Millo redesigned + exciting updates at the blog

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Today I’m very excited to finally launch the redesign of!

Take a look around and let us know what you think. We’d love your honest feedback. After all, this is for you.

(If you’re reading this in an email, RSS feed, or elsewhere, you can click here to visit Millo and see the redesign yourself.)

Let us know what you think by leaving a comment on this post.

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Together with the launch of this new design, we’re also relaunching our resolve to provide an even higher level of quality content. Leave a comment on this post and tell us what topics you want covered before the end of the year here at Millo.

Where we’ve been

It’s always fun to take a look backwards at where your site design has come from.

I’ll be the first to admit that there have been some really bad design decisions (that seemed good at the time), but hindsight is always 20/20, right? Take a stroll down memory lane with me:

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#1 Original Design (2009)

Blast. I can’t find it. I remember it. But I have no trace of it. If anyone has a screen shot, I will seriously make you the first member of the Millo Hall of Fame.

All I have left of the original design is this little graphic I made for the first ever redesign announcement. It’s a tiny peek into what it used to look like here at Millo.


#2 Tan Color Scheme (2010)

Then, we moved to tan. It was all the rage in 2010. Or something.


#3 Blue & White Color Scheme (2010)

The muddy tan design gave way to a cleaner (at the time) white and blue design.


#4 White, Grey and Orange Responsive Design (2011)

Most of you are familiar with this design because it’s what we were sporting when you found us. (We’ve had millions of new visitors since this design and tons of new subscribers, so we know most of you have joined since this design came around.)

Screen shot 2013-07-16 at 8.12.40 AM


#5 Responsive, roomy, flat, simple, usable.

And today, we’ve got the all-new redesign you’re looking at now. We’d love to know what you think of it. We built it on the Genesis framework (*aff) and have loved the results!

(Remember, if you’re in email or RSS, checkout the redesign here.)

Important updates at the blog

Even if the blog design hasn’t always been top-notch, there’s one thing I’ve always tried to make shine as bright as possible: the content here at Millo.

In my mind, redesigns come and go, but the pillar of a quality blog and a quality resource comes in the content.

That’s why we’re still working really hard to bring you Millopro, an all-new resource for building your freelance design business.

Why haven’t we launched Millopro yet even though we announced it months ago?

Because it keeps changing and adapting to bring Millo readers as much quality content and resources as possible.

We plan to launch for the new year (or earlier), so stay tuned.

Looking for a weekly writer

Last, but not least, I’m sad to report that Brent Galloway, who has contributed immeasurable value to this blog has decided to take on new endeavors which means he will no longer be writing weekly posts here at Millo.

We wish Brent the best in all he does.

Brent’s leaving left a hole in our writing team and we need to fill it asap.

If you think you have value to add to the Millo community through quality blog posts, you can apply to be our new writer here.

Ramping up through the end of the year

Last, but not least, with the new design in place, we plan to really ramp up the content through the rest of the year and beyond! If you’re not subscribed to the newsletter, you’re going to wish you were. We’ve got some seriously great content headed your way starting tomorrow!

What have you got to say?

Now it’s up to you: what do you think of the redesign? What’s good? What’s bad?

Leave a comment, leave a blog topic you want us to tackle, report a bug in the new design, and let’s talk.

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Preston is an entrepreneur, writer, podcaster, and the founder of this blog. You can contact him via twitter at @prestondlee.

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  1. Really like the redesign Preston. Much more roomy and simple; and allows your content to breathe a bit more . It looks especially nice on a mobile screen.

    I look forward to seeing your next redesign (because we all know you’ve started thinking about it already!)

  2. Paige Engels says:

    Hey! A couple of comments on the new site redesign. I like the simplicity. Where did the search bar go? I usually used it if I was looking for info on a specific topic. Also, I’m not a fan of the serif font. To me this font is harder to read than the old site – you did change this right?

  3. FOUND IT! Check your facebook post! I have a screenshot ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I’m excited with the new design and glad that is responsive to new platforms. I really enjoy visiting this website. Keep up the good work!

  5. I like it ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. Mona Cossitt says:

    I enjoy your newsletter and congratulate you on your redesign. . I consider your newsletter to be for professionals who invest a lot of time, expertise, education, and experience into their jobs, and take it seriously.

    One thing I would like to point out is the ad on the side bar by Fivrr. They supply logos for $5. To talk about our trade in a meaningful way and then advertise for these low ball, low rent companies undercuts our profession and is insulting. I once had a client refuse to pay my fee (after the work was done and raved about) because they said they could get a logo online for $5. It was a lesson learned. Thank you.

  7. The new design is simple, uncluttered, and basic to navigate. However, I think the layout that you had previously is better. The reason why is that it looked more professional. I especially like you header, where your catch phrase, “Business Tips for Designers” appeared. If you wonder why many people signed up. That is probably why. As a small business owner, I was looking for advice from other professional freelance graphic designers. Your site had the appearance of being built as a major resource for professional graphic designers to learn from other designer by means of newsletter articles. I even looked up early newsletters for information.

    The more important links that I find necessary to keep are: Business Tips, Client Advice, Resources – e books. I can see from your earlier history that site matrix has been an issue, but what really drew me to your newsletter was the above sections. I could see immediately from your headers, that I would get the much needed help that I was searching for, because when I found your site, I was looking for the type of info that was in your headers.

    I think you are a wonderful group of designers to be willing to give all of us freelance designers a resource database that will address our business needs in practical ways. I do not think that this design meets those criteria, because the boxes at the bottom has to be found, and there is nothing in you headers that lets new views know that you have a wealth of information within this site.

    Thank you for listening and I look forward to more good newsletters in the future.

  8. Hi, I have always enjoyed reading your blog, however looking now at the layout here, there seems to be a lot of space between lines. My suggestion is to tighten the spacing overall.

  9. Not sure if this helps in seeing exactly what Millo looked like in 2009…but still a cool site! >>

    Love the responsive design ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Very Pro! Looks Great!

  11. +1 to the new design. I would have tweak the logo too seems a bit outdated compared to the new style of the page…

  12. Love the new look – it’s clean, simple, and uncluttered. I’m a freelancer, and I find Millo very helpful and informative, especially in terms of how to handle clients. Love your work!

  13. Fascinating seeing the various stages of your site’s design. Great to read. We went through a “orange” phase, and moving towards something more “flat design” in style. It’s amazing how quick everything moves in web design!

  14. It would be great to know how the new design affected your email subscription rate.

  15. you guys are real Professionals ! ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. I am pretty excited to see your New Design… You have done quite impressive things with it.


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