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How Freelancer Clay Mosley Built a $100K/mo Agency

Clay Mosley was fired from every job he ever held.

His first job out of college was working as an insurance fraud investigator. It didn’t take long to realize that job wasn’t for him.

For the next 10 years, Clay hopped from job to job, getting fired from each one. But he didn’t get fired because he was lazy or not good at his job.

He worked for traditional people who disliked Clay’s out-of-the-box solutions (even if it meant he accomplished important tasks in half the time) and soon Clay realized a traditional 9-5 job probably wasn’t for him.

In January 2014, a year before Clay would be fired from his last job, he started a side job building websites for whoever would hire him. One year later, after getting fired from what would be his last job, Clay convinced his wife to give him one year to make a go out of freelancing.

In February 2015, he started his own agency. One that he grew to over 10 employees and $100,000+ in monthly recurring revenue.

Today’s episode is all about Clay’s journey to reaching $100K/mo in repeat client business. It’s an actionable, tactical, episode packed with all kinds of insight to help you follow in a similar path.

And starting next week, Clay and Preston will be starting up an all-new format of Freelance to Founder that you won’t want to miss. Here’s a peek at what’s to come:

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