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9 Best Accounting Software for Freelancers in 2024

Getting your money organized using accounting software can take your freelance business from a hobby or side-hustle to a full-fledged business. After all, if you’re not paying attention to your fina... > collective-com-review Review: I’ve Used for 3 Years—Still Good?

Collective is an all-in-one financial solution for freelancers and solopreneurs making $100,000+ per year. This review will share my experience (the good and the bad) as a Collective me... > upwork-fees

7 Ways To Minimize Upwork Fees As A Top-Rated Plus Upworker

In this marketplace of work, individual talent is valued, and agencies can seamlessly connect with and hire contractors for jobs. When it comes to the popular freelance job marketplace Upwork, they ma... > hello-bonsai-freelance-app-review

Hello Bonsai Review: Still Good for Freelancers in 2023?

Hello Bonsai bills itself as an all-in-one freelancing solution for the world’s best creative freelancers (actually, their name is simply Bonsai, but their website is But with ... > setting-up-an-ergonomic-home-office-freelancers-guide

Setting Up Your Home Office for Optimal Health and Productivity: A Guide for Freelancers

Not to be dramatic, but it felt like my whole life changed when my family purchased a house two years ago and I finally had my own office. For almost ten years, I worked wherever I could – usually i... > 5-business-purchases-to-make-before-the-end-of-the-year

5 Business Purchases to Make Before the End of the Year

It’s the holiday season and you’re probably already feeling super-strapped for cash. However, now’s one of the best times of year to make business purchases. Why? Because holiday sal... > moxie-vs-bonsai

Moxie vs Bonsai: Which is Better for Freelancers?

Moxie and Bonsai are two top-notch freelance suites offering invoicing, CRM, project management, proposals, and lots more. But which is better for you as a freelancer: Bonsai or Moxie? For today’... > budgeting-for-freelancers

7 Budgeting Hacks Freelancers Should Live By

Creating a financially secure life can feel daunting at the best of times, but it can feel nearly impossible for freelancers. Budgeting for freelancers can feel like navigating an uncharted wilderness... > freshbooks-vs-xero

FreshBooks vs Xero: Which Freelance Accounting Tool is Right for You?

A cost-effective yet powerful cloud-based accounting tool is a must-have for any small to medium-sized business today. From sending invoices and paying bills, to keeping track of inventory and automat... > insurance-for-self-employed

3 Must-Have Types of Insurance for Self-Employed Workers in 2023

Being self-employed means freedom and flexibility. But you don’t have access to valuable employer-sponsored benefits such as health or dental insurance. Employees are typically entitled to medical b...