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9 Marketing tips any startup can apply to their business

Table of ContentsUpdated Jul 10, 2019

When it comes to sales and marketing, startups face many challenges.

Marketing will build your business depending on how well you use it. Do it in the wrong way, and you will be wasting money and making fewer sales than expected.

Ensure you come up with the best marketing strategies to make your target audience more aware of your business and the products or services you offer. In this post, we’ll help you see some of the ways you can market your startup for a more significant outreach.

Marketing & business tips for startups

Even if you have a great product and excellent customer service, then you are going to have fewer sales. The right marketing strategies will help you reach out to potential customers and entice them to give your business a try. Here are nine practical marketing tips for startups that can boost sales.

Always look beyond what you can see

Avoid being limited by what is at your grasp. Instead, always think outside the box. Go out of your way to look for different unique ways of marketing your startup. You can also make use of credible information from the internet such as online business schools to find out more about how you can grow your business faster.

Explore the different resources provided out of your comfort zone and be divergent in your thinking. You can use social media platforms for your marketing and even use translation services to ensure that customers using a foreign language understands the message you are conveying.

Various social media platforms that you can work on marketing your startup include:

Facebook, and Instagram: Upload explainer videos or even share stories of your product.
LinkedIn: Create a profile for yourself and business for easy marketing.
Twitter: Get followers and tweet about your products.

Be Social

Interact with your customers and take time to be familiar with their constant purchases. This helps in the following ways:

  • Creating a good rapport with your clients.
  • Knowing what services to add or remove according to your customer’s constant purchases.
  • Recognize what’s on demand and what’s not to avoid spending your money on an unnecessary stock.

Your customer is your number one resource with managing and building your business.

Study your competition

As a business owner, it’s crucial to be on the lookout for your competition to avoid losing your customers to them. Always benchmark from them to see what they are doing right.

However, do not be limited to looking at the positives. Observe what they are doing wrong so that you can avoid the same. You should also price your items better than your competition and ensure that your quality is the best.

Be friendly and influential to your customers

Want to attract a large crowd to your products?

Then, always put your customers’ needs first since this is what most people will expect from you as a business owner. Strive to share content that will motivate your customers to take action.

Also, show your audience that you care about them, not just as clients but also as friends. Strive to be an example for your clients and your fellow business owner. This way, your brand will earn credibility and attract a vast clientele.

Don’t wait for your product to be ready, market it before

Waiting for your product to be ready before you can start your marketing campaign is not necessary, and in some cases, it can be a mistake.

It is always advisable to make your target audience aware of the products or services that they might need even before they get them physically. This will help customers plan ahead in case they are interested in what you are offering.

Be open to customer’s reviews or criticism

As much as we all hope for good reviews, the bad ones matter too. These negative reviews point out what you are doing wrong and where you need to improve. Show your customers that you are very open to any criticism and avoid reacting negatively to any bad reviews. This way, your customer will know that their opinion matters at all times.

Failure after a first test

Not every marketing strategy will give you the expected results. However, you should not give up — instead, find a way around the failure.

Commit your money and time into an ad campaign good enough to bring you positive results and find ways to keep up with conversations emerging from your campaigns.

Be smart enough not to run a very long campaign in one channel. Instead, do a test run on different avenues or platforms so that you can know which is better and do away with the non-performing marketing strategies.

Use different advertising techniques

Avoid focusing on one type of advertisement. Be open and explore different angles so that you gauge their performance, helping you to know which ones to settle for. Furthermore, avoid using traditional ads since more internet users are now opting for ad blockers. The different channels of advertisements that you can use are: content marketing, referral partnership, and influencer marketing.

Advertising on different platforms will help a customer remember the name of your brand so that when the need arises, you will be a priority in their contact list. You also need to consider integrated campaigns that will focus on engaging the target audience in a way that competitors might not be considering.

Opt for good PR

Public Relations (PR), compared to marketing, is what helps in building and endorsing your brand. Sometimes you might get mentions from a few forms of media like from a television station or newspaper. Make sure that your customers are aware of achievements that have earned you public mentions. This helps to build the customer’s credibility.

Marketing can make or break a startup. By using the right marketing and sales tips, you will gain the attention of your customers and sell the products or services you are offering. In short, treat your customer’s right, reward the loyal ones, make use of different advertisement platforms, and use valuable feedback to better your brand and you will increase your chances of being a successful startup founder.

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