From construction to calligraphy: the story of Becca Courtice (FTF 2:5)

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Becca Courtice wasn’t always a creative.

In her early life, she was a sports nut and after university she became a project manager.

What does she do now?

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She’s a highly-successful, full-time calligraphy instructor.

Episode 5 of Freelance to Founder introduces you to Becca Courtice, The Happy Ever Crafter. Learn how Becca went from a project manager at a construction company to a calligraphy instructor with a world-wide following.

A year ago, Becca was completely satisfied working as a project manager. She liked her job, but it lacked creativity.

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So Becca started looking for a creative outlet. She found a local calligraphy teacher and took a 3-hour class.

And she became obsessed with calligraphy! In fact, the night after her first class, Becca dreamt of calligraphy.

In Becca’s case, dreams really do come true.

Becca started posting some of the calligraphy work she was doing on Instagram and found an instant following. She used hashtags and soon saw her account growing.

At this time, Becca was asked to teach a calligraphy course, alongside the woman who taught her.

Becca discovered she really loved calligraphy and enjoyed teaching it to others.

She made a website and ventured out in to teaching on her own. What started as a hobby grew naturally.

Becca realized that most of her income was coming from workshops she was teaching and started to think of ways she could take her classes online.

She started creating online workshops and within 6 months she was ready to quit her day job and become a full-time instructor.

To begin, Becca started to create a community. She announced a workbook package that included a free monthly challenge. The challenge, along with a Facebook group she created, helped to form a community that learned to quickly trust Becca.

Because of the community aspect of her business, Becca was able to sell the product she had created.

What’s next for Becca? She wants to continue to grow her business by developing a content marketing plan and creating a funnel of new people.

To learn more about Becca Courtice and her experience becoming The Happy Ever Crafter, you can listen to episode 2.5 of Freelance to Founder.

You can also listen to the entire first and second season of Freelance to Founder on our website, in iTunes, or through Pocket Casts.

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