How to stay calm & productive with a million things to do in your business

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Do you ever feel like there’s so much going on in your business that your head’s spinning? You’re done with one thing, and a million more pop up? In today’s video, we’ll show you how you can stay calm and productive even when you’re stressed & overwhelmed.

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Note: The text found in this post is the transcript of the video above.

Every Tuesday, my two partners David and Viktor, and myself, have a meeting where we talk about all of our new ideas for growing Reliable. This is usually a super fun meeting where we’re all laughing and having fun and there’s just this super awesome creative flow of sharing ideas about new things we want to do, changes we want to make to our website, and so on.

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Now, during the first half of the meeting, I’m always really excited about all these new projects I’m gonna get to work on, and I’m just can’t wait to get started on ALL of them. But like clockwork, about half way through the meeting, I start getting really drained and overwhelmed, and every new idea that gets thrown in just intensifies these feeling more and more.

By the end I’m so filled with stress and anxiety that I feel frozen, and when you feel frozen it’s impossible to get anything done, let alone get it done well.

As business owners, freelancers, and entrepreneurs, I’m sure you know that’s not a good feeling.

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This led me to really spend a lot of time with myself thinking, how can I take all of this energy and actually channel it in my life in a positive way?

And what I’ve come up with is a question that I asked myself, which was: “what’s the next thing?”

What I realized in really thinking about this, was that at any given moment I can only do one thing at a time. As much as sometimes as business owners we’d love to be able to do a hundred things at once, it’s simply not physically possible.

I also realized that the only thing we really have any control over is the present moment. I have no way of controlling what will happen a year from now, or even five hours from now…all I can focus on is what I can do at this moment right now.

So if you really take in those two things, that you can only do one thing at a time, and that all you have control over is the present moment, it becomes so much easier to push out of your mind all the OTHER tasks that you have to do and really be able to focus and dedicate yourself fully to the task at hand.

What I started doing was constantly asking myself: “what’s the next thing?” So, for example, for the next hour I’m only going to work on this project and nothing else. And when I’m done with that, I’ll ask myself again, what’s the next thing now? and so on and so on.

And what I really noticed is that since I’ve started doing this I’ve been so much happier, and more productive, and I’ve really been able to fully express myself creatively and dedicate myself to the things I have to do because I’m not so worries about EVERYTHING else. All I’m thinking about is what I have to do NOW.

Alright! I hope you guys will try this out in your own business and in your own life and that it helps you stay more sane with the million things I’m sure you have to do.

And if you have your own methods you’ve found work really well, please share them below, and I will catch you next time!

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