (when it was originally called audio blogging) and has become a highly-accessible medium through which to entertain, share expertise, tell ... > freelance-lead-generation

10 Freelance Lead Generation Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

As you already know, the benefits of having a freelance job are numerous: Freedom and flexibility in choosing when you work Diverse projects that keep you engaged and motivated for a longer time No li... > things-freelance-creative-needs-run-business

9 Things Every Freelance Creative Needs To Run Their Business

If you’re a freelance creative, navigating the “business” parts of your career might feel like a drag. We creatives tend to get excited about building cool things, and we seem to lose intere... > freelance-content-writing-tools

16 Freelance Content Writing Tools You Need To Use in 2024

Are you a freelance content writer who often experiences writer’s block? Or do you struggle with researching golden nuggets for your content and balancing SEO with readability? The good news is,... > side-jobs-for-teachers

109 Side Jobs for Teachers Who Need Extra Money

Being a teacher is one of the noblest professions you can aspire to. Unfortunately, society and governments have not rewarded teachers financially for their devotion to expanding young minds. As a tea... > side-jobs-to-make-extra-money

Side Jobs To Make Extra Money

Are you looking for ways to make some extra cash? There are many side jobs that you can start today and begin earning money right away, and more are popping up as time goes on. The truth is there are ... > freelance-coach

9 Step Guide to Become a Freelance Coach in 2023

Looking to become a freelance coach or life coach? Do you want to work from anywhere and help people achieve their goals? We’ve put together this guide for anyone who wants to start a freelance ...